Leveraging Cloud Technology to Create Strategic Alignment: Finance, Sales & Operations

Leveraging Cloud Technology to Create Strategic Alignment: Finance, Sales & Operations



Video & Slides: http://www.proformative.com/events/leveraging-cloud-technology-create-strategic-alignment-finance-sales-operations ...

Video & Slides: http://www.proformative.com/events/leveraging-cloud-technology-create-strategic-alignment-finance-sales-operations

No financial system can effectively operate in a vacuum. Other business systems need two-way communication with your accounting software to share financial and operational data. Best-in-class integration makes it easy to connect seamlessly and cost-effectively with the applications your business uses today—as well as any applications you will want to use tomorrow. This best-in-class integration approach drives business success by delivering technology that enables and empowers change as opposed to dictating business practices. Join us to discover how Intacct, a leader in cloud financial management and accounting applications, uses open web services to integrate with the leading applications for each major business function enabling best-in-class integration , and seamlessly feeds and receives data to and from other business systems to allow the analysis of both financial and non-financial information.

The content will include a use case of Salesforce – and cloud financials integration, demonstrating how Intacct :

• Eliminates the need for manual data re-entry
• Automatically create renewal sales opportunities before existing contracts expire
• Easily manages orders from multiple business entities
• Can Reduce your Days Sales Outstanding to as little as 30 days



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  • And the growth companies are flocking to Intacct, in many different sectors. Companies who have recently gone public, like Guidewire, Demandware or Kayak, or companies planning to go public like Marketo or 10Gen or many others. Companies that are some of the fastest growing companies in our economy, like Airwatch or Etsy, have selected Intacct for Financial management.
  • We’re manically focused on customer success and built for it from the ground up.Intacct is the financial management system of choice of accounting experts worldwide. The AICPA completed thorough due diligence of all major providers of mid market solutions in the market and concluded with an exclusive endorsement of Intacct as their preferred provider of financial applications. Additionally, IFAC, the global association for the accounting profession worldwide selected Intacct to run their own internal operations. So, the accounting experts in the US and the world, both selected Intacct.Intacct is made up of passionate and extremely talented employees. I can personally attest to the fact that we’re a great company to work at, having been voted the top workplace in Silicon Valley 3 years in a row.We’ve also received virtually every industry award and are supported by some of Silicon Valley’s best and most experienced VCs.In a nutshell, we’re on the move. We’ve had 10 years of delivering great results for customers through the most innovation in the industry with the highest service performance and we’re not stopping.
  • In essence, the wonderful thing the cloud has done is give you more freedom. The cloud wave is a best in class wave letting you integrate many best-in-class solutions.If you’re considering NetSuite, we think it’s important to call out thattrying to be an all-in-one suiteis the way of the past. That’s how on-premise systems viewed the world too. Don’t be fooled, NetSuite will talk the best of breed strategy, but their goal is to lock you in to the suite. They cannot keep up because they are dividing their R&D resources across more than six major categories. They get to decide how they will invest in those different areas and will take your dollars and deploy them for their advantage, not yours. Our customers want choice. They want deep functionality and the seamless flow of information, and they get it with best-in class cloud solutions like Intacct.Cloud-based systems are a whole new breed. Advanced cloud solutions are extremely open, and allow for the frictionless movement of information from system to system. So each department in an organization can make the best choice for their needs, to maximize performance and reduce the risk of being dependent on one vendor. With Intacct, every dollar you spend will be to your benefit, because we are totally focused on financial management for mid-sized companies and your needs. The best in class technologies collective investments are 10 times the amount of investment of the cloud suite vendor. This allows us to introduce new capabilities and features 2-6 times more rapidly than our competition, which means you'll get more value from Intacct than any other company.  
  • Intacct is not only built for success, but we are built to successfully partner to automate and integrate business processes within and across your entire organization. Intacct was built from the ground up as an open, best in class system that is designed to be integrated with other best in class solutions, like Salesforce in CRM and XXXXX.Intacct partners with over 120 best in class providers to enable our customers to choose the best functionality needed to address their company-wide business management needs. Unlike traditional systems, all Intacct integrations are forwards and backwards compatible so they don’t break or require expensive consultants every time a new release comes out.Over 75% of our customers have seamlessly integrated multiple systems together with Intacct Financials. With Intacct, there is no need to sacrifice depth for breadth.
  • Our clients tell us that their businesses are forever changed with Intacct. Why do they love us? Two reasons.First, we make their businesses more efficient. By automating processes, improving oversight and controls and increasing accuracy and compliance, we simply make their business run better. This is the every day, every week, every month stuff. With Intacct we keep your factory running more efficiently, while letting each part of the organization use the best tools for their part of the job. But that’s not enough. Second, we also empower them to drive performance and growth. As financial managers you’re asked to do more than execute a process. You’re expected to provide information – valuable information – to run your business better. Lots of solutions can give you a snapshot dashboard of metrics. ONLY Intacct lets you dig deeper to understand the true dynamics of your business. ONLY Intacct provides visibility into both your financial and operating data letting you make better long-term, strategic decisions.And, we’re flexible. Growth companies, such as yours, are dynamic. As your needs change, so does Intacct. We help you manage your business for the long term.Efficiency plus growth. With Intacct you get both. Let me show you how
  • The quote to cash process is the lifeblood of any software businesses.What we often find at our new software clients is a patchwork of multiple systems, data silos and spreadsheets. You know the steps.This can lead to a host of process issues: rekeying, manual steps, errors, cumbersome reporting.At the end of the day, the business suffers: lost revenue, longer DSOs, unhappy customers.That’s the “before”.
  • With Intacct the “after” is an integrated, automated process.The process is streamlined from quote entry to contract approval to revenue recognition. We are pre-integrated with your CRM of choice.Our solution transforms everyday tasks by eliminating data re-entry, integrating rules / controls and automating rev rec, billing and order processing. Less re-keying means higher accuracy.All-in-one, Intacct provides you access not only to automated financial reporting but also key operating data…which we’ll talk more about in a few minutes.The benefits are many and tangible.This is just one process. There are many others that Intacct can automate.

Leveraging Cloud Technology to Create Strategic Alignment: Finance, Sales & Operations Leveraging Cloud Technology to Create Strategic Alignment: Finance, Sales & Operations Presentation Transcript

  • Ask, Share, Learn – Within the Largest Community of Corporate Finance Professionals Leveraging Cloud Technology to Create Strategic Alignment Vijay Ramakrishnan, Director Product Marketing, Intacct John Pflomm, Solutions Specialist, Intacct
  • • • •
  • VIJAY RAMAKRISHNAN Director Product Marketing Intacct Corporation JOHN PFLOMM Solutions Specialist Intacct Corporation
  • • • • • •
  • • • • •
  • Ask, Share, Learn – Within the Largest Community of Corporate Finance Professionals Leveraging Cloud Technology to Create Strategic Alignment Vijay Ramakrishnan, Director Product Marketing, Intacct John Pflomm, Solutions Specialist, Intacct
  • Technology Services Healthcare Consumer 95% Non-Profit Hospitality Other Customer satisfaction 6,000+ Companies FOUNDATION
  • Choice of accounting Top workplace experts worldwide 3rd year in a row Industry awards 25 Best Small Biz Apps Top tier advisors 10+ year track record of delivering results
  • All-in-One Suite Best-in-Class Integration Payroll Vendor’s Choice Sales Payroll Finance Company’s Choice Sales  Dependence on single provider for all processes  Single company R&D investment Finance Manufacturing Professional Services  Maximizing performance and reducing risk  10x portfolio R&D investment  2-6x pace of innovation vs. competitors
  • 120+ partners 75% of our customers integrate with 2+ partners
  • Make my business more efficient Drive performance and growth  Process automation  Track true financials and operations  Oversight and controls  Visibility for planning/strategy  Accuracy and compliance  Flexibility as needs change Better Every Day Managing for Long-Term With Intacct, you can do both
  • STEP III: Services re-keys order into PSA system STEP I: Sales enters quote in CRM   Systems with limited functionality Data silos Spreadsheets     Project manager uses Excel to check implementation resources schedule STEP II: Sales operations re-keys order into finance system Process Problems  Finance re-enters time and expense to book order submit invoice and recognize revenue Step IV: Patchwork of:  Step V: Data entry/re-keying Lack of controls Manual tracking of revenue recognition/billing Errors/inaccuracies Fragmented, cumbersome reporting Business Impact      Lack of visibility for Sales Customer dissatisfaction Revenue loss Auditing issues Extended DSOs
  • Integrated, Automated Process Step I Step II Step III Step IV Step V Quote entered in SFDC with items and request for implementation resources Quote flows from integrated SFDC system to sales operations for approval Services VP reviews contract and approves Approved order (items), time and expense, customer invoiced, and revenue recognized Project manager secures implementation resources Process Solution      No more data re-entry/re-keying Sales visibility into order status, billing, payments Accurate and consistent customer, order data Automated revenue recognition/billing/order processing Automated financial reporting PLUS operating data Business Benefits      Customer satisfaction Increased revenue Audit-quality data Improved cash flow Higher resource utilization
  • Virtual Hold Technology Provider of virtual queuing solutions to Fortune 100 call centers  Customer service employees lacking visibility into payments  Sales lacking visibility into invoicing  Organization lacking visibility into true customer value  Finance consumed with ad-hoc work – Customer status reviews – Monthly manual spreadsheet process for revenue recognition
  • Virtual Hold Technology  Period Close Expense Management Consolidation Revenue Management Quote-to-Cash Inventory Management No manual reconciliation between sales orders and finance data  Superior visibility into customer status  ROI: 158% Business Integration Procure-to-Pay  Project Accounting Financial and Management Reporting Opportunities to booked orders with no manual re-keying Cloud Technology
  • Demonstration: Intacct – salesforce.com Integration
  • • • • • • •