Sunnyside Up: Facebook Mobile, Follow, and Like Updates and Google +1 Updates


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Sunnyside Up: Facebook Mobile, Follow, and Like Updates and Google +1 Updates

  1. 1. Sunnyside Up 6.28.12
  2. 2. groupon makes phydigital moves Groupon has begun installing a small number of multi-touch displays in Chicago that promote its Groupon Now offers (local deals that are only good for a few hours). While it somewhat duplicates the access that most Groupon users have in their smartphone, it serves as high-quality interactive advertising for the company’s offers programs, and could conceivable be adopted by Facebook Offers as well. Source: street-kiosks.html
  3. 3. Google lets you import all your past social media updates “Google has revealed to VentureBeat that its upcoming Google+ APIs will allow the companys social network to do something unusual: It will be able to soak in all your previous social media updates from other services. Called the History API, the system will import updates like text entries, purchases, and imagery from sources like Foursquare and Twitter.” source: google-to-let-google-import-all-your-past-social- media-updates API Documentation:
  4. 4. Google adds on-side recommendations to plus-one feature Google announced a new addition to the +1 feature: “from now on, when users hover over a +1 button on your website, they will see recommendations for other related content on your site.” These recommendations come from friends in a userʼs Google+ network (even if he or she isnʼt an active user of Google+). This should be a useful tool to site developers (especially publishers) who can implement the button on their site as an effort to expose more of their site content to users. This feature may also be another data point for Google to use refine its search alogorithm, Source: for-a-rec-google-updates-1-button-to-show-related- content/
  5. 5. Facebook adding Like to Open Graph Facebook is adding ‘like’ functionality to its Open Graph protocol (which allows 3rd party apps to be more social). Now each time a user ‘likes’ an item in a 3rd party app (take the Instagram example at left), a short story is posted to the user’s Timeline and pushed out to their friends as a status update. Source: facebook-like-open-graph/
  6. 6. FACEBOOK FOLLOW Facebook released a “follow” function that “The follow action makes it easier for people to keep tabs on the stories people tell from within your app in their News Feed, Timeline and through the notifications channel.” To understand how this might work, imagine Instagram integrated the follow feature into its app. If a user decided to follow a new photographer, he would see that photographer’s new images within his Facebook news feed in addition to within Instagram. This specific example is likely to become one of the first integrations after Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. This feature makes Facebook more of an omni social reader, meaning not only does it post web articles (like an RSS feed), it records any behavior actions (posting a photo, listening to a song) all within a social context (your friends on Facebook). Source: post/2012/06/27/enable-followers-in-your-app/
  7. 7. FACEBOOK Building faster version of its ios app As Facebook continues to develop its sponsored stories monetization strategy for mobile, it is revamping its app to run faster on iOS.Source:
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