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The Cover Ups
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The Cover Ups


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Here's a story for you---"the Cover Ups" …

Here's a story for you---"the Cover Ups"
The world was filled with seven billion people. They were pawns; their lives were controlled. They were deceived and lied to by the “Elite 6”. Everything in their daily lives was manipulated, so the “Elite 6” could profit.

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  • 1. A Little Short Story For You By Kathy Thompson
  • 2. The world was filled with seven billion people. They werepawns; their lives were controlled. They were deceived and liedto by the “Elite 6”. Everything in their daily lives wasmanipulated, so the “Elite 6” could profit.
  • 3. All the information they received were cover ups; media(planted), government (illegal &corrupt), economy, energy, transportation, environment, education, health, food, weather, and space landings.
  • 4. Because of it, they suffered from;poverty, famine, unemployment, droughts, floods, fires, crime, and wars. The truth & technologies were kept fromthem, because of the power hungry “Elite 6”.
  • 5. Secretly some of the people questioned their existence andsearched to discover the truth. Their world was changing;physically, mentally, and spiritually. Creatures from otherworlds knew their plight and came to help them. The people discovered the creatures were their ancestors. Thepeople had been turned into aliens and were not in their trueform. The people were actually magnificent powerful beings.Their lives were not real.
  • 6. Carefully & slowly their ancestors helped them to get theirworld back. The plan went into action.Announcements were made. A new temporary worldgovernment took over, followed by new banks with a newfinancial system of prosperity, which was dispersed toeveryone. The new government stopped the wars, introducednew technologies and held elections for a new world order.
  • 7. The new technologies were the key to taking the powerfrom the “Elite 6”.
  • 8. Everyone became Telepathic to communicate with eachother. Phones, the internet, and communications devices wentobsolete. Healing Devices eliminated the entire healthindustry. Environmental Devices cleaned up the weatherand planet. Teleportation axed the transportation industries.
  • 9. Communication Buttons saw the internet, phones, andtelevision go bye bye. Nano Technology and Replicatorsmade anything they wanted. It wiped out all of theseindustries ;food, clothing, furniture, accessories, appliances, and more. Sonic Showers took over for the bathroom. Holographyprovided communications, entertainment, and information.
  • 10. Get the picture? The powerless “Elite 6” waskaput, done, gone!! Then mass landings brought other aliens to help orient andtrain the people. All seven billion people were taken inside theirplanet where another society existed.
  • 11. There they were returned to their original majestic form.Their planet above also returned to its original brilliant form inthe Fifth Dimension.
  • 12. Fully restored to the fifth dimension the people spread outthroughout the cosmos to serve with light, love, and joy. They alllived happily ever after.For more info: &