Consumer Segmentation Assignment

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Assignment to support student understanding of consumer segementation importance by identifying channels and message content.

Assignment to support student understanding of consumer segementation importance by identifying channels and message content.

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  • 1. | !1 Mo dul e 2 - C o n s u m e r S eg m ent at i on ! Description! One of the most important considerations for effectively reaching consumers is to provide consistent, appropriate messaging. One of the greatest difficulties is determining what messages you should disseminate to your primary consumers. The focus of this assignment is to understand how messaging should be unique based upon consumer segments. Requirements! To successfully meet the requirements for this assignment as outlined in the included evaluation rubric, you are to create a message strategy based upon a specific consumer segment using the Message Mapping Tool (the Excel based-tool is provided within the module resources) and then summarize the outcomes. This message mapping tool provides you with a visual map of message types you should focus distributing to your tapestry segmentation life-mode group descriptions. It is important to remember that when you are focusing on the life-mode groups, you will first need to familiarize yourself with the individual segments that constitute the group and how these groups are similar. During our inclass discussion of the assignment, everyone will be assigned an appropriate segment. To successfully compile the strategic plan report (2-page), you must fill-in the information within the spreadsheet. Once this information is compiled, an output will be produced which will you allow to, 1) submit the completed Excel spreadsheet and 2) submit the two-page strategy leveraging the worksheet data. To complete the assignment you will need to: 1. Message Mapping Worksheet: Compile and complete the following: A) Key Messages Tab: Under this tab, you will have to brainstorm 10 key messages that you should focus on for your selected life-mode group. Remember that you are a business of your choice and you need to attract these customers. The 10 messages should demonstrate your understanding of your business, the various segments of your life-mode through identification of appropriate messages. B) Weightings Tab: Under this tab, you can keep these ranking the same unless you feel strongly about the need to change them. If inclined to change them, you will have to determine percentages associated with each of the 9 criteria that are used to determine overall weight or importance of your proposed messages. Each of these areas has a short description and you are allowed to alter the ranking criteria as necessary for your specific life-mode group. It is expected that the credibility variables have the highest % total and the resonance variables have the second highest % total. C) Message Rankings Tab: Under his tab, you are required to evaluate the messages you have selected for your life mode group/segment. By evaluating each message’s effectiveness, credibility and resonance; you will determine what messages should be the focus of your marketing. For this tab, you are required to force rank each message within a column. For instance, under the memorable column, you can only have one message ranked 10, one message ranked 9, one message ranked 8 and so on. University of Wisconsin-Stout | School of Hospitality Leadership | EricBrey, Ph.D.
  • 2. | !2 D) Rankings Tab: This tab can be ignored as it provides a numerical analysis of your analysis that is used in the messages map. ! E) 2. Message Map: This tabs provides a visual representation of which messages you should focus your efforts on. This visualization serves as the core information source for your summary report where you determine your marketing message strategy. Application Report: Using the message map as your guide, you need to provide a two-page written report on the messaging you should focus your efforts on. The report is not meant to be descriptive of worksheet outcomes as you need to insert a screen shot of the message map tab into the top of the report. Rather, you should describe how you would leverage this information to create a message strategy that successfully engages your segments/life mode. For example, what channels will you use to communicate your most effective messages, what will those messages be and how will you leverage what you now know from this exercise to reach your selected segment. Resources! Below are a list of resources and references that you can access to better understand tapestry segmentation: Tapestry Segment Overview Tapestry Reference Guide Sub m issio n ! Submit this assignment into the Desire 2 Learn dropbox folder entitled, Module 2 - Consumer Segmentation. There will be two documents that need to be submitted, the completed excel spreadsheet and the one-page strategy. Va l u e ! This assignment is worth 75 points. ! ! ! ! ! University of Wisconsin-Stout | School of Hospitality Leadership | EricBrey, Ph.D.
  • 3. | !3 Ev al ua ti on R ubr ic ! Evaluative Points Excellent Good Acceptable Poor Message Selection (25%) Message selection based upon developed expertise, variation between variables demonstrates consumer group understanding Variables selected based upon basic conceptual understanding, minimal differences exist between variables - lacks range Variables selected based upon personal background, factors listed lack variation across relevant topics Variables have been selected/based upon original templates, no variation based upon segment demands Message Rankings (25%) Effectiveness, credibility and resonance are all force ranked; demonstrates comprehension of rankings based upon consumer segment and marketing principles Effectiveness, credibility and resonance are all force ranked; demonstrates understanding of some aspects of consumer markets Not all variables are forced ranks (i.e., some rankings are used twice), rankings demonstrate understanding of marketing fundamentals Rankings do not make any sense, minimum variation exists from the example provided, no understanding of marketing or consumer segments Critical Thought/ Application (40%) Presents relationship between recommendations and understanding, interprets learning materials to present thoughtful conclusions; demonstrates advanced thought Identifies personal recommendations with minimal justification, obvious statements drive response, draws warranted conclusions from personal experiences Misinterprets or presents incorrect recommendations, fails to interpret and integrate learning material, rote understanding of concepts and presentation of ideas Fails to identify appropriate examples, inaccurate examples or justification are presented, ignores learning materials and focuses on opinions Technical (10%) Consistently uses correct grammar; professional style & language; thoughts clearly stated Few grammatical or spelling errors presented; easy read style present; thoughts clearly stated with minimal disconnect Difficult to follow with extensive grammar/ spelling errors; unclear connection with minimal expression of original ideas Utilized poor spelling/ grammar; questions appear ‘hasty’ and not well thought out; does not express ideas clearly University of Wisconsin-Stout | School of Hospitality Leadership | EricBrey, Ph.D.