Social Media Monitoring Station


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Class lectures for Comm 399: Fundamentals of Social Media, Fall 2012, Department of Communication, Shepherd University.

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  • Social Media Monitoring Station

    1. 1. Social Data Monitoring Station Professor Matthew Kushin, PhDShepherd University | Department of Mass Communication | 2012
    2. 2. Review We’ve discussed  Brand monitoring Tools for monitoring Today:  Quick look at monitoring stations (automation)  Lab
    3. 3. Basics: Getting Started
    4. 4. 1) Set up Monitoring Station Goal:  Program web to send data to us Tools Needed:  Social Media Dashboard  Alerts  Feed Reader (& RSS)
    5. 5. Getting Information Use technology to train info to find us.  Example:
    6. 6. Tool 1 Social Media Dashboard  All your social media accts in 1 place  Ex: Hootsuite
    7. 7. Strategy Integrate all organization’s social media accts into dashboard Enables posting & monitoring in 1 place  Twitter  Facebook  LinkedIn  etc
    8. 8. Strategy Also enable program Twitter Search & keywords to monitor = search for “#Utalk” on
    9. 9. Example #Utalk hootsuite dashboard  Contains  Home feed  Twitter search for “#Utalk”  @Utalkmod mentions
    10. 10. Tool 2 Alerts! Email updates of latest relevant Google results based on your parameters
    11. 11. Example Can monitor any news about a topic Get auto-emails of new content Don’t have to waste time searching
    12. 12. Tool 3 RSS Reader Updates of content from various sites delivered to 1 place.
    13. 13. RSS RSS = = Real Simple Syndication A distribution tool for online content  RSS gets updated automatically when new content is published online
    14. 14. Example Can subscribe to feed in my RSS reader
    15. 15. Many Feeds. 1 Reader. Burt’s Bees Blog MissNattyBeauty Can subscribe to feed in my Tom’s of Maine RSS reader Leading Eco- minded products
    16. 16. Sort of things to Track Key players Competitors Mention of our brand, products, etc Industry news Keywords (we’ll talk more about w/ SEO) Image:
    17. 17. Result: Monitoring Station Create a command center for important info to come to us Photo: eyesore9
    18. 18. Lab Guide Work in teams to complete today’s lab guide End result should be a Hootsuite monitoring station focused on achieving SPECIFIC tasks described in the lab  Each person will create their own This Hootsuite acct will be used to complete an in-class assignment next class URL: