A century of scouting


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A century of scouting

  1. 1. Is it pos to make less blotchy?Or perhaps something like this to start with.looks messy A warm welcome to you from the Ross-on-Wye (UK)Scout Group. This developing web-site exists as a help for everyone involved in celebrating the 100 years of Scouting. You might be  a Scout of any variety and you will find out about the song to sing, how others are using it and where it is being used.  a Scout thinking ahead to the Jamboree and hoping to make contact with a Scout from another region or country  a Scout looking around to see what is happening
  2. 2.  a Leader looking for resources for events you are planning.  a newcomer to Scouting, wondering what the centenary is all about. You will find out.RossRoss-on-Wye is in England on the Welsh pic of St Mary’s above theborders. (Many British towns are “on” town?something and it usually a river. Ross is onthe River Wye.) We’ll call it Ross.The song was first recorded in 2006 by theRoss [Aztec] Cub pack. We produced a DVD pic bearing in mind Jenny’sin December 2006 with the help of some local commentsparents at Firebird.com studios. Firebird maynot need a link here as there’s one later. TheDVD (has been made into) is now a video thatyou can see later and download.To ensure the best results in your download activity we suggest youobtain the words first, then the song so that you can read the words whilethe song plays. The song can be sung at normal meetings, presentations,ceremonies, religious services, camp-fires, conferences, regional get-togethers and any other Scout Group or Centenary event.This song was written for the Centenary ofScouting by Alan Harrison who is a retiredUniversity Dean and Head of CollegeFaculty. He was a Senior Scout Leader forseveral years. He went to the 1957 UKJamboree as a Scout. As he left the mainarena of the 1957 Jamboree with Scouts ofall nations singing the Jamboree song, hedecided that he would later write a song forthe Centenary. It is very easy to learn and ifany help is required, Alans contact detailsare on the words sheet as well as beingdetailed later. =
  3. 3. We hope all at the Jamboree will sing the song. "A Century of Scouting"is being taken up in various countries and is to be sung in Gang Shows(Scout theatre productions) starting with Newport in South Wales, UK.Dean Applegate is the Music Director and he can be heard singing thesong at a different tempo (speed).The DVD is available, from Alan if you wish to project it onto a bigscreen.Our song is not aimed at making money. It was written as a joyful,international recognition of Scouting, its benefits to youngsters and atribute to the millions of adults who donate their time to achieving thosebenefits to their Cubs and Scouts. ==Here are some more events in the brief history of the song: -“A Century of Scouting” I lost format here. • The Newport (Wales, UK) Bagpipe Band has played the tune on many occasions. Cubs Cub Scouts and Scouts are singing the song worldwide and including it in their events in this year of the centenary. • Norway has put the song on its website. • Alan and his wife have been invited to participate in events in Swaziland, the Gambia, Michigan and Malta. • Dutch Scouts are planning a musical exchange with UK
  4. 4. Scouts. • Scouts in New Zealand have Can’t get rid of the two - see when you delete this red text. adopted the song. • The Michigan International Camporee is to be held in the summer of 2008 and plans are being made to include the song. • Translations are coming in – the first was in Spanish.and so it goes on with otherenquiries coming in.With that kind of response, we inthe Aztec Cub Pack Ross ScoutGroup are looking for someonewith contacts in the music industryto help us to produce the song innew media.We are also aware that emailaddresses change and manycountries are either not receivingemails because of that or they haveno email facility. If you know ofanyone out of touch please let usknow. (Contact Alan - detailsgiven later.)And now that this developing web-site is available, we urge fellowScouts to pursue the aim of thesong as mentioned previously. Thesong is easy to learn, it has adefinite "swing" and theres plentyof help if needed to teach/learn it.With enthusiasm from allCommissioners and other leaders,
  5. 5. the Scouting Movement will begiven additional attention as thebest organisation in the world forthe development of our youngergeneration. Together, we can allshow the world "The road to thefuture"!Introduction to LATEST NEWSWe have included space for your news. Just email Alan (see Contacts).If you are learning the song, please let us know and we can add you toour list in Latest News ?.You can tell everyone about your experiences during the Centenary, howyou have used the song and where. If you have translated it into yourlanguage then tell us all. If you have varied it, or have played unusualinstruments tell us all.Perhaps you would like to make contact with Cubs and Scouts in the UKor in other countries. That may well include those attending theJamboree.Have you a favourite menu item and recipe for making it? Send it in.Food suitable for cooking at camp is on all our minds at some time.Tell us about your special prayer. Perhaps it is your own or perhaps allyour members use it.Send in your photos: - where you meet on a regular basis your uniform, badges and other clothing, for example, on hikes etc your recent activities your mascot (a Canadian Troop is sending a bear on a world trip – web-site to go in)
  6. 6. Perhaps you would like to exchange news, badges, postcards or whateverinterests you.Send Alan ?? to keep your workload down your ideas and requests forways of improving this web-site. We are soon to engage a web-pagedesigner. Latest news click hereDownloadsRather than all these (and growing) “Click here” s, perhaps one and thenbullet them under headings –Music Singing Productions Words/lyricsClick here to see a video of Ross Cubs singing the song. A 5Mb .wmvfile that will play in Windows Media-Player and possibly otherprogrammes.click here to download the sheet music A pdf file that will need AdobeAcrobat.Click here for the Scottish Bagpipe music score or notes.Click here to download the audio as a .wma file [550Kb]Click here for the song as an mp3 [1.4Mb]Click here for the Newport Gang Show versionClick here for the words as HTML for the English wordsClick here for the Spanish words as HTMLContacts to do with the web-site.Alan Harrison - avrf23@dsl.pipex.com I get emails from here addressedto Alan F Harrison which may end up in the junk file without attention
  7. 7. or use Skype.com alan.harrison3 See earlier ref If you have problems with, or suggestions for, this page please email Robin Shaw who is webmaster and Akela of the Ross-on- Wye [Aztec] pack. rossscoutgroup@btinternet.com == Links to connected sites or people who have supported or helped us with this project. Firebird.com Scouting Radio Norway Newport Gang Show Links to other interesting sites. Michigan International Camporee (www.micamporee.org) in the summer of 2008. others to go inRobin - the existing Latest News page would be redundant asHome page is past info and now inc in Back to what is thereprev pages.I suggest we put the following in: -The Bridge of Bread-sticksHere is a project for all in the Scout Group. Everyone and in small groups, especially youngermembers, could make a cake. Look at the photo. When the cake is made, older members can go andmake a real rope-bridge. They can use what has already been learned by making the one that can beeaten.To be continued but focusing on what’s needed and how the edible version is made.