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Sunnyside Up: Facebook's Public Analytics, Twitter to Sell Tweets, Pinterest's Influence on Web Design, Hashpix
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Sunnyside Up: Facebook's Public Analytics, Twitter to Sell Tweets, Pinterest's Influence on Web Design, Hashpix


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Sunny-side Up 3.12.12
  • 2. Facebook adds public analytics • Facebook has made new public insights data accessible to any user who visits a page. • Click the “Likes” thumbnail to access this dashboard. • Previously, only the “Likes” and “People Talking About This” metrics were available. • The new dashboard features a graph that charts “Likes” and “People Talking About This” over time. • Additionally, “Most Popular Week,” “Most Popular City” and “Most Popular Age Group” are new data categories. • For pages that are associated with a location, the module displays three additional items: “Photos Tagged Here,” “Most Visited Week,” and “Largest Party.” • For marketers, this is a new way to understand how competitors are performing on Facebook. Source: facebook-adds-new-public-data-to-page-timelines- lets-businesses-assess-competitors/
  • 3. Twitter to sell old tweets • Twitter has sold millions of old tweets to two firms, Datasift and Gnip, which will analyze them for marketing purposes, and then re-sell the data to more than 1,000 companies. • DataSift’s new product Historics lets companies extract insights and trends that relate to brands, businesses, financial markets, news and public opinion from the past two years. Gnip will only have 30 days worth of data. • For marketers who haven’t been monitoring social activity, this data source allows a historical view on how product launches or marketing initiatives have been received on Twitter. • Source/Read More: 2012/03/01/us-twitter-data- idUSTRE8201IU20120301 • Source/Read More: saas/digging-for-gold-in-datasifts-twitter-archive/ 1516
  • 4. how pinterest may be influencing web design • “It’s almost like a window-shopping mode,” says Khoi Vinh, the former design director for, about Pinterest. • Most websites and social networks display information based on a single-post, reverse chronological order, but Pinterest orders posts of images or videos in a grid 6 across, which lessens the importance of chronology. • “It flattens the information hierarchy,” describes Jeff Croft, a web designer and co-founder of ebook lending site Lendle. • Unlike search, it is less important for readers to know what they’re looking for; discovery is more possible in these horizontal web structures. • The Pinterest design allows for endless scrolling: the reader continuously scans for new content and imagery. • The design eliminates the “below the fold” problem for banner ads; ads appear interspersed with content throughout the site. • Already, major media sites such as the Today Show and CondeNast’s EasyLiving have adopted similar designs. • Read more: pinterest-web-design/
  • 5. hashpix • Hashpix is an add-on to the popular web service Instagram • It allows individual photographers to sell their prints in 3 sizes—5x3, 8x10, 10x10—for prices ranging from $18-$22. • Although the idea is simple, it illustrates how easy it is for anyone to build off any popular web platform, brands included. • Currently, Hashpix is invite-only, and only Instagram’s top photographers are featured on the site. • Brands may be able to sell their own Instagram pictures—or perhaps books of photo—from the site in the near future. • Read More: hashpix/