M K T G – 7 5 4 6 M a r k e t i n g i n a D i g i t a l E n vi r o n m e n t |1                                         Tr...
M K T G – 7 5 4 6 M a r k e t i n g i n a D i g i t a l E n vi r o n m e n t |2Section RequirementsSection 1: This section...
M K T G – 7 5 4 6 M a r k e t i n g i n a D i g i t a l E n vi r o n m e n t |3Assignment Checklist (Teaching to the Grade...
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MKTG-7546 Digital Environment Marketing Assignment – Trends Assessment


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Trends Assessment assignment for the MKTG-7546 Marketing in a Digital Age MBA class taught at the University of Memphis. To learn more about the course and gain higher-level insights into digital and social marketing strategies for business, visit ProfessorBrey.com

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MKTG-7546 Digital Environment Marketing Assignment – Trends Assessment

  1. 1. M K T G – 7 5 4 6 M a r k e t i n g i n a D i g i t a l E n vi r o n m e n t |1 Trends Assessment Dr. Brey, oh Dr. Brey. Writing my Trend is not making time fly. Just wanted you to know, as minutes tick by, I want to cry as my poor little brain is being sucked dry. Thompson, K. "I Love Writing Trends." – Class of ‘11OverviewIdentifying technology innovation can be a dangerous proposition. Find the right trend, get ahead of it,and make a fortune. Get behind the wrong trend, pour untold resources into pursuing success and getbehind the wrong product (can anyone spell M Y S P A C E). But what does it take to find the righttechnology – first you have to find and then understand their potential (Groupon the juggernaut?).The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to identify and learn more about digitalmarketing through critical analysis of one applied technology trend impacting marketing. You areexpected to write a 4-5 page report, lead a 10 minute presentation/ discussion on this trend and beprepared to answer questions from your peers and instructor concerning the topic.General RequirementsWhen reporting on technology innovations and trends (topics that have emerged in the last 12 months),it is important that more than personal opinions be discussed. Much of what constitutes up-and-comingare multiple references discussing its virtues (and pitfalls) and then deciphering whether or not it’s atrend worth getting behind. That being said, a six reference minimum exists, coming from any sourceexcept content from Wikipedia and other user-generated websites (hint: use them to find references).Within these sources, focus should be placed on major media outlets (i.e., Wall Street Journal, USAToday), industry trade publications (i.e., Wired, Social Media Marketing Magazine), news relatedtelevision programs (i.e., CNN News, CBS evening news) and Internet sources (i.e., too many to list andonly one blog per trend can be referenced). To ensure that information is of a timely nature, onlyarticles published during and after 2011 will be accepted.In the spirit of the course and to ensure that everyone has access to the presented information, yourpresentation and assignment will be submitted using the Slideshare.net website with an email/tweet tothe instructor indicating it is submitted. In addition, if your topic does not have a Wikipedia entry, andyou write the definitive entry, it’s worth a bonus of 50 points.University of Memphis | Fogelman College of Business and Economics | EricBrey, Ph.D.
  2. 2. M K T G – 7 5 4 6 M a r k e t i n g i n a D i g i t a l E n vi r o n m e n t |2Section RequirementsSection 1: This section is where you introduce and describe the factors that have been shaping andforming your technology trend (historical overview perspective). Provide an overview of its reach andscope within and outside of business (reach and scope) and additional information to assist your peersin understanding the potential of the topic (current and theorized impacts). This section should beapproximately 1 page.Section 2: In this section, you must provide an account of your chosen trend and its impact in the worldof business. You are required to provide two specific cases of how the technology trend is impacting orshaping digital marketing and your thoughts about their reaction to the trend (case example 1 & 2).Your thoughts should include how the business addressed the trend and what they could have done tobe more successful (perceptions of what they did). You will also need to extrapolate from the cases andyour understanding potential applications for other industries and provide two, specific applications inunrelated industries (potential applications). This section should be approximately 1 – 1.5 pages.Section 3: Within the final section, you will integrate the results of your expert interview inillustrating/demonstrating the future of the trend and whether it is ‘business worthy’. The interviewmust be conducted with a technology or marketing expert and focus on gaining practitioner insight or an‘on the ground’ view of the trend (interview results)( interviewee bio as a reference). The focus of thissection will be on buying/selling the trend and its potential impact moving forward. You will need todiscuss and present your expert opinion to include, 1) how this trend may or may not impact thebusiness landscape (business landscape), 2) what specific industries and consumer segments may beimpacted (consumer segments and specific industries), 3) how the trend itself will change movingforward (trend change), and 4) what will be needed to stay ahead of competitors (competitiveadvantage). This section should be approximately 2 pages.Presentation: The trend presentation must be made in PowerPoint, discuss the primary points of thewritten paper and provide additional content to enrich the learning experience. For instance, picturescould be added where appropriate, videos demonstrating the content or audio interviews reviewingthe topic. A strict time limit of 10 minutes must be observed while covering all informationrequirements. Specific attention should be given to quickly addressing ancillary information andfocusing on core constructs that will assist your peers in understanding the potential applications andfutures of the trend.Trend TopicsA trend is a general direction in which something tends to move, a general tendency or inclination:current style, vogue or the latest something. For this class, you can use any derivation of this definition,as long as it focuses on technology in relation to marketing. Potential topics could include: consumerinteraction changes, operational processes, fundamental discipline shifts, attributes of electronicmarketing integration or a whole host of other options (new technologies can be included). In order toidentify potential topics, it is strongly recommended that you begin immersing yourself in marketingtechnology. Start at the Daily Social Sermo and go from there (Mashable isn’t too bad either).University of Memphis | Fogelman College of Business and Economics | EricBrey, Ph.D.
  3. 3. M K T G – 7 5 4 6 M a r k e t i n g i n a D i g i t a l E n vi r o n m e n t |3Assignment Checklist (Teaching to the Grade – 60%)General Requirements___ Business writing using short, direct and declarative sentences (tell me what your telling me, don’t make me guess)___ Professional report format (i.e., cover page, single spacing, headers/footers)___ 4-5 page written report (non-inclusive of cover page and separate reference list)___ 6 unique references, limit one blogging reference and one interviewee reference___ Each section appropriately labeled and titled (ex. NOT Section 1, give a name)___ Report uploaded to Slideshare.net with downloading capabilities allowed___ 8-10 minute discussion guided by professional PowerPoint presentation___ Presentation uploaded to Slideshare.net with downloading capabilities allowed___ Optional Wikipedia entry (contact the instructor prior to completing)Section 1___ Historical overview of the topic and perspective on what is shaping the trend___ Reach and scope as it relates to businesses and organizations impacted___ Information related to reported impacts occurring due to the trend (i.e., financial)Section 2___ Case example #1 explanation/illustrations___ Case example #2 explanation/illustrations___ Perceptions of what organizations did relating to the trend (each one)___ Direct applications within other industries or businesses (first unrelated, specific examples)___ Direct applications within other industries or businesses (second unrelated, specific examples)Section 3___ Interview results___ Interviewee bio (as a reference, located in the reference section)___ Business landscape impacts and potential changes (game changer effect)___ Consumer segments and specific industries significantly impacted___ Potential future changes in the trend___ Needed to maintain a competitive advantage (potential trend integration, open ended options)Presentation___ Professional presentation that engages and inspires (multimedia, transitions, polished)___ Introductory/summary slides___ All content from report mentioned and used to create a ‘presentation story’Points Breakdown (200 points)Section 1: 35 points (21)Section 2: 50 points (30)Section 3: 70 points (42)Presentation: 45 points (27)University of Memphis | Fogelman College of Business and Economics | EricBrey, Ph.D.