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Going Viral strategies shared by Pathik - Hike for #PNMeetup

Going Viral strategies shared by Pathik - Hike for #PNMeetup



Going Viral strategies shared by Pathik - Hike for #PNMeetup

Going Viral strategies shared by Pathik - Hike for #PNMeetup



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    Going Viral strategies shared by Pathik - Hike for #PNMeetup Going Viral strategies shared by Pathik - Hike for #PNMeetup Presentation Transcript

    • Growth Pathik Shah @pathik @hikeapp
    • Why am I here?
    • hike 0-1M in 8 weeks 1-2M in 2 weeksWe’re now 14 weeks since global launch
    • hike Hit #1 on Google Play India Hit #1 on iOS App Store IndiaHit #2 on WP Marketplace India
    • Start Ups
    • Awesome Smart Product Marketing Innovative Vast BusinessDistribution Model 6
    • Product: Decides your eventual fateDistribution: Accelerates it
    • Product Core Product ValueUser Experience/Design Product Market Fit
    • Distribution “Startup = Growth” - Paul Graham “Distribution is the biggest problem faced by every product/startup” - Peter Thiel“Distribution and retention are Wilson on mobile than on web” - Fred harder
    • How? Web Mobile Organic Organic Mobile ads Online ads Social Media Social Media SEO/SEMTraditional ads Appstore gaming Traditional ads
    • Traditional Marketing Most channels, saturated The winner is usually the one with deeper pocketsAll you can do is come up to par withof them need to leapfrog ahead the competition; you
    • Differentiate Not only your product, but also your growth strategyFind new, under-explored channels for user acquisition Build growth/engagement loops into your product Always aim for hockey-stick growth
    • Growth HackingProduct + Marketing + Analytics BuildMeasure Market
    • Acquisition ActivationAAR RetentionRR ReferralC Revenue Churn
    • Traditional Marketing Growth Hacking Incremental - 10% Moonshot - 10X Linear Growth Exponential GrowthUnrelated to the product Built into the product Acquisition Acquisition + Retention Saturated Under-exploredIncreasing CPA at scale Decreasing CPA at scale
    • Growth• Build virality into the product• friends are on it more valuable for the user if their Make the product• rewards which drive furthertheir friends through in-app Incentivize users to invite engagement• Leverage existing networks/channels
    • Engagement• Address a real pain-point• Make the product much better than the competition• your competitors improve what you have; offer what Listen to users; don’t• Form habits to boost product engagement
    • What you need Single user utility The “aha” moment A rapid viral loop
    • Single User Utility• effects untila he gets enoughsocial system with network To retain new user in a friends on board• Increases engagement & retention; reduces churn
    • the “aha” moment• an engaged user of whether a new user will turn into Leading indicator• users your “aha” moment. Analyze existing engaged Find• Get new users to the “aha” moment as soon as you can
    • the “aha” moment• Facebook: 7 friends in 10 days• Twitter: Follow 30 users• Zynga: Come back after 1 day• Dropbox: Upload 1 file
    • Viral Loop• The viral loop - the steps a user goes through between joining to inviting the next set of new users.• Once the user hits his “aha” moment, ensure zero friction to the viral loop• Make it easy to invite and get their friends on board• Artificially accelerate the viral loop through referral rewards
    • New User Registration Single User The Utility Viral “Aha” moment LoopChurn Retention Referral
    • Induced Virality Explosive Growth
    • Hotmail First to launch web-based emailEmail footer: “Get your free email at Hotmail.com”
    • PayPalReferral scheme: $10 to referrers/new usersLeveraged eBay’s platform to drive adoption
    • DropboxReferral program > virality > explosive growth Social media referral program Embed plugins > visibility > growth
    • Youtube Free video hosting Embed videos > visibility > growthEnable users to build an audience; attract content
    • AirbnbTackled the marketplace chicken-and-egg problem; created supply/demand by spamming Craigslist Targeted a niche on Craigslist, and made it 10X better
    • hike - what we do1. Focus on Growth & Engagement2. Build an amazing product to engage/retain users3. Early adopters; focus on users; act on feedback; improve4. Smart user acquisition5. Amplify referrals through rewards
    • hike - what we’re aiming for Awesome Product Rapid Growth + + Great Distribution Great Engagement The best position a startup can be in:• through networks of engaged users, differentiatednetwork Large user experience, and defensible through effects. - Fred Wilson, USV
    • 2.0Sneak Preview
    • 31st March
    • Links• http://www.quora.com/Growth-Hackers• http://www.quora.com/Viral-Growth-and-Analytics• http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/07/defining-a-growth-hacker-5-ways-growth-hackers-changed-marketing/• http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/20/defining-a-growth-hacker-growth-is-not-a-marketing-strategy/• http://andrewchen.co/2012/04/27/how-to-be-a-growth-hacker-an-airbnbcraigslist-case-study/• http://www.growhack.com/2012/12/04/discovering-your-aha-moment/• http://andrewchen.co/2007/07/11/whats-your-viral-loop-understanding-the-engine-of-adoption/
    • @pathikpathik@hike.in hike @hikeapp