Create your own Mobile App, Be on Play store & App store And Go Viral using PROFILEBAKER technology


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We take our opportunity to introduce you to one of the latest technologies PROFILEBAKER which would help to make a beautiful and effective mobile application for People/Brands.This is definitely a huge buzz in the market and would reshape the technology market extensively. It integrates any brand's/organization's all Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Picasa, Blogs into one single mobile app.The app for the particular brand can be dowloaded from playstore and appstore easily,then.

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Create your own Mobile App, Be on Play store & App store And Go Viral using PROFILEBAKER technology

  1. 1. We Understand Your Needs... Now Your BRAND Can Be Downloaded As An APP From Both Android’s PLAY STORE & Iphone’s APP STORE!!! PROFILEBAKER
  2. 2.  Overview  Features & Benefits  ‘Here We Are’ Tag  ‘Bring Them Under One Roof’ Tag  Some PB apps made for clients  Availability & Contact Details Index ProfileBaker
  3. 3.  Easy and Simple way to develop your Mobile presence.  Using this application user can easily create own iPhone and Android App.  Can spread the message to all your followers via mobile phone app  Brings all your social media under one roof Overview ProfileBaker
  4. 4. Features & Benefits ProfileBaker All your social media platforms (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, o ther feeds) under one roof. Add your e-brochures, e- books, articles for your followers to access from the app. Add media files such as songs, videos to be accessed by your followers in the app. Get more lead’s from your mobile app and grow your business. Brand yourself to the millions of smart phone users. Design your own tabs to be displayed in the app.
  5. 5. Many big clients are already having an ‘App’ for their ‘Brands’. Millions of downloads already being processed... So why are you missing out on this golden opportunity??? Here We Are… COME, JOIN THE CROWD… ProfileBaker
  6. 6. Bring Them Under One Roof: ProfileBaker . . . .
  7. 7. Android : Aam Aadmi Party- details?id=com.techilasol.profilebaker.aapprofile We have made Mobile App for many big clients like: ProfileBaker Rolls Mania (Eating Point)- details?id=com.profilebaker.main.rollsmania_pb
  8. 8. ProfileBaker Abha Banerjee (Motivational Speaker)- College Cookies (Cookies Delivery Point)-
  9. 9. ProfileBaker Heels Dance Academy-
  10. 10. ProfileBaker Iphone: Aam Aadmi Party– app/aam-aadmi-party-aap/id796976693?mt=8 Kapil Sharma– comedies/id794975279?mt=8
  11. 11.  Call us on : Angad: 08007771034 (or) Kritika: 07506168931  Mail us at : / /  Visit us:  View us: Create Your Own Business App: ProfileBaker Our Niche: