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U Sea Source Brochure[1]

  1. 1. for beauty, health, well-being
  2. 2. an invitation to refreshing Purity Inspired by the ocean. Drawn from the finest European spa therapies that stimulate, strengthen and support health and beauty from the inside out. escape … the stress and toxins of daily life with a luxurious spa journey to purity and revitalization with SeaSource Detox Spa™. Anytime is the right time to take a spa journey. It starts close to home, but far from tele- phones and to-do lists. Explore the spa experience with all of your senses and find yourself swept away to a peaceful sanctuary or restorative retreat as beneficial sea botanicals purify the body, clear the mind and invigorate the spirit. This is your invitation to relax, and savor the simple joys of life. Discover the blissful benefits of purification and relax- ation. Wrap yourself in a lush bathrobe. Dim the lights. Pour a bath. Immerse yourself in your own private ocean and feel your worries float away. Bring home this euphoric spa experience — and with it, more radiant health and beauty. Sea for yourself! Clear the mind and invigorate the spirit 03
  3. 3. refining the art of the soak b.a.t. h time The at-home SeaSource Detox Spa™ ritual combines innovative, highly responsive marine botanicals with these European spa sciences that help prepare skin to perform its proper functions: balneotherapy: Purify your skin and improve circulation with therapeutic bathing in mineral salts, seaweeds and essential oils. algotherapy: Fortify skin for a vibrant, younger-looking appearance with the macro-nutrients and trace minerals found in deep-sea algae. thalassotherapy: Relax and let stress melt away with the therapeutic effects of the ocean. hydrotherapy: Invigorate the body, open pores and stimulate circulation with therapy that combines heat with vital sea nutrients.
  4. 4. nutrient-rich ocean botanicals purify as they pamper you why detoxify? Today, detoxification is as essential to well-being Detoxification supports the body’s natural as a healthy diet and exercise. Which is why Arbonne ability to cleanse and restore itself. Over extends its tradition of extraordinary body care by time, toxins can build up and overwhelm harnessing the power of the ocean and marine the body, weakening the immune system botanicals to detoxify, stimulate, strengthen and and leading to: support healthy beauty that glows from within. • Poor digestion SeaSource Detox Spa brings you sea extracts and marine botanicals in our SeaSource personal care • Fatigue products and supplement to deeply cleanse and help • Stress rid your system of the internal and external toxins that come to us through the air we breathe, the water we • Skin breakouts drink, the objects we touch and the food we eat. • Stiffness These are the same beneficial therapies you would • Weight gain receive visiting an exclusive spa on a daily or weekly • Premature aging basis. With vital ocean nutrients from the North Atlan- tic, Pacific and European coasts, the SeaSource Detox Spa line has everything you need to help your body perform at its best. Set aside some time to pamper yourself from head to toe with an intensely purifying and rejuvenating spa journey. 05
  5. 5. StiMulate Your spa journey begins by stimulating the skin’s surface to help encourage natural purification while replenishing essential minerals. foaming Sea Salt Scrub Detoxifying rescue wash This gentle body buffer lathers into a rich foam as it Gently wash away impurities on the face, body and gently exfoliates the skin’s surface, releasing toxins, hair with this gentle, purifying wash, blended with increasing microcirculation and stimulating skin to stimulating and detoxifying ingredients from the ocean. promote a healthy-looking radiance, without disturbing Its unique formula protects against free-radical damage skin’s essential balance. | Key Ingredients: Botanical sea and lays down a protective moisture barrier on the extract complex of spirulina, sea kelp, bladderwrack, sea skin’s surface. | Key Ingredients: Botanical extract fennel; Atoligomer®* sea salt; natural plant oils of sun- blend of chamomile flower, rosemary leaf, sage leaf, flower, safflower, hazel seed, grapeseed, jojoba; vitamins spirulina and plant plankton extracts; soy protein E and F | 6.8 fl. oz. | #7317; $35 | 16 fl. oz. | #7320; $40 5-in-1 essential Massage oil Sea Mud face & body Mask Experience a blissful massage with this enriched oil Invigorate your face and body in this enriched, sea- infused formula with stimulating ingredients that help derived mud that contains stimulating ingredients soothe skin and deliver nourishing minerals, resulting in and marine botanicals that help purify, detoxify and deep relaxation. Its 5-in-1 formula preps skin for further condition the skin’s surface. It wraps you in comfort and detox treatments and can be used for body massage, a leaves your skin glowing. | Key Ingredients: Botanical facial massage, as a bath oil soak, as a purifying facial sea extract complex of spirulina, sea kelp, sea lettuce, steam bath, and for aromatherapy and air purifica- bladderwrack; Atoligomer* sea salt; sunflower and tion. | Key Ingredients: Botanical sea extract complex safflower oils; bentonite, and ginger root extract of bladderwrack, sea kelp, spirulina, sea fennel; natural | 8 fl. oz. | #7319; $45 plant oils of sunflower, safflower, hazel seed and jojoba; * Atoligomer is a registered trademark of CODIF Reserche & Nature, vitamins E and F | 6 fl. oz. | #7316; $45 St. Malo, France.
  6. 6. why dry brush? The first step to a successful detox program is dry brushing. It helps get the body’s natural elimination and drainage process up and running more efficiently, before detox products are used. 07
  7. 7. Strengthen Continue your spa journey with beneficial marine plant extracts that hydrate and nourish skin’s moisture barrier with vitamins and sea minerals. Purifying Sea Soak re-Mineralizing body lotion 24h Seawater is full of life and is extremely therapeutic. Sub- A luxurious experience awaits you with this mineral- merge yourself in the rare treasures of the sea in a warm enriched lotion formulated to help firm and tone the bath filled with relaxing, invigorating and strengthening appearance of tired-looking skin. Hydro-trap technology sea minerals that help purify and nurture the skin. Bathe in association with hydrating sea botanicals provides to rejuvenate and delight in a dramatically more glowing skin’s surface with 24-hour moisture replenishment. appearance. Experience a wave of rejuvenation and | Key Ingredients: Sea kelp, imperata root extract, shea emerge with a renewed spirit and glowing vitality. | Key butter, plankton extract, vitamins E and B5, olive oil Ingredients: Botanical sea extract complex of bladder- extract | 12 fl. oz. | #7322; $50 wrack, sea kelp, spirulina, sea fennel; Atoligomer®* sea salt | 13.5 oz. | #7318; $60, box of 8 packets fortifying hair Mask Today, detoxification is as essen- A blend of the ocean’s most potent botanicals fortify tial to well-being as a healthy diet the hair against environmental toxins and harsh climates with a superb, hydrating formula that helps and exercise. strengthen, condition, repair and revitalize the hair shaft for a lustrous, healthy shine. Safe for chemically treated hair. | Key Ingredients: Botanical blend of chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, sage leaf extract, soy protein; spirulina extract, shea butter | 4.7 fl. oz. * Atoligomer is a registered trademark of CODIF Reserche & Nature, | #7321; $30 St. Malo, France.
  8. 8. SuPPort Extend the benefits of your spa journey by fortifying the body’s own ability to cleanse internal and external toxins to achieve an optimal state of wellness and beauty. renewing body gelée Renew yourself with the wonderful calming and refreshing properties of this cooling gel that nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes, while it helps restore skin’s surface ionic balance. | Key Ingredients: Botanical sea extracts of sea kelp, algae, shea butter, botanical extracts of butcher’s broom, ivy leaf and green tea extract; vitamin E | 12 fl. oz. | #7323; $47.50 7-Day body Cleanse Dietary Supplement Experience a cleansing beverage of detoxifying botani- cals in this intense body cleanse treatment. The marine botanicals infused in this concentrated treatment stimulate, strengthen and support health and beauty from the inside out by assisting with gentle elimination and flushing out excess fluids.* Use 7-Day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement once every 30 days. | Key Ingredients: Chlorella, blue-green algae, red marine algae, cascara segrada, senna leaf, aloe vera, rhubarb root, meadowsweet herb | #7213; $49 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminis- tration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 09
  9. 9. SeaSource Detox Spa Set Everything you need to create a spa experi- ence at home, including the Foaming Sea Salt Scrub, 5-in-1 Massage Oil, Detoxifying Rescue Wash, Sea Mud Face & Body Mask, Purifying Sea Soak, Fortifying Hair Mask, Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H, Renewing Body Gelée plus the Dry Body Brush and SeaSource Detox Spa™ brochure, a $367.80 value! | #7218; $352.50
  10. 10. Special offerings ... accessories: Purchase with Purchase (PwP): Spa robe 7-Day body Cleanse Unwind in spa style. Made of soft, 100% cotton. This Purchase the SeaSource Detox Spa set and enjoy the unisex robe is perfect for relaxing in. | #7220; $59 option to purchase the 7-Day Body Cleanse, plus a Logo Bottle, a $57 value, for only $21 … that’s $3 a day! logo bottle #6046P Blue 32 oz. bottle with stainless steel bottom and black top. Features measuring mark and is made of strong, du- Spa robe rable polycarbonate plastic, so it’s virtually unbreakable Purchase the SeaSource Detox Spa set and enjoy the and does not retain odors. | #7219; $8 option to purchase the Spa Robe (in white, one size), a $59 value, for only $35! #7220P Dry body brush Firm yet gentle bristles exfoliate and stimulate surface Ask about … circulation, leaving skin energized and radiant. The SeaSource Detox Spa Soak Set unique 2-in-1 design, with removable handle, makes it Ask your Arbonne Independent Consultant about how easy to scrub back and body. | #7222; $15 you can receive the Purifying Sea Soak, Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H and Pillow Bag with every $150 SRP. 11
  11. 11. immerse yourself in purifying ocean- derived elements and nutrient-rich marine botanicals European health spas know that the real riches of the and phosphorous. Japanese cracked shell chlorella is sea are its living plants and purifying elements. By a nutrient-dense superfood and is one of the greatest harvesting sea-derived botanicals and blending them nutrients for cleansing. It is also rich in B vitamins that with patented marine technologies, SeaSource formulas are important for energy and revitalization. Nori sea bring you the pure therapeutic power of the ocean to lettuce supports detoxification and antioxidant status. help stimulate, strengthen and support detoxification. Functioning in harmony, each ingredient partners with Hydro-trap technology keeps the skin moist with technology to enhance the action of the others, for a naturally derived vegetal extracts that help support and complete body cleanse — a deeply rejuvenating experi- protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Sea lettuce ence inspired by the sea. (Ulva lactuca) helps improve the skin’s surface elastic- ity and protects skin with its recognized soothing antiox- aromatherapy: treatment by Scent idant and inflammatory properties. Sea kelp (Laminaria SeaSource Detox Spa products also provide remarkable digitata) is known to help stimulate the skin’s surface aromatherapy benefits. From melting stress and tension, with vitamins and oligo elements. Sea algae (Spirulina to lifting your mood, get ready for an experience that maxima) nourishes and helps to support collagen and purifies the body, refreshes the mind and invigorates elastin with multivitamins, trace elements, protein and the spirit. amino acids. Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) with vitamins A, C and B12, softens skin as it soothes and pro- b.a.t.h. essential oil blend tects with anti-inflammatory properties. Atoligomer®*, A proprietary blend of scientifically balanced pure essen- partially sodium-free spray dried sea water, is known for tial oil that harmonizes and helps promote the detoxifica- its ability to remineralize and revitalize tired-looking skin tion process. due to its rich mineral and trace element content. This modern sea water extract helps improve the condition of the skin’s surface, and naturally contains restor- ative mineral and trace elements of magnesium, zinc, * Atoligomer is a registered trademark of CODIF Reserche & Nature, manganese, selenium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron St. Malo, France. 13
  12. 12. ultimate Detox home Spa Journey from head-to-toe time: 45 minutes to 1 hour Step 1: body brush Step 5: Detoxifyingrescue wash or • Stimulate the skin’s surface for detox by dry Purifying Sea Soak brushing before massage, shower or bath. • Shower: Cleanse face, hair and body with Detoxifying • Begin dry brushing with the feet. Rescue Wash. Rinse. Towel dry. • Brush toward the heart, in small circles, moving • bath: Add 1–3 capfuls of Detoxifying Rescue Wash to up the legs, applying light pressure. warm, running water in a tub. • Brush arms from the fingertips to the shoulders, • intensive soak: Empty one packet of Purifying Sea toward the direction of the heart. Soak into a tub of warm water (96.8–100oF/36–38oC). Maintain bath temperature by adding more warm water, • Brush from the back to the stomach. as needed. Soak for 15–20 minutes. Do not rinse. After bath, sit quietly for an extra 10 minutes to cool down as • Always move in one direction when brushing trace minerals continue to treat the skin. (toward the heart) and avoid back and forth (scrubbing) movements. Step 6: fortifying hair Mask Step 2: 5-in-1 essential Massage oil • Apply a generous layer to wet or damp hair, covering • Always start with clean skin. strands from root to tips. • Warm oil in hands. • Let sit 3–5 minutes. • Massage onto body using broad, circular motions, • Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finish with cool moving toward the heart. water to enhance shine. Do not shampoo out of hair. • Oil may also be used on thoroughly cleansed face, • Use 1–2 times per week to fortify and protect hair. free of makeup, but avoid eye area. For extremely dry or damaged hair, use 2–4 times per week. • Use oil on damp or dry skin. oaming Sea Salt Scrub, nutriMinC® re9® Step 3: f Step 7: re-Mineralizing body lotion 24h or reveal facial Scrub renewing body gelée; nutriMinC re9 or • for the body: Apply a generously thick, even layer arbonne intelligence not so basic™ skin care of Foaming Sea Salt Scrub over entire body (or mix • for the body: Apply a generous amount of with 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil in the palm of the Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H or Renewing Body hand if there isn’t time for a massage). Gelée, massaging onto skin using broad circular • for the face: Apply a generously thick layer of movements, moving toward the heart. NutriMinC RE9 REveal Facial Scrub over face, • for the face: Complete a spa facial by applying avoiding eye contour area and mouth. Follow NutriMinC RE9 or Arbonne Intelligence not so the product usage instructions. basic skin care. • Rinse off thoroughly and towel dry. Step 8: 7-Day body Cleanse Dietary Supplement Step 4: Sea Mudface & body Mask • Add one bottle of 7-Day Body Cleanse to 32-ounces • Apply a generously thick layer of Sea Mud Face of water. Drink the entire 32-ounces within 24 hours. & Body Mask over entire body and face, avoiding eye contour area and mouth. • Repeat every day for 7 consecutive days. Use once every 30 days as needed. • for the face: Leave on face for 10–15 minutes. • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables (organic, when available). • for the body: Wrap torso, arms and legs in robe or towel to maintain warmth. Leave on body for • Avoid alcohol, sugary foods (candy, cakes, soda), fried 15–20 minutes. foods, high fat and highly processed foods. • For added benefit, take an intensive soak with the sea mud still on skin. • Rinse off in the shower or tub.
  13. 13. Detox express body Cleansing the Perfect Spa follow-up time: About 30 minutes Step 1: Cleanse with Detoxifying rescue wash • Shower: Cleanse face, hair and body. • bubble bath: Add 1–3 capfuls to a tub of warm, running water. Step 2: exfoliate with foaming Sea Salt Scrub (5-in-1 essential Massage oil) • Use in place of Detoxifying Rescue Wash, 2–3 times per week, avoiding face and eyes. Limit use to once a week on sensitive skin. • Optional: Mix with 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil in palm before massaging sea salt onto skin. Step 3: Soak in Purifying Sea Soak • Intensive beauty treatment: Empty one packet in a tub of warm water and soak. Take 2–3 short baths per week. • Add 1–2 capfuls of 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil to bath water for additional purifying and moisturizing benefits. Step 4: Moisturize withre-Mineralizing body lotion 24h or renewing body gelée • Apply a generous, even layer each day to hydrate and protect skin. 15
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