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Analyzing Your Traffic


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These slides were created for the course: …

These slides were created for the course:
Comm 350R Social Media
Dr. Matthew J. Kushin
Department of Communication
Utah Valley University

For more on the course see:

For more about the professor, see:
or @mjkushin on Twitter

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  • 1. Social Media CourseDr. Matthew J. Kushin
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Communication
    Utah Valley University
  • 2. Tools for Analyzing Your Traffic
    Dr. Matthew J. Kushin
  • 3. Unit 3 Review
    Social Data: Basic Brand Monitoring, Trending, Analyzing your Data, Search Optimization
  • 4. 1) Monitoring Station
    Strengthen monitoring station by adding real-time web searches
    Photo: eyesore9
  • 5. 2) Trends in Social data
    Data on an issue, subject or event over a period of time
    Looking at social data across time can uncover trends, or patterns of behavior
    These trends can inform decision making
  • 6. 3) Optimizing for Search
    Reputational Search
    Social Search
    Basic Code
  • 7. Last But Not Least….
    Analyzing Your Traffic Data
  • 8. Analyzing Your Traffic
    Data tools help us monitor success of our online promotion, such as:
    How many people come to our site and what do they look at?
    How many people clicked on a link in a Twitter post?
  • 9. Analyzing Your Traffic
    In other words
    Another way of measuring outcomes of our strategic efforts
  • 10. Website Traffic
  • 11. 2 Types of Tools we’ll focus on
    Website Traffic
    URL Shorteners
  • 12. Website Traffic
    Wordpress Dashboard
    Google Analytics
    Unfortunately – Wordpress doesn’t work with Analytics
    Note: You can learn Google Analytics for free from Google’s Conversion University!
    Picture: by BottleLeaf
  • 13. Website Traffic
    Related to your search optimization efforts
    Is how you assess success of optimization and make adjustments
    Picture: by BottleLeaf
  • 14. When it comes to traffic:“Look for patterns of behavior, don’t get caught up in individual anomalies”
  • 15. Some Key Features
    Visits Timeline
    Top Posts & Pages
    Search Engine Terms
    Picture: by BottleLeaf
  • 16. Visits Timeline
    Shows visits to your site over time
    Like search trends, we can see patterns
    Pic by bylukemontague
  • 17. What is your goal?
    Check the health of our website traffic
    If we have a campaign to drive traffic, we can see if there was an uptick in traffic!
    Pic by bylukemontague
  • 18. Visits Timeline
    Week view
  • 19. Top Posts & Pages
    Top pages on your site people viewed & # of times they viewed them
    Pic by ZeroOne
  • 20. What is your goal?
    May want people to go to certain sites – like your “check out” site
    May want people to view as many pages as possible
    For blogs, people will often only goto your main page, reading multiple articles there
    Pic by ZeroOne
  • 21. Example: What does this tell you?
  • 22. Search Engine Terms
    Are you optimized for search!?
    Things people typed into a search like Google that led them to your page
  • 23. Example
  • 24. Referrals
    Sites people clicked links from to get to your site
    Pic by ...-Wink-...
  • 25. Example
  • 26. URL shorteners
  • 27. URL Shorteners
    3 popular URL shorteners are:
    HootsuitesOwly– within hootsuite - Bitly – Google’s URL shotener
  • 28. Link Stats
    All 3 provide stats about your links
    Meaning, any link you share will track statistics of who clicked on it
  • 29. Link Example
    1) You take your home page
    2) Enter it into a URL shortener
    You get a shoretened URL, say:
    3) You share your short URL
    Every time someone clicks on that URL it is tracked
  • 30. Link Example
    Your Short URL
    10 Original Clicks
    I Tweet It
    20 More Clicks
    Tracks your link as it spreads
    More RT
    More Clicks
    More RT
    More Clicks
  • 31. Key Features to Focus on
    # of clicks
    what site they clicked on your link from
    Tweets, Shares, Likes, etc.
    Conversation (or tweets mentioning your link)
  • 32. Example Tracked URL
  • 33. Example Tracked URL
  • 34. Hootsuite
  • 35. Summary Strategy
    All Social Data tools discussed are useful when strategy is applied to them
    Your goals
    Attainable outcomes
    Strategy for achieving them
    Help us make decisions and adapt to improve our efforts
    Useful to show clients outcomes
  • 36. Transferable Skills
    Many tools offer metrics
    The tools will change
    The skills are transferable
    If you understand how to use metrics you can adapt this skill to many different sites
    Pic by flattop341
  • 37. Example: Facebook Insights
    Stats on Facebook page visits
    Such as:
  • 38. Example
  • 39. Thoughts…
    Questions? Thoughts?
    What are some ways we could use metrics in real world situations?