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An in-depth overview of speaking and seminar topics across disciplines, industries, time, space and oceans. A summary of what clien-partners are saying, past clientele, available speaker packages and general overview.

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Speaker Packet

  1. 1. Professor Brey INSIGHTFUL | STRATEGIC | INNOVATIVE | AUTHENTIC | UNCOMMON Think Oranges. Not just a phrase - a mindset. It’s a fresh way of looking at the world around us to drive consumer-focused change. It’s how Professor Brey delivers an effective message that attendees remember and implement after your event. It’s actionable intelligence with practical insights. It’s leveraging “edutainment” experience of a thousand presentations to communicate thought-provoking ideas. It’s delivering innovative insights to diverse crowds from Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs to international associations from around the world. Guided By Science. A simple message of deeper understanding delivered uncommonly well. Through a combination of science and practical understanding of business, Dr. Brey delivers thoughtful insights of ‘why’ to educate, inspire, provoke, and cultivate a sensible curiosity needed for today’s complex environment. By leveraging relevant information, attendees leave with actionable advice while being forced to think differently about the world around them. Impactful. Internationally recognized and award winning, Professor Brey can deliver the professional results you need to make your event a success. From keynotes and break out sessions to full and half day seminars, attendees don’t just walk away with information - they actively engage, think and build unique skills they can use long after your event. Think Oranges. | ProfessorBrey.com | professorbrey@gmail.com | 715.505.7716 | Eric T. Brey, Ph.D. Most Requested Consumer Insight. Insightful techniques in leveraging the right information to effectively engage consumers. Digital Transformation. Leveraging the power of constant and rapid digital change - effectively. Open Intelligence. Transform your thinking about readily available information around you. Focused Innovation. Delivering customer focused innovation. Partial Partner List ARDA Asian City Forum British Virgin Island Chamber Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association DMAI Empresas Bern HSMAI Lipscomb-Pitts Breakfast Club Professional Paddlesports Association State of Tennessee University of Akron Women’s Foodservice Forum WHG Companies Think.Oranges.
  2. 2. Consumer Insight Understanding Through Data. With big data comes big opportunity - to drive success or failure. By focusing on the right information, strategic decisions to drive the customer experience and business bottom line can be made at predictive speeds. Leveraging a consumer-centric approach, Professor Brey illustrates how to capitalize on expressed and hidden consumer information to create profitable business products and services in an era of digital decision making. Through a behind-the-scenes tour of subtle information exposing the wants, needs and desires of your customers, participants take away insight behind the nuances of available information to help drive decision-making effectiveness. Participants Will Learn: •Core opportunities for gathering the right information to understand your customers •Important considerations in information source, type, quality, and organizational applicability •Valuable methods on turning data into timely, relevant information to guide strategic decisions Customer Intelligence Leveraging Hidden Information. By thinking oranges, open intelligence provides a deeper understanding of the world around us. Waiting at the intersection of readily available and hidden information, OI complements ‘focused data‘ to provide valuable, overlooked perspectives. Leveraging unique insights into hidden information tied to established methods of environmental analyses, Professor Brey demonstrates how to effectively identify, collect and strategically leverage competitive information in organizational strategy. Through an introduction to open information collection on people, institutions and processes, participants learn more about their environment and how to leverage readily available information to integrate smarter, strategic decision-making information into their organization. Participants Will Learn: •Understanding the availability and sources of organizational and customer information •Effective techniques for gathering, incorporating, and implementing reliable intelligence •Strategies for making timely and profitable decisions through open and available information Think Oranges. | ProfessorBrey.com | professorbrey@gmail.com | 715.505.7716 | Eric T. Brey, Ph.D. Uncommon.Insight. Think Oranges Born in open intelligence and applied to consumer strategy, it’s the idea that usable information around us is substantial - and something that most may not understand or even know exists. It’s looking at the hidden but obvious to understand what the world is telling us. By taking the time to evaluate and leverage open information correctly, organizations can become business- healthy in understanding the environment in which they operate.
  3. 3. Customer Strategy Customer Service to Customer Delight. Anger. Contempt. Disgust. Fear. Happiness. Sadness. Surprise. Of the hundreds of emotions, understanding these seven universal feelings are key to building meaningful relationships with customers. By redirecting focus from physical processes and technology omnipresence to the underlying reasons for people’s actions, Eric transforms attendee’s thoughts to focus on what truly matters - the when, why, where and how of turning customer service into customer delight. Through a unique perspective on core consumer emotions and an established model of building customer experiences and the evolutionary impact of technology on consumer expectations, Eric transforms attendee’s perceptions and perspectives on customer engagement strategy. Participants Will Learn: •Fundamental components to understanding and leveraging emotions in customer relationships •Valuable insights on how technology has impacted customer psyche and their thoughts, opinions, and expectations •Operational strategies to transition service experiences from a consumer want to a customer must-have Customer Connections Building Relationships with Social Media. Introvert. Unstable. Mechanic. Conforming. Thinker. Visionary. Leveraging social media to connect with people is more than a process - it’s appreciating and speaking to the personality of people. By leveraging an understanding of human nature, the capabilities of social media is amplified. To refocus your social initiatives, Dr. Brey delves into strategies and techniques that truly speak to and effectively engage your customers. With tested marketing strategy and human science as a guide, attendees are taken beyond the ‘technological how’ into the art of communication by appealing to customer’s needs, wants and desires that are core to effectively integrating social technologies into any organization. Participants Will Learn: •Key components of consumer personalities and their role in the conversation economy •Innovative techniques and tactics to build and execute effective social media initiatives •Strategic methods for effectively integrating social media into established business practices Think Oranges. | ProfessorBrey.com | professorbrey@gmail.com | 715.505.7716 | Eric T. Brey, Ph.D. SociallyEngaged.Strategic.
  4. 4. Digital Transformations Maximizing Rapid Change Effectively. Digital transformation can have devastating or enlightening impacts on an organization. The outcome rests squarely upon an organization’s ability to leverage technological change. By taking a deeper look at technology’s influence, Professor Brey provides uncommon insight into how organizations can maximize digital transformation across all features of business. By leveraging an understanding of how technology influences business, society and individuals, Dr. Brey provides a motivational overview of how to prepare your organization for effective transformation in an era of seemingly forced technological determinism. Participants Will Learn: •Valuable insights into complex interactions between technology, organizations, and consumers •Essential components of how to implement a culture to effectively adapt to rapid change •Strategies for effective change to maximize human capabilities enhanced by technology Customer-Driven Innovation Delivering Impactful Innovation. Pairing consumer insights with internal capabilities deliver impactful customer-focused innovation. Not serendipity but actuality when creative energy integrates organizational capabilities with customer understanding. Through scientific understanding and proven techniques, Dr. Brey illustrates how institutions can simultaneously minimize risk while encouraging a culture that can consistently create, replicate and adopt creative knowledge to drive value for their customers. Using a backdrop of consumer-centric innovation to illustrate this fundamental business ability, attendees learn what it takes to generate, gather, organize, disseminate, and implement creative ideas that delights and engages their organization’s customers. Participants Will Learn: •Fundamental methods for driving internal and absorbing external innovative ideas •Effective processes and components to consumer-centric, employee-driven innovation •Profitable leadership strategies to implement, encourage and build an innovation culture Think Oranges. | ProfessorBrey.com | professorbrey@gmail.com | 715.505.7716 | Eric T. Brey, Ph.D. Professor Brey - In the Media ChangeataDeeperLevel.Innovative.
  5. 5. SPEAKER-PARTNER PACKAGES Expert (insight). Customized keynote or breakout session that provides thought-provoking insights and practical applications for immediate use by session attendees. Savant (expertise). Half-day seminar for direct interaction to build upon presentation content and provide deeper understanding through small, working group interaction. Guru (advisor). Post-conference workshop for deep integration of presentation content, including personalized follow-up to support continued development and professional learning. It’s not about the amount of information its about the right information - for you, your event and your attendees. If you don’t see an option that works for your organization, we can work together to create one that exceeds your attendee’s needs and organizational expectations. Benefit Expert Savant Guru Information Access. Early and continued access to all session information for attendee engagement & distribution. Customized Keynote. Customized single-session message based upon the needs and goals of your organization. Promotional Material. From an article in your newsletter to a video short, provided to the organizer to drive attendee interest. Speaker Access. From a pre-event dinner, luncheon or other event, open access to attendees outside of the session is provided. Group Reflection. Post event content, from an article or other medium, is provided to re-energize attendees on the presented topic. Working Seminar. Builds on keynote/session content by providing a half-day workshop to engage and build attendee skill sets. Group Engagement. Post event webinar for attendee engagement to follow-up on session presentation and working seminar. Information Deep Dive. Builds on keynote/session content to create a full-day workshop that amplifies working seminar content. Individual Follow-Up. Post virtual session for individual attendees to follow through on workshop focus and learning outcomes. Think Oranges. | ProfessorBrey.com | professorbrey@gmail.com | 715.505.7716 | Eric T. Brey, Ph.D. ANewWayofDelivery.Authentic.
  6. 6. Professor Brey INSIGHTFUL | STRATEGIC | INNOVATIVE | AUTHENTIC | UNCOMMON Why Professor Brey? Insightful. As a professor at the University of Wisconsin with a Ph.D. from Purdue University, Eric’s background has driven him to build an uncommon expertise in consumer strategy. By focusing on beautiful simplicity to deliver the complexities of information; his impactful messages about strategy to international associations, entrepreneurs, and businesses across industries comes across with unassuming clarity. Thought Leader. For his insightful inquiries into topics relevant to industry needs, Professor Brey has received multiple scientific research excellence awards. He has also been recognized for innovation as one of the most extraordinary minds in hospitality marketing by HSMAI and is currently a member of the Chief Marketing Officer Council Academic Advisory Board. Ever technology savvy in his delivery and insights, Social Media Marketing Magazine lists him as one of the top 100 marketing faculty, he served as an AT&T Fellow for distinctive use of technology applications while recently being acknowledged as a Top Web-Savvy Professor. Experienced. Bringing Professor Brey to your next event is a great way to engage and get your audience thinking again. As an internationally recognized speaker, expertise contributor, consultant and executive education provider, Professor Brey knows what it takes to engage, educate and entertain your audience so they take away actionable intelligence for immediately use. Conference attendees and event organizers alike immediately recognize the benefits of partnering with Professor Brey as he focuses on providing two core benefits: Benefit 1: Exceed meeting planner expectations with on-target, value added customized presentations with an easy going demeanor to help make executing a successful event easier. Benefit 2: Participants leave with provoked thoughts, actionable insights, practical ideas and immediate results they can immediately apply and use. Think Oranges. | ProfessorBrey.com | professorbrey@gmail.com | 715.505.7716 | Eric T. Brey, Ph.D. ADifferentLevelInsight.Uncommon. Partners Rave Your presentation was on target and simply put, FANTASTIC! Thank you for all that you do...I found every aspect of your presentation powerful, useful and relative to current industry trends. -U.S. Virgin Island Dept. of Tourism This was one of the best sessions. Very well put together, with spot-on examples and real, concrete information that attendees can use. -American Resort Development Association You are obviously very passionate about creating memorable customer experiences and have distinguished yourself as a leader in the field. -British Virgin Island Chamber