Part 2 - How to Finance & Market IAW?


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Part 2 of FOSIS's "How to run a successful Islamic Awareness Week campaign?" course held in Imperial College, London, UK. Content was designed and delivered by

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Part 2 - How to Finance & Market IAW?

  1. 1. FOSIS IAW Training Resources
  2. 2. Finance & Marketing
  3. 3. Finance 1. Before IAW
  4. 4. Form a Budget Rough Estimates Example: Exhibition £1000 Talks x 3 @ £250 each £750 Lunchtime Stories x 3 @ £100 £300 Marketing £1000 Books/Literature £500 TOTAL £3550
  5. 5. Sponsorship - Community Build up to IAW Jummah Appeal Talk/Show Vision of IAW Talk of past successes Be Specific of what/how much you want Give out leaflet Individual Networking Talk about it! Get people Involved
  6. 6. Sponsorship - Small M.Biz Be Selective of Muslim Businesses you approach Set Criteria Show IAW Proposal Be Specific of what you want Throw in a ‘sweetener’ if you have to, e.g. marketing opportunity Expect £50 - £100 If they can’t help, ask who you can approach.
  7. 7. Sponsorship - Large M.Biz Muslim Directory - Be Selective Muslim Banks, Muslim Charities, Clothes Shop, Bookshops Set up appointment with decision maker Prepare Sponsorship Document: ISOC Intro IAW Proposal Bronze/Silver/Gold Sponsorship Packages Marketing Incentive Expect £100 - £1000
  8. 8. Sponsorship - University Set up appointment with top University official/Alumni Foundation IAW Proposal Explain the positive benefit of such a contribution to University Image, relationship with ISOC members, and Muslim Community Be VERY Specific of what you ask for: Ask for a venue they normally charge to be given to you for free Sponsor an opening event that would be attended by dignitaries
  9. 9. Sponsorship- Local Authority or Fund Research for local authority funds that support “cultural projects” and see if you can appeal for such funds a year in advance Check if money is Halal (You don’t want to be using lottery money for IAW!) Be prepared for Long application forms Very critical evaluation procedure Suggestion: Ask for a Muslim working in the Local Authority to help you!
  10. 10. If ALL fails... Start crying :’( Make dua =) Cut Costs Negotiate with speakers/exhibition providers Cut marketing budget Widen Appeal in the Community Be Creative! Sell £10 dawah coupons! Continue with IAW as planned and continue appealing during and after IAW..
  11. 11. Finance 2. During IAW
  12. 12. During the week All major payments go through the Treasurer e.g. Exhibitons/Talks For petty cash: Assign CASH to whoever will be mostly be around, e.g. IAW co- ordinator OR Give cash in advance to individuals responsible for certain tasks e.g. getting food for lunchtime stories ALWAYS KEEP TRACK!! (Cashbooks + Receipts + Excel sheet)
  13. 13. Finance 3. After IAW
  14. 14. Where did the money go? Sit with Treasurer to ensure that all bills/receipts paid (or how much left) Prepare a leaflet explaining exactly how money was spent (to the penny!): Send/pass to all sponsors (Jummah attendees, ISOC members, Businesses..etc) Shows transparency Encourages future sponsorship If you’re still short in cash, the leaflet should also show how much is needed
  15. 15. Marketing 1. Posters/ Leaflets
  16. 16. Stage I: General Program A3 Poster Catchy/Colourful 1 - 2 weeks before IAW Explains the entire week’s programme Advertised in the following areas University Area (Departments + Libraries + Student Halls) Muslim Community (Mosques, Shops) Local Areas/Public Buildings (Public Library, Metro, cafes, shops..etc)
  17. 17. Stage 2: Portable Program A5 Cards High quality, full colour 1 week before IAW and during IAW One side: Catchy Title. Second Side: Timetable of IAW Program Advertise in the following: University Area (Departments + Libraries + Student Halls) Muslim Community (Mosques, Shops) Local Areas/Public Buildings (Public Library, Metro, cafes, shops..etc) @ IAW Talks - Exhibitions - Stories
  18. 18. Stage 3: Mini-Program A6 leaflet Black/White Daily leafleting around University area during IAW One side: Tonight’s Talk. Second Side: IAW Timetable
  19. 19. Marketing 2. Using the Web
  20. 20. Traditional Web Tools ISOC Website University Events Website Student Union Online Events Calendar Mailing Lists ISOC Mailing List University department Mailing list Nearby ISOCs Any related Mailing lists
  21. 21. Web 2.0 Tools Facebook Paid/Unpaid Twitter YouTube Blogs? Islamic Forums
  22. 22. Marketing 3. Community/ Individual word of mouth
  23. 23. University Area Tell your class or year group Stand up in front of lecture hall and tell them about your exciting IAW Wear T-shirts advertising for IAW Advertise in your Student Union Newspaper Invite your personal tutors/lecturers/Flatmates personally
  24. 24. Muslim Community Friday announcements @ Mosques in your area Ask Taxi Drivers to help you market IAW! Encourage word of mouth Bring 5 non-Muslims to our talks and get free dinner! Give out Invitation cards for people to give to their colleagues/friends