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  • 1. Module 9BB VOLUME-COST-PROFIT (SOLVING FOR THE MISSING VARIABLE) OBJECTIVE: Five variables are employed in this program: 1. Price 2.Variable cost/unit 3. Fixed cost 4. Quantity 5. Profit The program will solve for any of the five variables, when the other four are entered. One of the five variables is profit. If the purpose of the calculation is to find results at break-even (zero profit), then a 0 should be entered into the profit cells (or the cells can be left blank). If, however, a solution including a profit is required, then the desired amount of profit must be entered. INPUTS (will appear in blue): 1. To obtain quantity (column D): Enter price in cell D38, variable cost/unit in cell D40, fixed cost in cell D42, and profit in cell D46. 2. To obtain required price (column E): Enter variable cost/unit in cell E40, fixed cost in cell E42, quantity in cell E44, and profit in cell E46. 3. To obtain maximum variable cost/unit (column F): enter price in cell F38, fixed cost in cell F42, quantity in cell F44, and profit in cell F46. 4. To obtain maximum fixed cost (column G): enter price in cell G38, variable cost/unit in cell G40, quantity in cell G44, and profit in cell G46. 5. To obtain profit (column H): enter price in cell H38, variable cost/unit in cell H40, fixed cost in cell H42, and quantity in cell H44. Sample data have been entered as an example. Quantity Req. Price Max VC/U Max. TFC Profit Price per unit 5 XXX 5 5 5 Var. cost/unit 3 3 XXX 3 3 Fixed cost 20000 20000 20000 XXX 20000 Quantity XXX 12500 12500 12500 12500 Profit 5000 5000 5000 5000 XXX Quantity 12500 XXX XXX XXX XXX Required price XXX 5 XXX XXX XXX Max var. cost/unit XXX XXX 3 XXX XXX Maximum fixed cost XXX XXX XXX 20000 XXX Profit XXX XXX XXX XXX 5000