Blogger 101: A Beginner's How-To Guide


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Many businesses are tapping into the power of content marketing via blogs. This presentation takes a look at popular blog platforms and the types of blog formats available for businesses regardless of size and industry. Plus, get an easy to follow, how-to guide to create your first blog on Google’s blogging platform -- Blogger.

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  • Make sure side-header is included on all pages.
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  • Blogger 101: A Beginner's How-To Guide

    1. 1. Project Socialize, LLC 2014 © Copyright 2010 “Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.” ~ Chris Brogan
    2. 2. ž  Online forms of communicating include: ž Blogs ž Microblogs ž social networking sites ž Podcasts ž  What’s a blog? Websites that contain entries/ articles in reverse chronological order ž  What are the types of blogs: ž  Writing blogs ž  Picture blogs ž  Video blogs 2
    3. 3. Blogger is one of the earliest blog platforms. Owned by Google they pride themselves as being a “push button publisher”. Wordpress - once for bloggers only, it is now a fully-customizable content management system with over 200 million users. Websites that contain entries/articles in reverse chronological order.
    4. 4. MTV Movies Blog – Visit:
    5. 5. 5 Lilia Photography –Photography Blog –Visit:
    6. 6. The Cooking Blog–Writing Blog –Visit:
    7. 7. 1  Name your blog 2  Use the name as the blog address 3  If not available Blogger will immediately tell you.
    8. 8. Blog Dashboard 1  Write/Post a Blog Article 2  Review and approve comments 3  Design how the blog looks 4  Follow other blogs
    9. 9. 1  Write/Publish/ Preview a blog Article 2  Insert photos and video into blog post 3  Access other Dashboard functions
    10. 10. Look at your new blog!
    11. 11. 13
    12. 12. 14 Nikki J. Means, Founder & CEO Project Socialize Phone: 513-779-2444 Email: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Flickr: YouTube:
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