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Intro to social media monitoring: Why do we do it, what questions can we ask?
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Intro to social media monitoring: Why do we do it, what questions can we ask?


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Class lectures for Comm 399: Fundamentals of Social Media, Fall 2012, Department of Communication, Shepherd University.

Class lectures for Comm 399: Fundamentals of Social Media, Fall 2012, Department of Communication, Shepherd University.

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  • Have them do this as a group – in their normal team. Come up with a list. Let’s write those on the board.
  • Is Twitter!
  • As a simple example, Take a hopefully innocuous subject like “lacrosse”Prompt them – how else could this be helpful for PR?
  • People use photos/video more and more to take photos of products they like and share them.I want you to look for photos.
  • Products – breakfastSentiment – positiveAudience - influencers
  • We could contact bloggers & get them to try our products as opposed to just sending it to medaWe could learn about why people don’t like our product and find ways to improve it.Clarify misunderstandingsReact to people, etc.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social media monitoring: What are they saying? Professor Matthew Kushin, PhD March 2012
    • 2. Commonly monitored Questions about your company & industry Brands / services discussed and not discussed Mention of your competitors Requests for support/help from customers General Comments / feedback Complaints / Compliments
    • 3. Questions to investigate Who is talking about us? What are they saying about us? Today’s Focus What are attitudes about us? Today’s Focus How are these people influencing the conversation? (How) are we influencing the conversation? Is what we’re doing effective? Image: Laverue
    • 4. Preview Today:  Real Time Web – text and multimedia  Blogs Soon:  Trends!
    • 5. 1: Real Time Web
    • 6. Example Scenario Our organization recently received negative press. We want to get a sense of what people are saying.
    • 7. Example Scenario  We’re doing PR for Taco Bell  Its been a few weeks since the beef fiasco.  We want to know if people are still concerned over “taco bell beef” situation. So we search daily “taco bell beef”
    • 8. Reaction
    • 9. Reaction Beyond Twitter:  SocialMention – indexes blogs, images, microblogs, news, events, etc. Censored
    • 10. Real-time Multimediasharing
    • 11. Photo search Topsy Photo:  Defined: Social photos (e.g., instagram) search
    • 12. Multimedia SharingSource: Flickr:
    • 13. Blog
    • 14. Taco Bell Fandom! Post Comment
    • 15. What are people sayingabout our client?Social Media Monitoring Exercise
    • 16. Mini Example! Products Sentiment  Positive: Negative: Couldn’t Find Any!! Audience Profile  Young people; socially active; diverse interests & locations
    • 17. “Influencers” Competition Burt’s Bees wants to know WHAT people are saying about their brand and its products.
    • 18. Goal Answer the question:  What 4 Burt’s Bees products are people the most passionate about (2 positively and 2 negatively)?  Your goal is to scan the social sphere, collect data on your Google Doc, and use it to answer the above question.
    • 19. If…. Strategic communication is about  understanding audiences.  Then, affecting behavior strategically  and measuring it.Then… how could we use what we’ve learned about our audience:  As research in beginning stages of a PR campaign?  To begin using social media to engage our customers?  Strengths / Weaknesses?
    • 20. In sum