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Leveraging Technology to Optimize Equity Compensation Accounting, Reporting & Disclosures


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Video & Slides: …

Video & Slides:

Equity compensation is an essential tool for attracting and retaining top talent, managing working capital, and motivating employees to think like shareholders. But administering share-based compensation programs is a huge job and the accounting and reporting requirements can be a burden.

Attend this technology demonstration by Equity Administration Solutions (EASi) to learn how your company can simplify and optimize your equity compensation programs. You will discover how this platform specifically helps companies lower the cost and time it takes to close, delivers clear audit trails, and produces the information companies need for constantly evolving reporting and disclosure requirements.

This one hour platform overview will discuss the following key features:
• Equity compensation administration
• Employee portal & communications
• Mobility management
• Valuation/Expense/Journal entries
• Corporate tax & recharge agreement support
• EPS dilution & basic EPS
• SEC disclosures
• Executive compensation proxy tables

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • EASi’s business model is different….we want to be a great technology…versus our two key competitors who are in multiple businessesWhy does this matter? Very difficult to impossible to be both a financial services company and software company. Our business model allows us to focus on great equity compensation software and nothing else. We have very deep experience in financial reporting and administration – because that is all we do.This cascades down thru key dimension of our businessTechnology—single integrated platform vs. legacy or multiple platformsBroker Partnerships—choice vs. lock-in Service Partners—choice vs. lockin and limitationsThese allow us to build out a robust ecosystem….partners that are economically aligned with EASi and our customers successGrowth….great technology companies like EASi are focused on organic growth…we are committed to a single unified platform and a superior technology
  • More than 800 successful customers worldwideMore than 15% of Fortune 1,000 companies use EASi
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ask, Share, Learn – Within the Largest Community of Corporate Finance Professionals Leveraging Technology to Optimize Equity Compensation Accounting, Reporting & Disclosures Matt Abram, CEP, Director of Sales Engineering, EASi Don Gillotti, CEP, ECU, SVP of Sales, EASi
    • 2. Welcome to Proformative Proformative is the largest and fastest growing online resource for senior level corporate finance, treasury, and accounting professionals. A resource where corporate finance and related professionals excel in their careers through: • Uniquely valuable, online Peer Network • Direct subject-matter-expert advice • Valuable Features and Resources All of it completely noise-free Check it out at
    • 3. Ask, Share, Learn – Within the Largest Community of Corporate Finance Professionals Leveraging Technology to Optimize Equity Compensation Accounting, Reporting & Disclosures Matt Abram, CEP, Director of Sales Engineering, EASi Don Gillotti, CEP, ECU, SVP of Sales, EASi
    • 4. Business Model Advantage OTHERS PURPOSE TECHNOLOGY BROKERS PARTNERS GROWTH Great Technology Company • Single, Integrated Platform • Neutral • Choice • Certified Integrations • Neutral • Choice • Cultivate Robust Ecosystem • Focus on Organic Service or Brokerage Company • Multiple or Legacy Platforms • Conflicted • Locked-In • Conflicted • Locked-In • Focus on Inorganic • Focus on Transaction Fees
    • 5. More Than 800 Companies in 70 Countries
    • 6. The EASi Platform Advantages  15 award types supported  Extensive forecasting and modeling capability Broker choice with pre-integrated connectors  Flexibility   Robust Functionality Complete SEC, FASB, and IFRS calculations and reporting Quickly retrieve data with filtering, sorting and ad hoc reporting  Easily connect to other business applications such as payroll Automated report delivery for a faster close  Streamlined Processes  Automated participant communications and transactions  Cloud-based for faster deployment and zero maintenance
    • 7. The EASi Platform Extras Accounting Tax Participants EASi Administration Platform Connectors Reporting
    • 8. Administration Platform and Participant Portal   EASi Administration Platform • • • • • • • Participants 15 award types Full audit trail Grant modifications Mobility management Ease of data import Administrative alerts Online grant delivery and acknowledgement • Connection to your choice of broker • Support for end-toend exercise and settlement process • Flexibly share payment methods • Participant email communications
    • 9. Accounting, Tax, Reporting  Accounting • • • • Valuation – market price and risk-free rate Expense calculations Journal entries EPS/dilution Accounting  Tax • • • •  Reporting • • • DTA/DTB APIC pool Jurisdictional tax allocation Mobility management Disclosures Proxy reporting Modeling and forecasting tools Tax Reporting
    • 10. EASi Extras  ECHO Forecasting and modeling tool – daily or weekly refresh cycles.  EASiRate Delivers withholding rates for each tax jurisdiction on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  Peer Group Volatility Calculates weighted average volatility for up to 12 peer companies.  3,4,5 Filer Integrated solution for filing forms 3, 4, and 5. Extras
    • 11. Connectors  Automated two-way integration with payroll/HRIS. Synchronizes tax and employee demographic information to manage translation and transfer.  Pre-integrated, certified connections with leading brokers • Single or multiple brokers • Support for end-to-end exercise and settlement process Connectors
    • 12. How We Make You Successful Implementation Service Support Education Customer Relationship
    • 13. Implementation  Timeframe: 12-14 weeks  Project management • Weekly meetings and status reports •  Implementation manager and data specialist Formal sign-offs at milestones Data migration •  Automation to migrate data from current solution Data and financial reconciliation Data reconciliation and financial reconciliation • EASi identifies and fixes data conversion issues •  Data migration You sign off on the reconciliation Unlimited, free, web-based training Education and training 12-14 weeks • Project kick-off
    • 14. Professional Services  Consultative support for accounting and tax issues  Support for corporate actions  IPO consulting  Specialized business needs
    • 15. Education  Unlimited, free, web-based training  One-on-one training from financial reporting expert included with implementation  Customized online and onsite training  EASi University and Customer Community  Annual User Summit
    • 16. Customer Relationship  Adding new participants  Reviewing new EASi or partner solutions  Considering HRIS or broker integrations  Developing training and education plans for your company  Questions on renewals  Collaborating on best practices  Engaging in industry and EASi forums and events
    • 17. Support  Expert Consultants • More than 50% of EASi staff have or are pursuing CEP  U.S.-Based Support • 12 hours x 5 days • Phone and email • Extensive online help material  Online Case Management • Daily triage • Regular email updates • Regular software updates to resolve issues
    • 18. Please join us at to ask any additional questions you may have and to continue this conversation with your peers and the experts you heard from today. If you have questions about CPE Credit, please send an email to
    • 19. Sponsor