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Visual Marketing: Micro Videos - Project Socialize
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Visual Marketing: Micro Videos - Project Socialize


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Visual social marketing is the new necessity for driving engagement in the social world. This presentation will show WHY visual social marketing strategies are essential for businesses and tips on HOW …

Visual social marketing is the new necessity for driving engagement in the social world. This presentation will show WHY visual social marketing strategies are essential for businesses and tips on HOW you can take advantage of micro videos.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Project Socialize, LLC 2013 © Copyright 2013 “Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.” ~ Chris Brogan
  • 2. 2 CEO,  Digital  Media  Strategist,  Consultant,  and  Coach   Cer$fied  Social  Media  Strategist  (CSMS)  by  the  Na$onal  Ins$tute  for   Social  Media  (NISM).     Nikki  Means,  is  CEO  of  Project  Socialize,  LLC  and  instructor  for  the   Ins=tute  for  Social  Media  at  Cincinna=  State.  Project  Socialize   grew  from  Nikki’s  passion  for  Social  Media.  The  interac=on,  the   development  of  community,  the  sharing  of  informa=on,  and   ever-­‐evolving  technologies  fuels  her  passion  daily.  Nikki’s   background  includes  crea=ng  strategy  for  successful  social  media   programs,  while  leveraging  eight  years  of  project  and  process   management  to  ensure  seamless  implementa=on.    Based  on   seven  years  of  immersion  in  social  media  tools  and  online   marke=ng  communica=on  channels,  she  has  found  ways  to  help   companies  achieve  their  business  goals  while  doing  what  she   loves  most  –  Social  Media  Marke=ng.  
  • 3. 1.  What is Visual Marketing? 2.  How Does It Work 3.  Practical Application: 1.  Live Examples 2.  Tips for Getting Started 4.  Find Your Audience 5.  Purpose: 1.  Creativity 2.  Community Building 3
  • 4. ž  “Visual marketing” is all about using design elements, graphics, images and video in your marketing. But why … ž  To tell your story and convey your message in a way words cannot; ž  Increased message reach due to “shareability.” ž  Consistent visual identity online and offline as well as across social platforms 4
  • 5. ž  Social Media platforms have increased opportunities for the use of visual marketing 5
  • 6. is a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos. ž  Founded in 2012, Vine was acquired by Twitter. ž  A mobile app, Vine usage does NOT require a Twitter account. “We also believe constraint inspires creativity, whether it’s through a 140-character Tweet or a six-second video.” ~Dom Hofmann @dhof Co- founder & GM, Vine 6
  • 7. 7 To get started: •  Download the Vine app onto your mobile phone or tablet device •  You can create a Vine account using your Twitter or Email Account •  You can only use Vine from your mobile phone or tablet
  • 8. 8 Log in to access the Vine Menu and Home Page
  • 9. 9 Follow other Viners and videos using the Explore Tab
  • 10. 10 Complete your profile
  • 11. 11 Ready … Aim … Shoot Videos!
  • 12. 12 Approve … Share … Watch!
  • 13. 13 See who “LIKED” or “REVINED” your Videos
  • 14. is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services. ž  Founded in 2010, Instagram allows you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures as they happen. ž  Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 “We imagine a world more connected through photos.” ~Instagram 14
  • 15. 15 To get started: •  You can create an Instagram account using your Facebook or Email Account •  Plus you can access Instagram via desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device
  • 16. 16 •  Instagram opens up on the Home Page – similar to the Twitter or Facebook News Feed •  The menu is at the bottom of the screen
  • 17. 17 Select “Explore” to find Images & Videos by Users or Hashtags
  • 18. 18 Ready … Aim … Shoot …
  • 19. 19 Caption and Share!
  • 20. 20 Shoot … Select … Trim & Crop …
  • 21. 21 Shoot … Filter … Select Cover
  • 22. 22 Shoot … Share … Watch!
  • 23. 23 Discover Instagram Activity •  Who LIKED or left a comment on your photo or video •  What photos and videos have the people you followed LIKED or left comments on
  • 24. 24 View or Edit your Instagram Profile
  • 25. 25 How can businesses use Micro-Video? •  Deliver “how-to” lessons to consumers –  Example: The Home Depot (Vine) – •  Fun way to deliver promotional messages –  Example: Paramount Home Ent (Vine) – •  Introduction of new products/services –  Example: HomeGoods (Vine) –
  • 26. 26 •  Offer quick tips to consumers: –  Example: Lowes – •  Share information about your company –  Example: Adobe (B2B) – •  Capture Events/Conferences –  Example: Hubspot (B2B) or Iowa State Athletics (B2C) (Vine) – •  Create messages that support trending topics to stay relevant –  Example: General Electric Gravity Day (Vine) –
  • 27. 27 Tips for getting starting B2B or B2C: •  Secure your company name and obtain a verified account •  Determine the purpose for use: –  Community vs. –  Creative •  Develop a content strategy that delivers the most return for your business •  Use hashtags like #demo, #DIY, #howto •  Get creative
  • 28. 28 •  130 million users •  13% of online adults use Instagram •  Education: Some College •  Income: <$30,000* •  Age: –  Adults ages 18-29 –  Adults ages 30-49 •  Gender: Predominantly Women •  Location: Urban Residents •  Ethnic breakdown: –  African-Americans –  Latinos
  • 29. •  Vine has 40 million users •  3% of online adults have accounts •  Age: Teens rank as one of the top 5 Social Networking sites Social Media Usage Study Stats •  Gender: Female •  Age: 18 – 29 •  Income: $30,000 •  Population: Urban •  Education: Some College •  Race: –  Hispanic –  African-America 29
  • 30. •  Community Building –  Supports a common interest –  Resource •  Creativity –  Shareable Content (User) –  Blogs –  Social Media (Shareable for company) 30
  • 31. 31
  • 32. 32 Nikki J. Means, CEO Project Socialize Phone: 513-779-2444 Email: Website: Twitter: @ProjectSocializ Facebook: Project.Socialize.FanPage