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Short summary of what Profeina does

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Profeina - general information

  1. 1. Stimulate yourProjekty Profeiny brand with Profeina!
  2. 2. Profeina stimulates the media Profeina is a communications and PR agency specializing in service for online ventures and ecommerce sector in particular. Our good relations, dedication and specialized services that we provide to our Clients help them reach media on a topic of their interests. Using our Polish know-how and experience in serving Clients from abroad produce excellent results in cooperating with foreign partners.
  3. 3. If you want to: • Meet customer’s needs • Overtake your competitors • Increase brand recognition • Attract media attention • Come up with creative ideas
  4. 4. Developing communication strategy Social Media Content writing & Corporate Publishing Choose Profeina’s services Launching brand onto the market Public Relations Creation
  5. 5. Building a communication strategy We prepare a complex strategy and select the most effective tools taking into account the key massage of the brand. Based on the strategy we recommend a well-fitting and relevant plan of action for at least six months. To create a coherent strategy of the brand we strongly recommend our workshops
  6. 6. Public Relations • We write and send alluring press releases and other materials – i.e. articles on chosen topic for the specific title, reports etc; • We organize meetings and interviews with selected journalists, editors, representatives of institutions, bloggers, organizers of events - matched with our client’s needs; • We organize seminars, briefings and press conferences; • We build an expert status of our clients, making them a Go-To-Guy expert; • Last but not least – we take care to report our activity thoroughly
  7. 7. Social Media We provide brand image support in Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Polish networking site GoldenLine, Slideshare and YouTube channel) through careful management of relationships with fans and followers
  8. 8. Launching into the market We develop a comprehensive plan to launch the brand into the Polish market and implement it thoroughly. Our service is aimed both for startups and overseas brands debuting in Poland.
  9. 9. Content writing & Corporate Publishing On behalf of our clients, often as ghost writers, we prepare texts for media including expert articles, short and long forms like reports, copy for websites, analysis, information and even marketing presentations.
  10. 10. Creation Depending on client’s needs we create original concepts of PR and advertising campaigns, including offline and virtual campaigns and preparing scenarios for video production.
  11. 11. Examples of successful cooperation Examples
  12. 12. Profeina launched BlaBlaCar ride sharing platform into the Polish market. We managed to interest media effectively including nationwide television, radio stations, main newspapers and opinion magazines. Thanks to Profeina BlaBlaCar also appeared on Polish breakfast tv show. Our media coverege is a subject of envy for BlaBlaCar’s competitors. Our responsibilities: • PR service • Arranging interviews and meetings with media representatives • Creation and distribution of press releases • Supporting activities in Social Media BlaBlaCar in Dzień Dobry TVN - breakfest tv programme
  13. 13. Profeina’s PR activities helped to position Trusted Shops brand as a law expert at e-commerce market in Poland. The main objective of our cooperation was to build brand awareness in B2B environment. Trusted shops had to be seen as the most reliable trustmark for credible internet shops. Our responsibilities while launching the brand into the Polish market: • Public Relations - establishingcooperation with the media specialist, publishing case studies and reports • establishing the series of strategic partnerships with major players in the Polish e-commerce market On behalf of Trusted Shops (govermental and branch ones) • Researching for events where representatives of the Trusted Shops could appear as speakers • Creating guidlines for internet marketers and tips for buyers • Running a blog
  14. 14. Profeina is responsible for introducing Beautikon shop with Korean cosmetics (It’s skin brand) into the Polish market. Practically from the beginning of our cooperation Beautikon and It’s skin brands appear in all major media and sections targeted to women. Our responsibilities: • The creation and distribution of press releases and articles, • Editorial and copywriting support, • Organizing special actions in cooperation with the media and blogs, • Buzz marketing.
  15. 15. Why us? We let our Customers speak! Why us?
  16. 16. Profeina is young and dynamic team which we had recommended by Profeina’s previous clients. Profeina is a small PR agency and thanks to that has individual approach to client’s needs. Since the beginning of our cooperation Profeina improved our key communication indicators. Orginal , creative PR concepts developed by Profeina fit perfectly into the mission and vision of our brand. Professionalism and genuine commitment of Profeina’s team make their work really impressive. We highly recommend Profeina’s service. Adam Bąkowski, CEO NaviExpert, GPS Navigation Profeina - full commitment, essential and ... really effective. Michał Pawelec, co-founder of BlaBlaCar in Poland When we were launching the brand into the market Profeina managed to break out the news to right media. Thanks to that Kontomierz quickly became the most recognized personal finance management application. Marcin Truszel, CEO Sp. z o.o. – personal finance management service B2C
  17. 17. B2B After more than a year of our cooperation we achieved better results than we had expected. Our brand requires very specialized PR and Social Media service. Profeina understood specificity of our business and adapted to ICT sector. Profeina acted very well in really difficult and challenging location and telematics topics. Moreover Profeina could communicate these topics in an attractive way . I highly recommend working with a Profeina’s team - they are professional, extremely efficient and effective. Tomasz Partyka, Director of Business Development and Communications, Finder S.A. „Profeina has a good knowledge of the Polish media landscape and she is well grounded in journalistic tools and equipment.” – Roland Thiemann, Head of Marketing and PR, Trusted Shops GmbH. JUST excellent PR agency. Arek Skuza, Chief Revenue Officer, iTraff Technology Profeina promoted our periodic reports called Fanpage Trends and established cooperation with their publication of dozens websites with different thematic areas. It also promoted Sotrender brand in foreign media. Profeina also created internal standards and procedures for PR, which we use and develop to this day. I think that cooperation with Profeina was a very good investment and I would recommend their services to everyone. Dr Jan Zając, CEO & founder of Sotrender, social web analitycal tool
  18. 18. Kim small Dlaczego Our team: jesteśmy? my? and therefore very dedicated!
  19. 19. Magdalena Górak - The founder and director in chief of Profeina. She had huge experience in running media campaigns, based on her previous work as journalist, editor and PR manager of one of the biggest interactive agency in Poland. She provides support at executing ideas and publications for clients from internet and e-commerce sector. Still unfulfilled connoisseur of slow life - blue pools, secluded lagoons, beaches, canoeing, horse riding, red wine and walks in the forests. Maja Baczyńska – A graduate of economic journalism and public relations. She studied and worked in Sydney where she was marketing manager of Educational Agency. In Profeina she takes care of technology and automotive brands. Privately, travel lover, adventurer, and passionate about sports, especially water sports.
  20. 20. Maria Migdał - A graduate of polish philology and media studies. She gained an experience leading cultural projects for many institutions. In Profeina she specializes in Social Media and buzz marketing and works for crowdfunding service. She spends hours dancing and digging deeply into local matters. Zuzanna Szybisty - A graduate of philosophy. For several years a journalist and an editor in a leading Polish Web site In Profeina she is responsible for handling lifestyle brands and for crafty buzz marketing. She loves to write reports and watch political fiction TV series.
  21. 21. We would be happy to stimulate media for you! Contact details: Profeina Magdalena Górak mobile: + 48 608 720 649 email: ul. Patriotów 77 lok 15 Warszawa