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DCLT Forum September 2012: New Teachers Speak by. Nancy Han Zhao
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DCLT Forum September 2012: New Teachers Speak by. Nancy Han Zhao


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Great Neck South Middle School (GNSMS)
  • 2. Great Neck Public Schools High Schools: Great Neck North High School Great Neck South High School Village School (Alternative school) Middle Schools: Great Neck North Middle School Great Neck South Middle School Elementary Schools: E. M. Baker Elementary School John F. Kennedy Elementary School Lakeville Elementary School Saddle Rock Elementary School Nursery School: Parkville School
  • 3. Chinese Program at GNSMS
  • 4. When I got hired, I was told…. 7th & 8th Grade-----Traditional Chinese Textbook: Chinese Made Easy 《輕鬆學漢語》 6th Grade----Simplified Chinese Textbook: Learn Chinese With Me 《跟我学中文》
  • 5. But the truth is…. 7th & 8th Grade: They are doing BOTH!!!
  • 6. My Students Three grades---6,7&8 Five classes each day---6th x2, 7th x2, 8th x1 91 Students in total About 87% are native Mandarin or Chinese dialects speakers The other 13% are mainly with Jewish, Hindi, Korean, or Japanese backgrounds.
  • 7. My Classroom Chinese Classroom Language Center
  • 8. My Daily Routine Homeroom Advisory (1-2 times per month) Chinese teaching (5 periods) Bus Duty / Lunch Duty Paperwork Afterschool Activities
  • 9. School Events Culture Heritage Week 1st week in February Food Festival/ Poster Contest /Performance Night Chinese Culture is a huge and important part of this traditional event at school. (Strong Chinese PTA)
  • 10. Teaching Technology Rhythms & Chants Singing Writing Characters-worksheets/white boards/videos/animation Props Classroom Management-Classdojo
  • 11. Technology Mac Smart board /Smart Notebook PowerPoint iPad Edmodo Dropbox…
  • 12. Rhythms & Chants Robin & Pauline’s 《动感中文》(Rhythms and Tones: Inventive Chants and Songs for Learning Chinese ) 《名字歌》 for 6th Grade 《元宵节》 for 7th & 8th Grades 《月饼歌》 for 7th & 8th Grades
  • 13. 时装周 時裝周,看什麼?時裝周,我們看衣服! 紅色的襯衫,橙色的短褲,黃色的皮鞋,衣服,好美! 綠色的T恤,藍色的短裙,紫色的襪子,衣服,好潮! 黑色的外套,白色的毛衣,灰色的長裙,衣服,好靚!Project: Kids need to design clothes for Fashion Week andcreate their own chants with the same pattern according to theirdesigning. Then they need to present their design and sing thechant. 7th ---for new unit of Colors and Clothing 8th ---for review
  • 14. Writing Writing of Chinese characters is significant in learning Chinese. Communication with the Chinese teacher in high school ----the importance of tones ----the importance of radicals and stroke orders Use of white boards to practice in class Use of videos & animations Worksheets from
  • 15. Props “阿宝说” Vs.” Simon Says” Role Play Games
  • 16. Classroom Management Classdojo
  • 17. School Environment Beautiful Natural Environment Supportive Administrators Superintendent of the school district Assist Superintendent of secondary schools Principle Assist Principles Department Chair Nice and helpful colleagues & staff “Are you now feeling as you’ve been here forever?”
  • 18. Obstacles Tech problems Large population with heritage speakers with small groups of non-heritage speakers (Open House parent’s questioning) Switch between two different writing systems Getting into the community (events, unions, activities, meetings…) But I have very nice colleagues!!! Driving
  • 19. To Future & New Teachers... English is IMPORTANT!!! Be confident! Communicate with your administrators / colleagues / students / parents. If you need help, ask for it! Be organized! Always have plan B! LOVE for the job. Be healthy!!!