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Updates on Profibus and Profinet technology   karsten schneider
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Updates on Profibus and Profinet technology karsten schneider


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Updates on the technology covering PROFINET for PA, Performance Update, PROFIenergy

Updates on the technology covering PROFINET for PA, Performance Update, PROFIenergy

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. UK PROFIBUS Group Karsten Schneider PI Chairman UK, June 2013 20th Anniversary Celebration Conference
  • 2. PI Overview
  • 3. 3 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation Leading Technologies Organization Technologies Fieldbus Ethernet Regional PI Associations PI Competence Center PI Training Center PI Testlabore More than 1.400 member companies world wide! WGs PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) Proxy Technology Sensors & Actuators
  • 4. 4 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation PI World Wide Regional Operations30 Competence Center50 Training Center26 Test Labs11
  • 5. Latest Node Figures
  • 6. 6 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation PROFINET & PROFIBUS nodes
  • 7. 7 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation PROFIsafe nodes
  • 8. PROFINET Highlights
  • 9. 9 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation PROFINET specification history 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Simple device exchange Network configuration Switch Integration Fiber Optics Network diagnosis Topology Media Redundancy Time synchronization Maintenance NE107 Fast Start Up Performance Optimization Fiber Optic Enhancements PROFINET in PA Basic functions Specification Function Enhancements PN V2.1 PN V2.2 PN V2.3PN V2.0 PN V1.0 Whitepaper PN V1.3 Applications Standard Robots Highest Speed / Process Basic Functionality
  • 10. …with PROFIenergy
  • 11. 11 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation PROFIenergy: Transparency & Shutdown ShutdownTransparency Read measured data Many devices implicitly detect the energy (e.g. FCs) Basis for active energy management Shutdown during unplanned idle times Time and duration of idle time are unknown Shutdown during short idle times Optimized energy savings at fast availability Shutdown during long idle times Maximum energy savings The key to accessing a savings potential not used so far
  • 12. 12 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation Cost savings through omission of external hardware Energy saving even in short pauses thanks to granular switching High system reliability through coordinated switching Investment safeguarding through simple reaction-free integration into existing standards Free selection of device through vendor-independent standard PROFIenergy permits energy saving in breaks through switching-off of non-required loads! Five good reasons for PROFIenergy Controller HMI Distributed I/O Motion Control & Drives DC24V
  • 13. 13 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation Development of PROFIenergy Customers start to integrate PROFIenergy 2009 Definition phase  White Paper  Technical Specification 2010 First products are available on the market 2011 2012 Number of devices increases sharply PROFIenergy Specification V 1.1
  • 14. PROFIBUS & PROFINET for Process Automation
  • 15. 15 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation PROFIBUS in Process Industry PROFIBUS PA The Standard in Process Automation Communication and Energy for field devices over the bus Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas Configuration of the devices over the bus PA device profile
  • 16. 16 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation PA Profil PA Profil 3.02 – a big step! simplified diagnostics:  The right information for the right person at the right time simplified device exchange:  easier than 4…20mA devices simplified commissioning:  Faster parameter transmission Not just a displacement of 4…20mA, it takes process automation to an entire new level More and more device vendors implement PROFIBUS PA!
  • 17. 17 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation Extensions for PROFINET in PA Fieldbus integration DCS HART PROFIBUS PA FF H1 PROFIBUS DP PROFINET Configuration in Run (CiR) DCS Remote I/O Proxy Sequence of Events System Master Clock (GPS, DCF77, …) Controller 1 Controller 2 Controller 3 Proxy Device Device Backup Clock Master Redundancy Redundant Controller Primary Backup Redundant Network Device with redundant connectivity Device with singular connectivity
  • 18. FDI
  • 19. 19 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation Field device as information source Operator Maintenance- personal Manufacture, Expert Technician, Engineer Field device
  • 20. 20 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation Commissioning Device Integration Field Device Automation System Engineering Operation Maintenance … Commissioning With the Device Integration, a host can get access (from a central location) to the device functions and information.
  • 21. 21 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation A Common Approach Device Package Harmonized EDD Advanced Features (optional) EDDL Harmonized FDT Group Fieldbus Foundation HART Communication Foundation OPC Foundation PROFIBUS/PROFINET International ABB Invensys Emerson Siemens Endress+Hauser Yokogawa Honeywell
  • 22. 22 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation FDI Device Package Device Package UIP (optional) Attach- ments Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Manuals Certificates Protocol specific Files (GSD(ML), etc.) EDD FDI encoded file format Device Definition (Def) Business logic (BL) User Interface (UID) Goal: one device driver! Programmed User Interface Device Applications
  • 23. 23 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation System integration  Manages Device Packages  Manages and provides device data  Processes device specific user interfaces:  Mandatory, EDDL based UID  Optional, WPF based UIP  Processes EDD Business Logic  Communicates with devices OPC UA Services Communication Server OPC UA Services FDI Client FDI Server Device Package EDDL UIP Optional Attach- ments FDI Host Device Definition Business Logic Communication User Interfaces Device Applications EDD Engine Information Model UID Renderer UIP Hosting
  • 24. 24 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation NAMUR/WIB Key Requirements UIP Harmonized EDDL (IEC 61804-3) PROFIBUS HART Foundation Fieldbus FDI Device Package development Control systemStandard FDI IDE Package EDD UIP Package EDD UIP Package EDD UIP Certification/ Registration The harmonized EDDL is always and exclusively used in FDI Device Packages. In addition use of standard Host Components and IDE improve interoprability. FDI Device Packages always make use of harmonized EDDL. 24 OPC UA Services Communication Server OPC UA Services FDI Client FDI Server FDI Host EDD Engine Information Model UID Renderer UIP Hosting
  • 25. 25 © PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation Summary FDI fulfills NAMUR requirements Process automation vendors support FDI development Draft specifications are available IEC Standardization has been initiated EDDL has been harmonized across protocols FDT FDI Interoperability is ensured “Foundations” cooperate in FDI Cooperation to complete and promote FDI Technology
  • 26. Thank You!