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  • 1. Journey to china“Big Book” and “Mini Book” inChinese Language Classroom Yichun(Shelley) Huang
  • 2. Why Children’s Literature? simpler language and grammar fewer lengthy stories less complicated theme✓cultivating an encouraging learning environment✓ enhancing language learning for young learners
  • 3. Thematic Unit
  • 4. Read AloudObjective: Students will be able to ✓distinguish seven large cities in China and their famous tourist sites. ✓locate the seven cities on the map.
  • 5. Read Aloud Teacher (T) shows students (Ss) the cover of the book and read the title aloud tothem. T asks Ss the following questions in order to focus them on the story, put theminto the author’s shoes and predict the story before reading. What kind of plants and animals can you figure out from the cover? Judging from the title of the book, can you tell why the panda wants to pay a visitto China? T lists all the city names on the PowerPoint and asks ss to find out all the citynames while T reads the story. After reading, T shows a map of China and has ss discuss with group members andlocate the city on the map.
  • 6. Class Activity: World Traveler
  • 7. Extension Activities
  • 8. Chinese Calligraphy
  • 9. Mini Book
  • 10. Kindergarten
  • 11. Kindergarten
  • 12. HanaKindergardener
  • 13. Third Grade
  • 14. Sixth Grade
  • 15. How to make a mini book?
  • 16. Thank you all! Lixing (Frank) Tang -- frank.tang@nyu.edu Robin Harvey -- robin.harvey@nyu.edu Yu (Phoebe) Sha -- shayuu@gmail.comYichun (Shelley) Huang -- shelleyhyc@gmail.com