Training to Develop Interpersonal Skills for Leaders


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The role of training to develop interpersonal skills is limited. This presentation describes how training can be used to develop interpersonal skills for leaders.

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Training to Develop Interpersonal Skills for Leaders

  1. 1. Intelligent Leadership Styles Training to Develop Interpersonal Skills For Leaders
  2. 2. Training is Not Always the Solution Attending training programs is a great way to acquire knowledge. You know the drill, a subject matter expert makes a presentation while you absorb as much knowledge as you can. At the conclusion of the presentation you have an opportunity to ask questions to ensure your understanding of what you learned is correct. Newly acquired knowledge most likely will serve as a possible initiator or enabler of behavior change, but knowledge alone rarely produces the changes in behavior that lead to improvements in leadership effectiveness.
  3. 3. Training Can Help to Develop Competencies If your training program can also develop some leadership skills and abilities along with knowledge, then it is possible to develop leadership competencies through training. While it is possible it will probably take a lot more work. Skills and abilities are best developed through problem solving, case studies, and especially, exercises involving active learning. Many training programs don’t include much in the way of active learning exercises because they take more time to develop or there are many things that can go wrong with their execution/facilitation.
  4. 4. Can Training Produce Behavior Change? Yes, maybe. If you thought developing competencies was a difficult proposition for training, well changing leadership behaviors at a seminar or workshop is an even more daunting task. Again active learning exercises are a good idea, but changing leadership behavior requires a good deal of individual, one- on-one attention. Changing leadership behaviors typically requires a series or trial behaviors. The leader evaluates each trial, makes adjustments, and repeats the process until a new set of behaviors can be confidently applied with the desired results. A seminar or workshop does not seem like the best place to do this.
  5. 5. Training to Develop Interpersonal Skills Some new knowledge might be needed to develop interpersonal skills so training can definitely help with this. Training can develop skills and abilities, but the training program should include as many active learning exercises as possible. Don’t expect training to produce the series of trial behaviors required to refine skills and create confidence in their use.
  6. 6. How Can You Develop Leadership Skills and Behaviors?
  7. 7. Intelligent Leadership Styles Questions? Contact: Dr. Phillip R. Ash