Monitoring Trends on social media: Twitter, Blogs, and Google Insights


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Class lectures for Comm 399: Fundamentals of Social Media, Fall 2012, Department of Communication, Shepherd University.

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  • We’ll look @ just twitter and search trends
  • Do a basic search for a few terms: iphone, android, etc.
  • Monitoring Trends on social media: Twitter, Blogs, and Google Insights

    1. 1. Trends in Online Behavior Professor Matthew Kushin, PhD Shepherd University | Department of Mass Communication | 2012
    2. 2. Review: How do they monitor? 2 popular ways:  Monitoring the “real time web”  Exploring “trends” on the social web Today’s Focus
    3. 3. 2: Social Data Trends
    4. 4. Trending Data on an issue, subject or event over a period of time uncover trends, or patterns of behavior These trends can inform decision making
    5. 5. Uses Some include:  Compare and contrast performance of different keywords.  E.g., brand names  Segment search data by geographic regions (country, state, city).  Identify search keywords that are most important in any industry
    6. 6. Sort of things to track Key players Competitors Mentions of our brands, products, etc. Industry news keywords
    7. 7. 3 Types of Tools Twitter Trends Search Trends Blog Trends
    8. 8. 1) Twitter Trends There are many, but 1 I like is:  Archivist Url: We’ve explored this before!
    9. 9. Example Scenario  You work for Chrysler and you’ve recently put out an $8 million dollar, Eminem advertisement  You want to know how the twittersphere is reacting.  Why?  You know many people go to Twitter to share info & ideas.  So, you can get an easy, free sense of how many people are talking about your brand.
    10. 10. Tweets with “Chrysler” on/after 2-6-11Superbowl
    11. 11. Months later…. Chrysler less talked about on Twitter than Ford May 17, 2011: Searched Trendistic: “Chrysler, Ford”
    12. 12. 2) Blog Trends Similar to Twitter trends, except:  Allow us to see most popular topics people are blogging about Why valuable?  Bloggers are influential, convo starters.
    13. 13. Icerocket (blog) URL: What is it: Set of tools for blogosphere data Use: A few. But 1 is seeing trends in blogs over time.  Click keyterms to see blog posts from a point in time
    14. 14. Example Buzz on blogosphere when Microsoft acquired Skype
    15. 15. Example Client Search for Chrysler, Ford, Dodge (owned by Chrysler)  Note in Feb Chrysler spiked but trailed off while Ford remains strong
    16. 16. 3) Search Trends Google Search Insights Tracks searches (only) Url:
    17. 17. Example Scenario #1 Scenario:  Your want to demonstrate your Chrysler ad campaign is generating buzz.  Notice a spike on Google searches
    18. 18. Example Scenario #2Seasonability When is the best time to launch a campaign?“Personal budget” Budgeting is much more top of mind around the New Year so maybe a New Year’sresolution based campaign would strike a cord with consumers
    19. 19. Example Scenario #3 You want to know what product features people search for the most, when they look for a smart phone. You’ve created a product to rival the iPhone and want to see if you’re gaining traction
    20. 20. Lab Guide: GoogleInsights
    21. 21. Tonigh! Go to the following link:   Read through material, do tasks  Watch videos (please watch individually w/ your earphones on)  This material will prepare you for Participation #4  When ready, goto Sakai to download Participation 4 – Trends Quiz  Turn in next class.  #4 is graded based on % correct.