The Project Factory - Devise to Deliver


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Presentation from Kirsty Hunter to the delegates of Devise to Deliver run by Docfest on February 14, 2013 in Newcastle.

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The Project Factory - Devise to Deliver

  1. 1. Devise to Deliver_February 14, 2013
  2. 2. Who_Kirsty Hunter_Managing Director of The Project Factory UK_Leading UK Digital Media Executive_Emmy Award winning producer_Formerly Head of Interactive at Lion Television_Past Mentor to AFI’s Digital Content Lab, DocCampus_Sit on PACT’s Interactive Media Policy Group@Kirsty_Hunter
  3. 3. Who__The Project Factory_Award winning digital entertainment group_Offices in London and Sydney_Partner with IP owners especially TV productioncompanies_Specialise in social media, digital engagement,transmedia, games, mobile, digital strategy_Partners include ITV, Channel 4, Sky, BBC, RTL, PBS,ABC, Network Ten, Nine Network, Channel 7._Create and publish own IP including Facebook games,mobile games, transmedia formats
  4. 4. Agenda__Super Producing_Life cycles_Social_Campaigns_Apps esp. Touch Docs
  5. 5. The New Multi-Screen WorldUnderstanding Cross-Platform Consumer BehaviorMajority of media consumption is screen-based 90% 38% of our daily media interactions are on smartphones of all media interactions are screen basedTelevision no longer commands our full attentionConsumers move between multiple devices to accomplish their goals 49% with 77 of the times that a smartphone % viewers watch TV, it is with another device 34% with a PC/laptopOnline shopping is a multi-screen activity multiscreenworld_final.pdf
  6. 6. Super Producer__Multi skilled _Skills may include..._Produces content across all _Shooting videomedia platforms _Writing_Platform agnostic probably _Directingworking across Television,Web, Social Media, Mobile, _ProducingConnected TV, Apps _Video Editing _Project Managing _Community Management _Social Media Producing _Specifications _Idea Development
  7. 7. Lifecycles__ Understand how the project plays out over time over all platforms put side by side_ Usually split into Pre TX, TX and Post TX_ Each platform will have different milestones which all need to be delivered by team
  8. 8. Social Media_
  9. 9. MADE IN CHELSEADigital Content, Social MediaOne of E4’s most lovedprogrammes. We produced thesocial media for Made inChelsea for Monkey Kingdom aswell as digital content for website.
  10. 10. SUMMER DAZEWebsite, Digital Content, Social MediaThis was a reality show with a difference.  Not only did it follow a group of colourfulcharacters around the summer festivals,but The Project Factory told their storiesin real time using Twitter, Facebook andYouTube working with partner BlackBerryto deliver from locations across the UKand Spain.  Using a specially customised Storify feed,the team pulled all the action but also created high levelsof engagement on Twitter and Facebookespecially around the broadcast of theprogramme each week.  Once again TheProject Factory partnered with MonkeyKingdom to create buzz around the castof a reality show and real timeengagement.
  11. 11. THE BRITISHWebsite Digital Content, Social MediaCombining gripping drama, spectacularCGI and compelling commentary, TheBritish is an ambitious and unmissablenew series which tells the history ofBritain and Ireland from the Romaninvasion to the birth of TV and theCoronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.The Project Factory worked closelywith Nutopia and Sky to create someinnovative features online including thehighly addictive The British Quiz withFacebook integration and real timeleader boards.  Additional commentaryon key scenes from the series.  Extrainterviews with celebrities includingRussell Brand, Helen Mirren and FrankLampard.  And the groundbreaking TweetingHistory where viewers can followhistory in real time on Twitter including the Fire of Londonand the Battle of Trafalgar. We havealso worked closely with Sky to rebuildthe quiz for Sky Atlantic partnerBlackBerry to be optimised on theirhandsets.
  12. 12. DOWNTON ABBEY - Series 3Social Media, Commercial StrategyDownton Abbey is one of theworlds most popular TVshows driven by its successon ITV in the UK. The ProjectFactory was engaged by NBCUniversal and Carnival Films tocreate a strategy for andmanage the social mediaaround Series 3 in the UK.The team managed the officialsocial media presences;including multiple Twitteraccounts, Facebook, Tumblrblogs and Pinterest boards.We produced original contentand messaging around theseries driving engagement,interaction and commercial 1million+opportunities.During its third season on ITV LIKES#Downton regularly trendedon Twitter in the Top 3 on @DOWNTONABBEY ISunday nights and globallyduring transmission peaks. LOVE THESE QUOTE PICS YOURE DOING :) SPELLINGWITCH @SPELLINGWITCH
  13. 13. Social Media__Define goals of campaign_Identify platforms_Set KPIs_Write Social Media Plan_Create content skeletons_Dynamic message calendar_Budget for sponsored campaigns
  14. 14. Social Media_ _ Reserve your accounts early as possible during pre- production _ Use for casting by piggybacking on Broadcaster account _ Establish editorial voice in keeping with brand _ Upload ancillary content such as behind the scenes stills, videos, tips, music details etc _ Link your presenter, cast etc profiles and accounts to yours _ Get presenter/cast retweeting and sharing messages _ Create 2Screen experience during TX with Twitter and Zeebox _ Understand usage: Twitter for real time, Facebook is a place to goRESOURCES • - Allows multiple accounts at a time • - Twitter on TV best practice • - Resources for Facebook developers
  15. 15. Facebook__Keep updates short & sweet. No more than two sentences._Ask for action. Pose a question or suggest viewers click“Like”._Post no more than two status updates per day. Track whattimes of the day your fans are most active, and post then._Facebook and its members love rich media. Think hardabout ways to incorporate photos and videos into yournewsfeed._Don’t be afraid of a little controversy. Ask polarisingquestions – it provokes interaction._Be human! People come to Facebook to interact, not buyyour product._Repeat Yourself: Identify the topics and types of media thatyour fans engage with most, and repeat regularly._Answer comments and Wall posts, show you care.
  16. 16. Twitter__Tweet in your unique voice and give insider perspectivehelps establish your voice and authority._Use hashtags: Groups Tweets around a topic orconversation._Live-tweet: Draws audience in, encourages tune in_Break news: Tweeters want to be the first to know. Controlannouncements._Share special content and give unique access: Sharecontent that cant be found anywhere else fot real-time buzzand RTs._Add photos: Easy to share, viewed easily on web andmobile._Reply & ask questions: If your followers ask you a questionthat you can answer, respond!_Mention other high-profile accounts: If your co-stars, orpeers are on Twitter, @ mention them to start a publicdialogue.
  17. 17. Campaigns_
  18. 18. Campaigns__Use oxygen of film and television to affect change_Have a specific and measurable goal_Plan campaign life cycle and legacy_Multidisciplinary team will need story tellers,activists, publicists, fundraisers, technologists etc_Good examples: Fish Fight, One app, PropertyScandal
  19. 19. GREAT BRITISHPROPERTY SCANDALWeb App, Social MediaOne of Channel 4’s most high profileprojects of 2011/2012, The Great BritishProperty Scandal was an onlinecampaign, website, mobile app andsocial media project co-produced withTiger Aspect Productions.The Project Factory worked closely withTiger Aspect to create an onlinecampaign with more than 118,000 signups to help fill Britain’sempty homes.Visitors reported empty homes onlineand via their iPhone. They searched forthe number of empties in their area anddiscovered how many people were onHousing Waiting Lists.Resulted in £17m in Low Cost LoanFunds introduced in England, Scotlandand Wales. Thousand of homes broughtback into use.
  20. 20. Apps_
  21. 21. Apps_ _ Decide on whether iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile _ Partner with reputable app developer _ Negotiate terms for revenue _ Apple/Google Play take 30% upfront _ Consider use, could you have a mobile optimised site instead _ Create wireframes, user journey with developers _ User test across all devices _ Publish and support _ Consider ongoing updatesRESOURCES • View data on existing apps • - Share apps when in testing phase to approved group
  22. 22. HOW TO START AREVOLUTIONiPad App & WebsiteHow to Start a Revolution is a multi awardwinning documentary following the work of2012 Nobel Peace Prize nominee GeneSharp, the world’s foremost expert onnonviolent action. This groundbreaking app isa touch activated documentary embeddinganalysis, extra video and satellite mappingwith four ofGene Sharp’s key books.For the first time, the iPadbrings together an award winning film andbooks which have helped nonviolent activistschange the the world.A Revolution Monitor fuses Google Earthwith curated Twitter streams from more than40 countries. Part educational resource, partimmersive experience – this app is anessential toolbox of resources for activistsand all those interested in democracy andthe abolition of violent conflict.
  23. 23. Q+A
  24. 24. The Project Factory London Sydney Office: Office: 43 Charlotte Road, Suite 305 London, 50 Holt St Surry Hills EC2A 3PD NSW 2010 Telephone: Telephone:+44 (0) 203 397 4126 +61 2 9698 1458 @wearetpfuk @wearetpfaus