Free Food


Published on - A new grocery store has a grand opening and offers a FREE cart of food. How would you react if it was you? Does your buying habits reflect your behavior. Which one are you and which one do you want to be.

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Free Food

  1. 1. By Kathy Thompson
  2. 2. Our story opens on an early Saturday morning. Anew grocery store was having a "Grand Opening"and offering FREE food. A line had started.
  3. 3. First in line was Henry Hyperson, aninsurance salesman in his forties. Puffing acigarette, he was nervously tapping his foot.His casual clothes just hung on his skinnyframe. His breathing was short and quick.Impatiently, he was fidgeting his cigarettefrom hand to hand.
  4. 4. Second in line was Carol Calmton, aphysical education teacher in herthirties. Standing erect her hands wereat her side. She had a confident smileon her peaceful serene face. Slim, shehad an athletic figure. Her clothesshowed good taste.
  5. 5. Third in line was Fanny Floppy, ahousewife in her twenties.Yawning and sniffling, she had acold. Her complexion was brokenout with pimples and blackheads.The heavy woman had a loudsneeze. She wiped her nose on hersleeve. Then she scratched herhead through her curlers.Slouching she looked tired andbored. Her dress was too tight .Billy, 5 and Suzy 7, were hangingon to her dress.
  6. 6. The manager opened the door andannounced the first three people inline won a FREE cart full offood.Jumping up and down, Henry wasecstatic and emotional. He huggedthe manager and wanted to runand tell his wife. But he wouldlose his place in line.
  7. 7. Carol appreciated the opportunityand thanked the manager.Smiling, she was grateful andwent in to fill her cart. She had alist in hand.Shrugging and yawning, Fannydidnt think it was a big deal.Scratching her rear end, shesniffled. Tired, she wondered in.Billy and Suzy were all excitedjumping up and down, and pullingtheir Mother to move faster.
  8. 8. In the meat section, Henry grabbedthe hamburger, pork chops,steak, sausage, bacon, spare ribs.In the frozen food sectionhe took fish sticks, tatertots, pies, lasagna, ravioli, waffles,onion rings, pizza. He picked upsugar, rolls, muffins. Then it wasanchovies, olives, salt, pepper, pickles, mustard.Next he picked up canned peas andcorn. In the dairy case he gotprocessed cheese food, eggs, milk.After that he took, potato
  9. 9. First, Carol gotraisins, walnuts, sunflowerseeds, honey, whole wheat flour, herbteas, orange juice and cranberry juice.From the meat section, she picked upchicken, haddock, flounder, and shrimp.From the dairy case, she got skimmilk, cottage cheese, yogurt.Her last stop was in the produce section;potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce, squash, onions, mushrooms,broccoli, cauliflower, peaches, bananas, grapes, grapefruit, apples, oranges, peaches.
  10. 10. In the dairy case, Fanny grabbed thebutter, whipped cream, chocolatemilk, whole milk. Then she picked upham, hotdogs, sausage, bologna, hamburger. Inthe frozen food section, she got TVdinners, pot pies, coffee cakes, Frenchfries, ice cream.Then it was white bread, cheesepuffs, donuts, cookies. Her cerealsincluded Fruit loops & Sugar Smacks.After that she grabbed thespaghetti, instant potato mix, gravymix, Jell-O, Kool aid, soda pop, dingdongs, crackers, miraclewhip, jelly, Fritos. After all that, shehad to getRolaids, Bayer, Comtrex, contact, laxati
  11. 11. As they came to the check outcounter, the manager noticed what wasin their carts and their behavior. Henrywas in a hurry and searching for hiscigarettes. Carol thanked him again.Fanny was slowly bringing up the rearwith her kids pulling on her.Cocking his head, the manager was suretheir food choices affected theirappearance and behavior. Which one areyou and which would one would youlike to be ?
  12. 12. Three different kinds of foods affect youdifferently.Stimulants: (meats & spices) areaddictive and can make younervous, high strung, and hyper.Imitation, junk, overripe, rotten foodscan leave you feeling lazy, lethargic, andsusceptible to diseases and illnesses.Real food from nature are thebest, leaving you healthy and relaxed.
  13. 13. Would you like more help with your health and diet?