Truth About Six Pack Abs


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Truth About Six Pack Abs

  1. 1. Hi guys, and welcome to another Truth about Six Pack Abs FAQ session with me Dave Thorpe. And today the question that I want to answer is: " What type of exercises will I be doing with The Truth about Abs?" <br />But hold on a minute. Let's look at this from a different angle. You want to be in the best shape you possibly can be right? So really the question should be: " What are the best exercises for burning away my fat, and building lean muscle?" <br />But before we get into the answer, did you know that the best exercises for burning fat and building lean muscle are not necessarily what you've been taught?<br />Let's look at medium paced cardio as an example. I mean this has been billed for years as the only way to burn fat. You're told that if you want to burn belly fat then you need to do at least 30 minutes of cardio. And you should be doing it probably 5 days per week!<br />But the truth about medium paced cardio is actually quite shocking.<br />Although it is decent at burning fat during exercise, it burns almost no fat post workout what so ever!<br />Let's take a few moments to think about that. It's a lot of work to put in, a lot of time effort and sweat for just a few hours of fat burning potential.<br />So check this out, I want to give you a couple of findings from scientific studies that suggest slow boring cardio might not actually be the best way to burn your fat.<br />Researchers at the Laval University in Quebec were shocked to find that interval training caused subjects to lose more body fat than cardio. Even though most fat loss programs of the world today recommend you to do medium paced cardio as the only way to shift stubborn belly fat.<br />And this is also the advice you'll find in the gym. Most personal trainers will also tell you that 30-45 minute cardio sessions are a must if you want to lose weight.<br />And here is another interesting study, this time from the Journal of Applied Physiology. The study found out that men were able to build muscle and lose fat with strength training alone (even those over the age of 60)!<br />The study was basic enough; with just three strength training workouts per week, subjects were able to lose an average of 4 lbs of fat, and gain 4 lbs of muscle. Not bad over a 12 week period.<br />All of this with NO boring cardio at all...<br />Can you see the pattern here?<br />The answer to the original question, " What type of exercises will I be doing with The Truth about Six Packs Abs? Will I be doing tons of cardio, lifting lots of heavy weights, or both?" is as follows:<br />Well, The Truth about Six Packs Abs will show you the most effective exercises for losing flab and gaining muscle.<br />It's going to teach you multi-joint, resistance exercises. And it is going to show you exercise programs that stimulate a hormonal fat burning response in your body.<br />The fat burning hormonal response is what keeps your body in 'fat melting' mode for up to two days after each workout.<br />This was never possible with the slow to medium-paced boring cardio.<br />Let's break it down a little bit further:<br />You'll be working harder. A more intense workout means that you can get much more 'work' done in a shorter period of time.<br />In fact your fat burning hormonal response will be lasting for much longer than all traditional workout routines. Lasting for up to 2 days, you will be burning fat for free, while you're not even at the gym!<br />Of course this means that you will be able to spend less time at the gym. More time to spend on the important things in life. Who says that getting ripped in 3 x 45 minute workouts per week is impossible?<br />Ready to learn how to FINALLY get a flat stomach? Check out the Truth About Six Pack Abs and the fat burning workout now for amazing results.<br />