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MovTracer - Product brochure - English



MovTracer, product brochure - Plant Intelligence, OEE, KPI solution

MovTracer, product brochure - Plant Intelligence, OEE, KPI solution



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MovTracer - Product brochure - English MovTracer - Product brochure - English Document Transcript

  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e . Integrates plant floor with your business
  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e . “Having production data at your complete disposal in realtime means being able to recognize and anticipate weak points in production systems, make bottom-line decisions with confidence to increase productivity and efficiency.”Manufacturing • Food & Beverage • Chemical • Pharmaceutical • Utilities • Energy • Oil & Gas • Packaging 2
  • Integrates plant floor with your business Production data Guaranteeing production process information flow in realtime, enterprise A ‘must have’ for any manufacturing company. MovTracer © comes with a acquisition wide, from shop floor sensors directly to the company managerial offices, is the suite of historian modules which can be selected and used for collecting data, in realtime and true solution for improving productivity efficiency, reducing loses and increasing and where key indicators (KPI, OEE) can be represented in displays using monitoring main profits. In fact, the ideal production lies on the real factory machine capabilities an “Analyst Web-based” component to analyse data and production performances of working non-stop at maximum speed, without downtimes or inactivity and “dashboards”. Thanks to the MovTracer © solution, manufacturing companies(KPI) allow you to product reject threats. Today staying market competitive is paramount but can truly discover the real productive capacity of their enterprise systems,make productivity unsustainable if you don’t use the right technology. machines and production lines, easily pin-point criticalities and imperfections improvements, Production lines will be prone to standstills and will produce defective and get the right information needed to improve efficiency. Enhancing reduce loses and pieces if the machines are unable to work at their full capacity or meet demands performances to become more efficient will improve productivity, increase profits. made of them. This is often the case of misinformed factory management on add more value to production system activity, reduce investment recovery realtime factory floor performances. times and re-enforce company Even though equipped with OEE indicator competitiveness. Globalization today knowledge, they still do not have means manufacturing companies cannot systems that run efficiently to provide risk being slack and non-competitive productivity improvement. This is where if they want to survive. Staying MovTracer©11 steps in, the most simple competitive, strategic steps must be and affordable solution to manage and taken to reduce production costs by aggregate information flowing directly improving production machine use from production lines straight into the and flexibility to manufacture top hands of company managers, laid out in quality goods. MovTracer © has been the plainest and simplest way ever. An created just for this by offering cost essential aid to close that gap between contained tools designed for collecting shop floor productivity, managerial offices realtime information flowing from and improve enterprise-wide resource manufacturing points, connecting planning. Based on years of tried and company IT tools (ERP, SAP) directly tested Industrial Connection and Data to production lines and analysing Collection technology experience, Progea coefficient productivity processes using have come up with the best solution for tables and charts in an integrated plant floor and business integration with and open architecture through web the MovTracer© platform. access-based solutions. 3
  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e . Plant Intelligence solutions to improve productivity. The most innovative MovTracer © is the best solution for supporting decision-making processes. SAP™, AS400™, etc.). Furthermore, purposely-designed ODBC connectors and open software Thanks to MovTracer © you can measure performances in realtime, by collecting consent bidirectional connections with different managerial systems, technologies and aggregating production process data deriving from different sources at permitting you to create MES solutions with ease, such as managing or to safeguard your factory floor level (PLC, HMI, SCADA) and analyse realtime situations with launching orders or production batches or synchronizing and coordinating investment. all relevant data showing general production indications, independently processes and resources. MovTracer © also includes powerful report tools from the original data source. for processing recorded data and Production managers can rely and react producing analyses and statistics, on this information to determine the all freely configurable locally or in best measures to take and put them distributed architectures. The KPI into effect immediately to improve and OEE modules can be used to performances. MovTracer © offers safe get the main productivity indicator and efficient connectivity tools, capable representations in accordance with of collecting information directly from the standard requirements, which its point of origin. Information can nevertheless are always customizable. be aggregated and calculated using The KPI and OEE indicators can be the pertinent configurations and visualized in web architecture using control logic. Data can be recorded on normal internet browsers. Progea’s relational databases using a powerful company policies are clearly evident in high performing ODBC Manager that the MovTracer © solution to guarantee works independently no matter what simple, open and reliable solutions historical log format therefore easily based on the best software adaptable to any client standard technologies around today. (i.e. SQL Server™, Oracle™, MySQL™, 4
  • Flexible and open architecture.Thanks to MovTracer©, you can insert PLCs, CNCs, Remote I/Os directly, and Server, ORACLE, MySQL). OEE and KPIyour MES system directly into your consents connectivity via OPC Client or performance indicators can be displayedbusiness by connecting it to your Server towards HMI or production line locally or by remote control thanks toproduction lines without having to worry pre-installed SCADA systems. Therefore MovTracer’s© web architecture. Thisabout which connection modalities data can be collected without effecting system also consents full bidirectionalto use. MovTracer© actually provides investments and without the need for connectivity with ERP or SAP systems foryou with various integrated solutions additional installations on the production total information flow control throughoutwhich consent connectivity towards side. Data is then aggregated and the shop floor to the director’s office, aproduction process systems through stored on Relational DB tables tailored complete enterprise-wide coverage.I/O drivers designed for connecting to your needs and preferences (i.e. SQL 5
  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e .Real-time information to find and removeinefficiencies to improve productivity. MovTracer Thanks to the KPI indicators (OEE and Downtimes) calculated on production Reduce Machine downtimes With the help of analysing machine will make your data collected by MovTracer ©, your company can maximize productivity stoppages, you can eliminate foreseeable, repetitive problems machines work more by increasing production in the three main areas relating to Availability, causing them. This will reduce shop floor downtimes amounting to aefficiently thanks to key Performances and Quality parameters. significant reduction in management costs allowing you to reorganize human performance indicator Increase Efficiency Thanks to local and global production resources more productively.analysis allowing you to efficiency improvement, you can now exploit the capacity of your existing Increase Production By increasing efficiency and reducing reduce losses and machine productivity, reduce scrap, improve efficiency, enabling you to cut production inactivity, will increase the real capacity potential of your shop increase profits. down on management costs and bring production plans to term successfully floor production lines. and deliver on time without requiring Improve Quality extra staff. Thanks to the production data and scrap production analysis, you can easily track down the causes for production defects, remove them to increase production quality that will definitely satisfy customers. 6
  • Connectivity at all levels. The Real-Time database offers integrated I/O Drivers,DB connectors and ‘par excellance’ networking for enterprise-wide communication. Fast and safe communication is essential The integrated Networking consents for enabling the MES system to get all transparent data exchanging, native the necessary data instantly whenever between other MovTracer © stations and from wherever needed. MovTracer © connected in Ethernet networks, or with represents a process data gathering other stations and WinCE HMI panels point, the crossroads of enterprise-wide using Movicon™ Scada/HMI. production system information flow at full scale. The strategic role of Connectors DB e OPC communication is paramount MovTracer © also offers special DB in MovTracer ©, integrated with connectors which can be activated in all the necessary tools to make read and write in any variable, to allow information flow easier, faster data exchanging between the real-time and more transparent. MovTracer © database and any other business integrates a rich library of I/O Drivers, enterprise application or system using native, integrated and included simple shared tables. This system is free-of-charge in the product, to render also predisposed with the option to communications with various control customize data exchanging with third systems completely quicker to configure party applications, made possible by the and perform. Furthermore, special data access driver to shared memories wizards help you configure and import (Shared Memory I/O). The Real-Time project variables directly from the PLC database therefore permits you to automatically quicker with fewer errors connect to any existing shop floor level than ever before. The I/O Driver library control device (back office) to collect supports all well known PLCs and and disclose information to higher systems, and can be expanded to third enterprise-wide levels (front office) parties using SDKs. The OPC technology in realtime. is completely integrated both as Client and Server, covering both the DA (COM) and XML DA specifications. 7
  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e . Data Collection with forever safe data. Process data archivable in any relational database, or in encrypted format.All process data collected by as well as maximum openness in analysts to manipulate as required.MovTracer © is recorded and stored for choosing preferred database formats. MovTracer © can therefore performanalysing using freely-configurable MovTracer © supports all relational DBs tasks that are usually done byand purposely-designed Data via ODBC or in simple formatted and Historian systems for collectingLogger objects. This information encryptable text files to obtain the and recording data on database. Incollection guarantees production visualization of recorded information addition to the Data Loggers, usersmanagers with all process related exclusively through the MovTracer © can freely configure event recordsinformation with the possibility to access control modalities being with associable text (i.e. Alarms oranalyse data to improve productivity, totally compliant to CFR21 Part11 Messages) or record on Audit Trailby tracking down and isolating requirements. events. Thanks to the powerful ODBCanomalous behaviour. The MovTracer © Manager, databases can now be inconfigurator enables you to aggregate Data Loggers, Tracing and Log whatever format preferreddata with great ease and define The Data Loggers record process data (i.e. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL),archive recording and management with ease and speed. Recording on DB guaranteeing maximum opennessmodalities. This important task is tables can be set to occur according and adaptation to already existingperformed to guarantee concepts to time frequency ranges, on event or company systems, reducing costs withbased on simplicity, reliability and variation (also with dead band). fast return on investments.openness. MovTracer © offers recording Thanks to a simple object-orientedengines based on a ODBC Manager configuration, realtime data can bemodel which ensures maximum aggregated within database tablesperformances in data precision and made available to Data Center 8
  • Redundant data functions and much more without Report Designer™MovTracer © can be applied to “Mission having to fork out more on additional MovTracer © also has a Report Designer,Critical” data acquisition systems by and often rather expensive tools. which is a powerful integratedoffering the option to manage data The reporting solutions available in Report Generator based on theRedundancy functions, consenting MovTracer © are: .Net technology to allow powerfulhistorical data synchronization in PC reports to be created visually withsystems with redundant hardware and Crystal Report™ statistical and graphical functions.communications. MovTracer© integrates the Crystal This integrated feature will further Report© the Report Engine, a powerful save the user time and money asIntegrable Reports Business object dedicated to producing external tools, like Crystal Report, areThe MovTracer © Data Loggers integrate professional and powerful reports. no longer necessary. MovTracer Usersunparalleled potentiality into Data Thanks to this integrated report engine, can now opt to use the integratedCollection systems: in the form of users can now manipulate the Crystal reporting tools provided to createpowerful inbuilt Report management. Report Designer (.RPT) to insert report reports within the same project withThanks to MovTracer © , historically files, created with the Designer, in the less hassle.logged data can now be visualized MovTracer Data Loggers to then bein analytical and statistical reports, connected to for visualizing or printingwhich can be created and customized production data according to thedirectly in the data collection system. modalities set in the custom presentationsThis powerful feature permits you to and calculations.perform local and custom analysis of Thanks to the VBA scripting, reportscollected data in order to view total can be managed, visualized andamounts, averages, reports, statistic customized to specific user needs. 9
  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e . Integrated Languages and functions. Script VBA™ Object-oriented programming alone is not often enough to fulfill Logic Language MovTracer © also integrates another and IL Logic offer complex tasks and out-of-the-norm requirements. It is fast becoming more type of language, the IL Logic. This language is a combinatory language powerful logic dispensable to aggregate and calculate collected data, or execute algorithms, or common to PLCs (Instruction Lists or AWL). A powerful instruction set allows functions for functions for custom aggregation and interpretation of collected data before logic and calculations to be managed with basic PLC programmer know-how, data collection recording it on DB tables. Whatever the requirement, it can be successfully without the programmer needing VBA language experience. calculations and realized using the powerful integrated language tools which offer unmatched Schedulers aggregation. solutions. MovTracer © integrates scheduler objects, capable of executing scripts and VBA Language functions based on preset times and MovTracer © integrates a powerful VBA dates or cyclic conditions. engine, capable of executing code perfectly with VBA standard (Visual Event Objects Basic for Application™) compatibility MovTracer © integrates Event objects, along with the use of a truly powerful capable of executing scripts and and wide-ranging API set. The VBA functions based on logic conditions scripts, which support multithreading determined by associated variables. and .NET syntax, can be executed directly at startup or on specific events linked to variable status conditions. In addition, the powerful debugger offers the option to perform step-by-step operations or break-points. 10
  • Access your business information wheneverand wherever through the web. The main objective Every manufactoring company fully knows the importance of having the Open and flexible OEE Modules for “Plant Intelligence” for collecting right facilities that let them access factory information in realtime from The Analysis modules included with MovTracer © are based on web technology production data anywhere and at anytime. Progea has developed MovTracer © front-ends, an and are equipped with completely open and customizable solutions to fully meet is to obtain innovative software solution based on the most modern ASP.NET technologies any type of need covering a wide range of specific production methodologies. OEE indicator for collecting business information at a enterprise-wide level, covering the The locally installed MovTracer © modules, are based on the ASP.NET technology measures and make entire shop floor right across to the managerial offices, in realtime through and consent the use of the Windows Web Server (IIS) so that users caninformation available an Internet or Intranet architecture. Thanks to MovTracer © front-end visualize all the statistical information needed in real time from any Client to factory managers technology you can visualize KPI performance indicators of your business terminal through the company’s local network or over the internet. through the web. using a simple browser, allowing you to drastically reduce management, The modules are open to customization and equipped with the appropriate maintenance and license costs that Licensing formulas tailored to reduce no other MES system available to implementation costs drastically day can guarantee, keeping company and provide maximum freedom to investments to the minimum. customize, thanks to the most popular and widespread used technologies and standards. In addition to these modules, the system has been designed to guarantee accessibility to recorded data using custom solutions or DB Connectors for reading/writing data towards other managerial systems. 11
  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e .OEE Module 2.Performance -The percentage of pieces actually produced compared to be able to discover the weak points and production downtime causes and takeThe OEE indicators are recognized as the the planned amount. action to correct and reduce furthermain and most effective indicators for 3.Quality-The percentage of defective losses. By retrieving just 2% of productionmeasuring global shop floor efficiency. pieces compared to the total pieces losses will gain the company 3.5 hours ofThe principle use of OEE is to maximize produced. productivity a week, totaling 168 hoursmarketable products by increasing These indicators are obtainable by more productivity a year. This small 2%productivity in the three main areas: applying specific filters based on different production recovery alone will make aavailability, performance and quality. time ranges, production lines and substantial impact on profit increase.Thanks to archiving production data machines, Shifts, Batches and Workers. Today, based on a challenging OEE valuein realtime and relative OEE analysis, of 100%, the most efficient companiesmanufacturing company business OEE = Availability * Performance * Quality with major productivity usually benchmarkmanagers can now understand and reach an OEE target value of 80-85%.production performances much better This essential information consents factory Most companies that do not implementand identify those areas which are managers to improve production assets, any productivity control only operate at anlacking in efficiency. The OEE provides machine efficiency, optimize times and average of 60-70% of their real capacity.a very clear picture on how things reduces any wasted. A company registering It is clearly in the best interests of anyare going on the efficiency side of a very low OEE value will be constrained manufacturing company to fully considerproduction by showing measured to increase its unitary production costs the great advantages offered by these OEErates and qualities with an overall and therefore may jeopardize profit gains indicators to help reduce loss and makeperformance total. and business opportunities. For example, profit gains.The OEE manufacturing unit performance a production line running 24/7 will loosemeasurements are based on three factors: the company 4% productivity for each1.Availability-The percentage of actual hour of downtime a day. By being able to operating time, known as Uptime, analyse production data, the company will compared to the one planned. 12
  • shop floor staff breaks or meetings and so operator and more. The graphical chartsDownTime Module forth) and these must be found out with and graphs can be displayed and printedHowever, the OEE indicators alone are not the full and essential collaboration of all as historgrams or overlapping statisticalenough to pinpoint the exact shop floor staff. MovTracer© has just the curves. In addition to statistical calculationscauses of inefficiency. It is essential that right modules for analysing these types of and graphical representations, the systemthe data collection system be capable DownTime causes. Statistical analysis on permits users to create summaries on allof providing the right information production downtimes can be produced filtered data in detailed reports.needed for discovering such causes according to the possible motivations(or macro causes) of productivity (configurable). This analysis will provide,loss and performance inefficiencies. production managers with all the vital Trend ModuleThis information is fundamental to information ever needed to make the right The Trend Module is a straight forwardascertaining the inefficiency causes decisions and implement the right actions simple approach to give users better focusso they can be removed. Receiving for correcting errors to improve production on their production behaviour. Users justnotifications of alarm occurrences, management. simply select the desired values recordedgenerated automatically by the system, by the system and use the Trend curves tousually do not contain sufficient Statistical Analysis represent their behaviour throughout theinformation. The DownTime analysis module permits selected time ranges which then can beNot just production line machinery you to statistically visualize data relating displayed, exported or printed as pleased.but everything else on the shop floor to downtimes and show them in differentshould be submitted to full inspection. classifications graphically in order of TotalThere may be various reasons causing Duration or Intervention Frequency, toproduction downtimes (i.e. shift or report values retrieved from historicalmachinery component changes, missing logs and represent them clearly in graphsraw material, machines being serviced due and charts using various filter methodsto scheduled maintenance or breakdown, which include; time range, batch, shift, 13
  • Te c h n o l o g y a n d S o l u t i o n s f o r P l a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e .Look confidently to the futurewith our valued added Support and Services.Progea, through its network of Partners, of the entire project from beginning to end. your productive system is performing.Solution Providers and System Integrators, Any company using the Progea products can This indicator alone cannot improveare experts in providing their end clients rest assured that they are in the right hands. productivity without being combinedwith all the support and services necessary Progea is completely competent in assisting with the cooperation and willingnessand fundamental to any project success. their clients in analysing specific needs, of all enterprise-wide levels working inThere are many advantages to be had in putting them into the right prospective and unison, which means from shop floor rightusing a standard product, but setting up the implementing them on a tried and tested through to the business managementproject, tailoring it to specifications of each basis until fully validated and working to offices. Working together to remove themanufacturing company needs requires skill client’s satisfaction. The OEE (for a machine, OEE indicated causes that are jeopardizingand expert know-how which play crucial roles, production line or entire factory) only gives company productivity is the only way toif not the main roles, in guaranteeing success you an indication on how bad or how good complete success and a secure future.Progea has been in operation since1990 producing software platforms forindustrial automation. A long traditionattesting Progea’s matured experience inthis sector is based on a strong vocationfor innovation boosted by a young,reliable and enthusiastic team workingtogether in harmony. Progea’s top priorityis quality: the company is ISO 9001:2000certified and their software productsundergo strict testing with certificationbased on the required standards. Theirservices are provided by a motivated andcompetent team, fully focused on specificclient needs, providing great satisfactionproven by numerous partner referenceswhich include Phoenix Contact, Panasonic,Asem, Vipa, Suetron and many more. 14
  • MainFeatures.Openness. MovTracer© is completely Powerful Data Logging. Collected data Open and Custom KPI analysis Modulesbased on XML. Collected data is handled can be recorded using Data Logger object The KPI analysis modules propose simpleby powerful ODBC Mangers to guarantee oriented configurations, which can be and effective solution for obtaining OEEpreferred formats in Relational DBs. The connected to DBs in different formats. and Downtime indexes with a straightFront End technology is based on ASP. Data can be recorded according to preset forward, quick and open approach.NET. times, on event or change. The Tracing Reports, Tables and graphs permit (Audit) feature is also supported for complete and thorough productionSecurity. MovTracer© guarantees recorded data and Alarm events. analysing, with the option to print andmaximum data security which can be export them as desired.encrypted with 128 bit algorithms. The Connectivity. MovTracer© introducesFDA CFR21 Part 11 specifications are a new generation of communication Integrated Connectivitysupported in the data collection system. drivers. These drivers include with Movicon™. functionalities such as automatic Tag In addition to interfacing with anyStandards. MovTracer© is completely importing, remote connectivity via supervisory system, MovTracer© alsobased on standard technology to modem, multi-station concept for offers users the great advantage ofsafeguard your investment. The XML, point-to-point protocols. They also having network connectivity with theODBC, OPC, VBA, Web Services, TCP-IP guarantee full configurability and the Movicon Scada systems and with WinCEand SQL and Crystal Report technologies option to communicate on event in HMI panels based on Movicon CE.are integrated in the platform to custom mode using VBA logic as well.guarantee easy access and data In addition to the free included driverstransparency. library, MovTracer© offers full connectivity via OPC, using OPC DA and OPC XML DAPerformances. MovTracer© increases technologies, for both Client and Server.performances thanks to its renewed“exception-based” technology concept Custom Reports. MovTracer© integratestogether with the powerful ODBC a Report Designer to allow users to createmanager which consents data collections powerful custom reports locally, whichup to a frequency of 10 m s. can be associated to the project’s Data Loggers. 15
  • MovTracer™ is a Progea product protected by the international copyright laws. © 2008 . All rights reserved. The information contained within this document may be subject to change without prior notice and non binding to the product makers. English edition – April 2009For further informationplease contract the Progea offices.Our expert personnel are also availablefor on site demonstrations and training.Progea Srl Progea International SAvia S.Anna 88/E via Moncucco 7I-41100 Modena Italy 6900 Lugano - Schweiztel +39 059 451060 tel +41 (91) 9676610fax +39 059 451061 fax +41 (91) Progea Deutschland GmbHItalian Branch Marie-Curie-Str. 12via XX Settembre 30 D-78048Tecnocity Alto Milanese VS-Villingen - Deutschland20025 Legnano (MI) Italy tel +49 (0) 7721 9925992tel +39 0331 486653 fax +49 (0) 7721 9925993fax +39 0331 455179