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Facebook 101 For Business | Integrated Marketing | PR

Facebook 101 For Business | Integrated Marketing | PR



Progrexion Marketing's Presentation from Utah Business Magazine's 1-Day Social Media Bootcamp event. ...

Progrexion Marketing's Presentation from Utah Business Magazine's 1-Day Social Media Bootcamp event.

Utah Business Magazine, along with sponsors, KSL, Adobe, Nordictrack, The Leonardo, Progrexion Marketing & SoappBox covered an in-depth, hands-on, educational Social Media Bootcamp event. During this intensive 1-day session, attendees learned the social media basics along advanced social media techniques.



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  • Tapping into people and building relationships with people through a variety of mediums, both inside and outside of your organization, is public relations. Integrated marketing is public relations. Customer service is public relations. Community awareness events are public relations events. The daily engagement that we all do on a day-to-day basis is our company public relations. This is how public relations has always been, it ’s just that now things have changed a bit. Now we have more opportunities to reach more people, on a day to day basis, faster. How?
  • Things to remember that are key to any successful public relations campaign are takeaways from Natalie ’ s presentation regarding your messaging.
  • 1. Multimedia is key. Radio industry professionals, for example, are now interested in more than just soundbites. They want pictures and video. In the same vein, print professionals are looking for more than just text. 2. Three C ’s, notes Kyle Johnson: PR pro’s should make content clear, concise and compelling. 3. Social media is a good way to get to know reporters, but it is not the most preferred way to pitch. Although journalists often use social media to gather sources or story ideas, the typical news release is still valuable. But social media has also upped the ante, so there is no way around it: if you ’re not using social media, you should be. 4. You must become part of the community and the conversation. Do this by following reporters and commenting on their stories. Get to know their coverage area. Also, be sure you are interacting online with the people who you want to receive your message and know your reporter. 5. In order to learn about people you have to interact with them. We always encourage PR professionals to read what newspapers and websites are printing and what specific reporters are writing and tweeting about. The media will continue to transform and as each medium merges digital and social media into the overall plan. Now, more than ever, with Integrated Marketing, we are seeing a crossover between mediums. Innovation will continue amongst media-minded gurus. The fat will be trimmed from current experiments, and new media practices will be honed. But while change is certain, some things will always remain the same. Despite new vehicles for communication, relationships between PR and media professionals will always be key. Meanwhile, the media still values and aspires to original and honest journalistic traditions. Can be overwhelming to folks just entering into these platforms. Encourage you do one thing a day, or one thing a week, whatever your resources will allow.

Facebook 101 For Business | Integrated Marketing | PR Facebook 101 For Business | Integrated Marketing | PR Presentation Transcript

  • Progrexion Marketing North Salt Lake, UT
  • A little about usProgrexion Marketing is a leading marketingand information services business in theconsumer credit information sector.•Lexington Law•CreditRepair.com•efolks•CreditAttorney.com
  • A little about usWe currently have 4 locations with nearly 1400employees:•North Salt Lake – Headquarters•West Valley, UT•Provo, UT•Rexburg, ID•1 - 2 expansion locations being discussed
  • A little about usWe focus on all available methods of marketing,communication, and sales.
  • A little about us
  • Facebook 101
  • 1. Setting Up Your Page 2. Let ‘Em Know You’re There 3. Define Audience 4. Content That Works 5. Scheduling Content#ubsocial @pinonatalie
  • Setting Up Your Page: Who Are You?http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php @pinonatalie
  • Setting Up Your Page: Profile PictureLogo: • Don’t skimp on quality! • Width & Height: 180 X 180 pixels • Company logo is best • If not logo – then create a VS. design that blends with cover photoBlending: @pinonatalie
  • Setting Up Your Page: Cover Image• 851 pixels wide X 351 pixels high• Quality is KEY! @pinonatalie
  • Setting Up Your Page: Cover Image @pinonatalie
  • Setting Up Your Page: About SectionSmall Businesses Corporation @pinonatalie
  • Setting Up Your Page: Content @pinonatalie
  • Let ‘Em Know You’re HereWould YOU be more likely to Seek Out a Brand? OR Become a Fan if the Brand Presented Itself to You? @pinonatalie
  • Let ‘Em Know You’re HerePage Post Ad: Sponsored Story: Targeted Ad: Page Post Like: @pinonatalie
  • Let ‘Em Know You’re Here www.YourWebsite.com/AmazingOffer @pinonatalie
  • Let ‘Em Know You’re Here Likes Both (but expensive) Clicks Use Full Size @pinonatalie
  • Let ‘Em Know You’re Here Don’t put all ads in the same campaign. Gauge when your audience is online & advertise then. @pinonatalie
  • Define Your Audience De
  • Define Your Audience @pinonatalie
  • Define Your AudienceTargeting Posts: @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • Define Your Audience Highlight posts w/ high engagement! @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • Content That Works Highlighted Post @pinonatalie @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • Content That Works @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • Content That Works @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • You’re busy. We get it. Don’t letthis happen to you @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • Scheduling Content ste p1 Done ! ste p2 ste p3 @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • Quick Wins Social Coordinators Check-insClean up time! Pictures vs. Articles @pinonatalie
  • Final TakeawayThere is NOT one way right way to do Facebook Marketing…Study Your Audience for Best Results. @pinonatalie @pinonatalie
  • Why Social Media? 1 - Be where the consumer is choosing / naturally communicating or interacting 2 - Dominate where the consumer is searching 3 – Build awareness#ubsocial @joshaston
  • What is integrated marketing? Simultaneous Coordinated Strategic Integration ...of all marketingcommunication tools andsources within a company @joshaston
  • The “old” brand landscapeBrick-and- Website Marketing Mortar Materials @joshaston
  • The “new” brand landscape @joshaston
  • Effort Coordination Social Social Paid Paid SEO SEO Blogs Blogs Text Ads Text Ads Client Client PR PR Feedback Feedback Events Events News NewsArticles Video VideoArticles Creation Creation Client Client Client Client Inquiries Banner Banner Inquiries Complaint Complaint Ads Ads Escalatio Escalatio n n @joshaston
  • Effort Coordination Social Social Paid Paid SEO SEO Blogs Blogs PR PR Text Ads Text Ads Client Client Events Events Feedback Feedback News News Client Client Video Video Articles Articles Inquiries Inquiries Creation Creation Client Client Complaint Complaint Banner Banner Escalatio Escalatio Ads Ads n n @joshaston
  • What is the potential of Social? Facebook: 750,000,000 monthly unique users Twitter: 250,000,000 LinkedIn: 110,000,000 MySpace: 70,500,000 Google+: 65,000,000 *Estimates range up to 1 billion on Facebook (as of Oct 4, 2012. U.S. = 166.1 million members (US population = 313 million people)http://www.ebizmba.com @joshaston
  • The Worldwide reach of Social @joshaston
  • The Worldwide reach of Social Is social a viable option to connect with consumers? According to December ’11 comScore report: •Social networking sites now reach 82 percent of the world’s Internet population age 15 •Social networking accounted for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online globally in October 2011http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Presentations_Whitepapers/2011/it_is_a_social_world_top_10_need-to-knows_about_social_networking @joshaston
  • The Influence of Social Earned Media = Recommendations from family or friends • 92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as word-of- mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising • 70% of global consumers say online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising • 47% of consumers around the world say they trust paid television, magazine and newspaper adsNielsen, April 12 Study @joshaston
  • Social integration | GoogleGoogle has shifted Paid Resultsthe SERP (SearchEngine Result Page) Natural Resultsto be more holistic. Local Results Depending on“Credit Repair” the personalizedexample to the right view you see, often times will have videos and images as well Social Integration @joshaston
  • Social integration | Google Google has integrated social into results Non-brand example - “Credit Repair” Indicates who in your “Circles” have resultsIf yourfriends haveposted arelated post,it shows inyour searchresults(indicated byblueicon/person) @joshaston
  • Social integration | Google Google has integrated social into results Brand example - “Lexington Law”Indicates those in circle thathave liked the item for bothPaid and Natural searchShows in videos below @joshaston
  • Social integration | BingBing has formed a deal withFacebook and hasintegrated social intosearchMSN is also making movesto take a holistic approach,similar to GoogleBing = Bing/Yahoo @joshaston
  • Own the Awareness & Interest portions of funnel Moving up the funnel to “actively” buildAwareness and Interest will position us for sustained growth and increased market share1 - Generate awareness2 - Invite/encourage/assist inthe progress of interest3 - Build relationship and directconsumers down “our” path toDesire/Action @joshaston
  • Own the Awareness & Interest portions of funnel • Facebook users have 190 average friends • Social users spend 12 minutes 26 seconds on social networks a day (on average, not including mobile!) • Facebook users dig deep into their timeline to see what they’ve missedhttp://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150388519243859 @joshaston
  • Final Takeaway• Social Media impacts your business• You can have a strategic influence on whether it impacts you positively or negatively @joshaston
  • Public Relations = Human RelationsBoth inside and outside of the organization. @celesteedmunds
  • Merging Traditional to Social – Where influencers andcustomers interact with the content = friends andfollowers = more exposure to your brand  Efficient  Relevant  Targeted Social  Productive  Effective Traditional @celesteedmunds
  • The history of traditional media• In 2009, we saw traditional media’s big shift. Newspapers and magazines dropped in droves. Broadcast entities struggled to produce news reports with minimal staff. Digital had begun to dominate. Those news entities slow to adapt were left picking up the pieces.• As a result, 2010 became the year of adapting, reviving and surviving.• 2011 brought a lot of change. Google Analytics and Algorithims, Creating Facebook accts for businesses, tracking website visits.• 2012 has brought large opportunities to companies that are willing to take advantage of the new platforms available. @celesteedmunds
  • Public Relations = “personalized” relations Social Media Social Media Community Community Events Events SEO SEO Public Relations: Communicating Blogs Blogs news, information & events Website Website Content Content You Tube // Video You Tube VideoIs all about human relations. The question is how to reach your target audience. One size does NOT fit all. @celesteedmunds
  • Goal: Find, Identify, Direct• Corporate events such as food drives • Leverage traditional & community networks by awareness building opportunities relationships with the media• Client / Employee Relationships • Build online communities through social media Build & foster brand advocates!!! @celesteedmunds
  • Bringing it all together…11 Presentation filmed Presentation22 Post to YouTube Post YouTube33 Syndicate press release Syndicate release44 Post release and video on website Post55 Socialize!!! Post to all of your social platforms Socialize!!! to
  • Press Release Links Press Releases Fast 50 – 166 (September 06, 2012 )Corporate Giving – 130 (August 14, 2012) =296 Press release pickups = How many Links? = 26.38% increase in web traffic
  • Takeaways1. Multimedia is key2. PR 3 C’s: Content clear, concise, and compelling3. A news release is still valuable4. Become a part of the community and the conversation5. Engage @celesteedmunds