Trends Analysis
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Trends Analysis



Assignment that focuses on providing student learners an opportunity to deep-dive a specific or trend topic.

Assignment that focuses on providing student learners an opportunity to deep-dive a specific or trend topic.



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Trends Analysis Trends Analysis Document Transcript

  • | !1 Mo dul e 3 - Tre n d s A n a l y si s ! Description! The focus of this assignment is to identify and investigate a topic of your choosing. Through an in-depth review, you will develop a personal understanding of trends associated with your topic. The focus of this assignment is to develop an understanding of what the future of your selected marketing topic will look like and how that will impact our industry. Requirements! To successfully meet the requirements of this assignment as outlined in the included evaluation rubric, you are required to identify an appropriate topic related to course content, conduct an investigation into the trend potential of the marketing topic and report your analysis of this issue (4-6 pages in length). 1. Topic Selection: Your marketing-focused topic should be a current issue with potential significant implications to your industry. You should identify a topic of interest to businesses while simultaneously building your skills by focusing on a less-well known issue. 2. Analysis: Present information to clearly outline the current status of your topic and what is generally known or understood about the current status (this is not an overview, assume that your instructor already has an overview of your topic). It is important to frame your discussion from a multi-point perspective and synthesize what you have learned from the investigation phase. 3. Core Trends Knowledge: Present the five most relevant points or subtends that are currently impacting your selected topic (bullet points with 2-3 sentence description). These are ‘things’ that are currently happening, should be relevant to current status of your trending topic, and help clarify the future of your selected topic or trend. 4. Projections/Conclusion: Provide your fact-based opinion on the potential future within your selected topic. Your insights should be based in current understanding but building on the current conversation in order to identify future or potential changes to the topic. Sub m issio n ! Submit this assignment into the Desire 2 Learn dropbox folder entitled, Module 3 - Trend Analysis. Va l u e ! This assignment is worth 75 points. University of Wisconsin-Stout | School of Hospitality Leadership | EricBrey, Ph.D.
  • | !2 Ev al ua ti on R ubr ic ! Evaluative Points Excellent Good Acceptable Poor Topic Analysis (20%) Organizes and synthesizes to reveal insightful patterns, differences and broad-based implications of the topic Provides evidence that shows potential patterns or differences, focused on current status, stage; contributes to basic understanding Provides personal perspectives of information, lacks any categorization or references to demonstrate unique perspectives, historical review Lists information relating to the topic, strictly personal opinions listed, lacks organization and does not contribute to advanced thought Core Trends Knowledge (30%) Synthesizes current information from a range of sources, information presents a snapshot of current trend topics Presents current information from focused sources; implications of current information are somewhat trend focused Presents information from limited sources and narrow points of view, covers information with limited trend implications Information from irrelevant sources, presents singular or biased point of view, a description of the topic Projections/ Conclusion (40%) Details a conclusion that is logical from provided information; provides potential implications or topic changes, advances issue thought Conclusion focused solely on historical or present day information, no extrapolation of future potential, contributes to topic discussion General conclusion that does not draw upon provided information, personal opinions not supported, mimics current information States an ambiguous, illogical or unsupportable conclusion from inquiry, does not contribute to issue conversation Technical (10%) Consistently uses correct grammar; professional style & language; thoughts clearly stated Few grammatical or spelling errors presented; easy read style present; thoughts clearly stated with minimal disconnect Difficult to follow with extensive grammar/ spelling errors; unclear connection with minimal expression of original ideas Utilized poor spelling/ grammar; questions appear ‘hasty’ and not well thought out; does not express ideas clearly University of Wisconsin-Stout | School of Hospitality Leadership | EricBrey, Ph.D.