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Retusche Service
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Retusche Service


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ProfiMasking Retusche Serviceangebot: …

ProfiMasking Retusche Serviceangebot:
1.) Basic / Standard Retusche
2.) High End Retusche

Published in: Design, Art & Photos, Business

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  • 1. ProfiMasking Retouching Service
  • 2. Content of Retouching Service (Retuscheservice)
    • Retouching Service
    • ProfiMasking offer various professional retouching services. A separated team of our graphic experts with years of professional experience executes this service.
    • ProfiMasking offers a wide range of retouching services:
    • - Color correction, light and contrast adjustment.
    • - Removal of skin imperfections(spots, scars or birthmarks, red eyes. etc.)
    • - Digital Make-Ups
    • - Beauty Retouching
    • - Product picture retouching
    • - Scan copy retouching
    • - Colorization of images / old photo restoration
    • - Image collagen
    • - Photomontage and image manipulation
    • Hand painted digital artwork
    • According to the level of customer requirements and the retouching skills & efforts needed, there are two levels of retouching services:
  • 3. Basic / Standard and High-End Retouching Service Basic / Standard Retouching: The Basic / Normal Retouching Services is a cost efficient solution for most of the catalogue, online shops, homepages, and online product presentations. ProfiMasking will provide you with the professional retouching service and th level of service would meet most of the normal retouching needs. High-End Retouching: To provide top end retouching services only the best retouching artist are employed. Details are examined and refined and whenever necessary, there will be also involvement of hand drawing / painting of the important details and effects. This services is aimed for serving the needs for professional photographers, design agencies, publishers, advertising companies and companies who expect highest quality of retouching and very fine product presentations.
  • 4. Basic / Standard Retouching Service
    • Product retouching – to enhance the product presentation by adjusting light, color,
    • contrast and adding shadows, etc. or adding further elements on your requests.
  • 5. Basic / Standard Retouching Service 2. Photo Retouching – adjust the color, light and contrast, remove crinkles, skin refinement, as well as adding tones that making the original photo visually impressive.
  • 6. Basic / Standard Retouching Service 3. Wedding Photo Retouching – wedding photo retouching requires a lot of experiences making the photos in the right color, light, tone and sometimes styles. Our experienced graphic experts can retouch the wedding photos in to brilliant artwork.
  • 7. Basic / Standard Retouching Service 4. Image Composition and Manipulation – We can manipulate the pictures as far as you can imagine, composing new backgrounds, adding, composing or exchanging elements to the original images or doing special effects.
  • 8. Basic / Standard Retouching Service 5. Old Photo Restoration – we restore the damaged old photos back to its original look. We can also add colors to the black & white old picture per your preferences.
  • 9. Basic / Standard Retouching Service 6. Scan Copy Retouching – a scanned copy normally has a lot of noises, stains and unwanted shadows. With our retouching service, we turn the scanned copy into a perfect graphic work.
  • 10. High End Retouching Service 1. High End Image / Product Montage
  • 11. High End Retouching Service 2. High End Product Retouching
  • 12. High End Retouching Service 3. High End People Retouching
  • 13. High End Retouching Service 4. High End Design Work
  • 14. High End Retouching Service 5. High End Digital Art - Hand painted art work from photo in different art styles
  • 15. Contact ProfiMasking Inhaber Xiaotong Li Föhrenstraße 33 D-90530 Wendelstein Tel. +49 9129/2969696 Fax. +49 3222/1433571 Mobil: +49 152/23710045 [email_address]