William m tweedie full cv 2014
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William m tweedie full cv 2014



My CV current to January 2014

My CV current to January 2014



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William m tweedie full cv 2014 Document Transcript

  • 1. William M. Tweedie EFL Education Specialist Curriculum Vitae Résumé of Professional Experience & Supporting Documentation 2014 1
  • 2. __________________________________________________________________________ Contents A. General Application and Résumé B. Academic Records 1. Ph.D. Offer of Admission – Open University of Malaysia 2. MA TESOL - University of Birmingham/Almeda University 3. TESL Certificate and Transcript – English Teacher Training Centre, Vancouver 4. Teaching L2 Reading Certificate – TESOL, Inc. 5. Korea English Teacher Training Certificate – National Institute for International Education Development, Ministry of Education 6. TEAL Certificate – Blue Coast English Services/Vancouver Community College 7. Computer Lab for ESL Instructors Certificate – Vancouver Community College 8. Bachelor of Fine Arts Drama Studies Transcript – York University 9. Bachelor of Arts Degree, Transcript and Notarized copy – Mount Allison University C. Criminal Records Check D. Awards 1. Best Paper Award - International Conference on Active Learning 2012 (included below) Melaka, Malaysia 2. Award of Appreciation – Rompin District Office of Education 2007 (included below) Rompin, Malaysia 3. Anugerah Kualiti 2006 – Rompin District Office of Education Rompin, Malaysia 4. Creative Teacher Award 1999 – Kangnam District Office of Education Korea 5. Outstanding Contribution Award 1998 – Namju High School (included below) Korea 6. National Education Research Committee Appointment 1997 – Korea 7. Letter of Commendation 1996 – Canadian Ambassador to Korea (included below) 8. Dean’s Scholarship 1973 – Mount Allison University (see transcript) E. Passport Information Page F. References 1. A separate package with letters of reference/recommendation is available upon request 2. Many letters from students, attesting to their positive learning experiences in my classes are also available upon request. 2
  • 3. A. General Application and Résumé Position(s): ESL/EFL / Teacher / Director / Teacher Trainer Section I Title: Mr. Personal Details First Name: William Middle name: Morley Surname/Family Name: Date of Birth: 23/04/52 Tweedie Marital Status: Single/Divorced Contact Address By email: william.tweedie@yahoo.ca Mobile: +86 15546954979 (China) Skype: Professorredbag Yahoo Messenger: william.tweedie Contact Address in Canada 103 – 1330 Butte Street Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z9 Country :Canada Telephone Number : (604) 681 - 8334 Citizenship Details Passport Nationality : Canadian Country/Place of Birth: Canada / Edmundston My Parents' Names in full : Mother's Full Name: Jean P. Tweedie, RN Both deceased. Section II Passport Number: BA662840 Place of Issue: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Expiry Date : 30 April 2015 Father's Full Name: Edgar T. Tweedie, QC. Academic and Professional Qualifications Academic Qualifications: Please, refer to resume documentation (Follows below) Note: My qualifications have been previously verified by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia, Ministry of Manpower of Oman, Chinese Ministry responsible for foreign workers (Suzhou), Mexico Ministry of Education (University of Puebla) UAE Ministry of Education, Korea Ministry of Education Professional Development & Education Consultation: Active research in Leadership, Facilitation, Classroom Management/Motivation, Curriculum and Assessment, Early Literacy, Multiple Intelligences and Learning Strategies, School and Change Management. Please, refer to resume documentation Subjects/Courses taught: EFL/ESL all skill areas: Specialized in Academic Project Management, Multiple Intelligences, Language Learning Strategies, Writing and Reading Comprehension; Co-teaching Instruction (three years in Korea), Curriculum Development. 18 years of Teacher Recruiting/Training experience. 30 years of combined business & education management experience. Computer skills: MS Office Professional: all programs; Internet research; Internet based academic program delivery and recording systems, testing and assessment programs, instructional programs; Multimedia integration/presentation. Languages: French – fluent, Spanish – intermediate Current Driving License(s): Malaysia. (Expires 2016) Salary & benefits: negotiable 3
  • 4. Section III Applicant’s Profile 1. Potential major contribution I feel I could make to EFL Education in your institution. My experience in managing a variety of short and long term projects involving teacher training, multi-media, co-teaching, special ed., ESP (Math/Business/International Trade), curriculum development, and general ELT management in EFL contexts (Korea, UAE, Mexico, China, Malaysia) are all appropriate in the effort to help meet the client objectives of instructors and students developing in their pursuit of self awareness and greater English language proficiency. Of significant importance in meeting the above objectives is my ability to contribute effectively to my colleagues through highly tuned interpersonal skills, i.e. leadership abilities. (I am experienced in primary, secondary, university and private institute teaching and program management.) 2. My greatest achievements to date in the field of education and why I regard them as such? Teaching: During my five years of teaching/teacher training in Korea I developed a coteaching model in the area of reading comprehension which was adopted by the Ministry of Education. Using this model in a nationally designated experimental school, we improved the results of 350 students’ marks on their final exams by an average of 7%. As the District English Language Coordinator in Rompin, Malaysia, the teachers I trained (over 200) saw marked increases in their students’ results on national exams over the two and a half years in professional development courses I designed and delivered. Perhaps of greater importance, I believe I have helped to change many non-native English teachers’ perspectives on the modern processes and the importance of my PRIME Approach to EFL education. (Practical, Relevant, Integrated, Meaning-centered and Enriching) This approach incorporates attention to students’ learning styles and the direct instruction of learning strategies. The Approach aims to encourage student initiated and self-directed learning (priming the pump, so to speak). Academic Management: I founded and coordinated for three years the first post secondary (College level) Arts Administration Program in Canada in 1979, which continues to run successfully to date. I have also successfully lead teams of teachers (native and non-native English speakers alike) in a variety of contexts with objectives ranging in scope from in-school to national. Perhaps most memorable was keeping a team of teachers in the UAE focused by providing curriculum material when no official text was available at the outset of the project and then keeping them together and on the job when the Twin Towers were struck 09/11. The majority wanted to leave immediately but I kept them engaged in our mission until the end of the contract. Innovation: I established and edited the first high school English newspaper in Korea in 1995 (The Active Times – Namju High School). It continues to be published to date. I initiated the first online Group for district teachers in Malaysia: http://asia.groups.yahoo.com/group/connecting_the_dots_in_rompin and also conducted the first online professional development course for teachers in Malaysia: Language Learning Strategies and Lexis through the Learning Environment at www.hotchalk.com. 3. My self-description in the eyes of an imaginary, fair and impartial critic (to the extent this is possible). According to the Jung-Myers-Briggs personality test I am an ENFJ type (Portrait of the TEACHER/Counsellor) (Extrovert/ Intuitive/Feeling/Judging) I place great value on my privacy and tend to spend too many hours in research in the field of EFL. I am, however, passionate in my professional relationships with students/teachers and colleagues and take great pleasure in the ‘real’ teaching/learning that I share with them in professional and social contexts. I describe my management style as FIRM (Fair, Impartial, Resourceful and Motivating). My teaching style is FREE (Flexible, Resourceful, Engaging, and Enriching). 4
  • 5. 4. Why did I choose an overseas career in EFL? I worked for 14 years as a volunteer in ESL in North America with Asian and Latino immigrants while managing international entrepreneurial businesses. These experiences were the most personally rewarding and fulfilling of my life there. It seemed to me important to understand the limitations they faced in their countries of origin both sociopolitically and linguistically, in order to become a more effective facilitator of their acquisition of English. I have continued over the past 18 years to work in foreign contexts to broaden and deepen my knowledge of the application of the Approach, methods and techniques I have developed or used from a variety of sources. My professional training and experience in private enterprise have served me well in the various training and leadership contexts of this experience. The challenges remain exciting and rewarding both professionally and personally. 5. My hobbies and interests? Swimming, Diving (PADI Open Water 2008), Flying (SEL/VFR 1993), Academic research and writing, and extracurricular activities with students (where the goals and objectives of learning are truly measured). Section IV Personal Information Medical History: Criminal Record: Do I have any serious illnesses/conditions? No – in excellent health Do I have a police, court, or criminal record or any actions pending against me? No - CBC below Media Source: Previous Application: How did I hear about this employment opportunity? David Holmes, friend Have you applied to this organization before? References: available. No Additional Contact details available upon request. Letters of recommendation Telephone (H) Reference 1 Employer/Supervisor Rasid Harun Head of District English Teachers Headmaster Rompin District of Ministry of Education c/o District Education Office 26800 Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia +6 016 986 0411 (cp) E-MAIL rasidharun@msn.com Referee may be contacted? Yes Name Relationship Position/Title Institution/Firm Address Reference 2 Employer/Supervisor Che Ku Ruhaya binti Che Ku Colleague/Trainee Lecturer IPGKDRI University Batu Rakit, Malaysia +6012 – 987-5042 arey66@gmail.com ckr@ipgmkdri.edu.my Yes Availability: negotiable Airport/City of Departure: Hong Kong/Macau, China Section V Declaration I certify that the information provided above is correct. I understand that any deliberate false statement could lead to termination of contract. I understand that any offer of employment is subject to receipt of references, employment visa and completion of a Government medical examination, if required. Name: William M. Tweedie Signature: Date: 2013-11-19 5
  • 6. William Morley Tweedie Creative, Innovative, Imaginative Hallmarks of 30 Successful Years in Business and Education Managing Director, The Kenmac Group & Kenmac Educan International Email: william.tweedie@yahoo.ca Contact Telephone: +86 15546954979 (China) Education:  Open University of Malaysia – PhD (Education) candidate – currently deferred  University of Birmingham/Almeda University - MA TESOL  TESOL USA, Inc – Teaching L2 Reading Certificate  International Institute for International Education Development – Korea Ministry of Education – Teacher Training Certificate  International Teacher Training Centre – TESL Certificate - 91% course mark  Blue Coast English Services –TEAL Certificate  Vancouver Community College – Computer Applications in ESL - Certificate  Confederation College – Teaching Master – Ontario Ministry of Education accredited  York University – BFA Drama Studies - Honours student  Mount Allison University – BA - Sociology and English - Honours equivalent Employment/Contracts:  Kenmac Educan International (January 2013 – current) Employer activity: Consulting services to new school start-ups in the greater KL area. Managing Director/Senior Consultant Acting Principal for one of these client schools – providing curriculum design and course/program development, general management and marketing guidance  Kenmac Educan International (A) / Brighton Education Learning Services (B) (June 2010 – Dec 2012) Employer activity: A. Consultancy to Brighton Education in preparing a large-scale teacher training project for the Malaysian Ministry of Education (2010) Managing Director/Senior Consultant B. Delivering Professional Development Programs to Lecturers at IPB-KBA (International Teacher Training) Campus, Kuala Lumpur (2011) and IPGMDRI Kuala Terengganu (2012) Position held: Teaching Fellow  Ministry of Manpower – Salalah College of Technology (February 2009 – May 2010) Employer activity: Post Secondary College Position/s held: PRIME MILLS Program Director (Practical, Relevant, Integrated, Meaning-centered, and Enriching - Multiple Intelligences and Language Learning Strategies), Lecturer, English Foundation Programme 6
  • 7.  Kenmac Educan International (March 2008 – January 2009) Employer activity: International Education Consultancy and Services (Conducting feasibility study for the establishment of a private International School, Curriculum Development and general education consultation services) Position/s held: Managing Director/Senior Consultant  Malaysian Ministry of Education (April 2005 to December 2007) Employer activity: MoE English Language Teacher Training (41 Primary/18 Secondary Public Schools) Position/s held: District English Language Coordinator – Teacher Trainer  EF English First Suzhou China (2004 to 2005) Employer activity: Private English School Position/s held: Academic Director  University of Puebla, Mexico (June 2002 to 2004) Employer activity: Undergraduate and Open Education University Position/s held: Curriculum/Syllabus Developer, Teacher Trainer, and English Education Department Visiting Professor.  Canadian Language Acquisition School Services (CLASS), United Arab Emirates (March 2001 to May 2002) Employer activity: EFL Contract Services & Private Instruction Position/s held: Managing Director & Contracted Lead Teacher for MoE Abu Dhabi Technical School project  ELS Language Centers, United Arab Emirates (August 2000 to February 2001) Employer activity: Private Language School Position/s held: Academic Director  Samsung Education Foundation, South Korea (July 1999 to August 2000) Employer activity: Private Middle and High School Management Position/s held: Teacher and Teacher Trainer  Korea Maritime University, Korea, South (July 1998 to July 1999) Employer activity: Specialized University Position/s held: Visiting Professor of English, Graduate English Program Director  Korea Ministry of Education, Korea, South (July 1995 to July 1998) Employer activity: Government Ministry Position/s held: Senior Teacher Trainer and English Teacher  The Kenmac Group, United States (July 1982 to July 1993) Employer activity: International Management and Marketing Enterprises (4 companies) Position/s held: CEO and General Manager  Confederation College, Canada (February 1979 to July 1982) Employer activity: Community College Position/s held: Programme Coordinator and Certified Teaching Master Transcripts, Additional Referees, Other: A complete file of supporting documents, including a number of written references, is available upon request. 7
  • 8. B. 8 Academic Records
  • 9. 9
  • 10. Studies completed Studies completed. However, the university’s representative organization in Korea encountered some difficulties with their record keeping and subsequently went out of business. My thesis and transcripts up to that time were submitted to Almeda University where my degree was granted in 2003. 10
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  • 23. C. Criminal Records Check 23
  • 24. D. 24 Awards
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  • 27. Rompin District Education Office, Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia 27
  • 28. E. 28 Passport Information Page