PLAY to win the product development race. SERIOUSLY (Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther ) ProductCamp Boston 2014

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Ever wonder why the product development cycle is so long? …

Ever wonder why the product development cycle is so long?

Lego® Serious Play® is an innovative, collaborative communication tool that uses visual models – in the form of Lego® brick constructions – to create a universal language that allows people from vastly different backgrounds to immediately understand each other.

Imagine a meeting where users, the product development team and the marketing team sit around the same table, designing together. You can prototype, get feedback and develop a marketing strategy the very same day.

Experience how Lego Serious Play can dramatically shorten your critical path and time to market.

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  • 1. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! based on the LEGO® Serious Play® Methodology Play to Win the Product Development Race. SERIOUSLY. Make Your Team Smarter. Collective Intelligence Team Dynamics Boston Break down barriers. Build up innovation. Leadership Consultants. Certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitators.
  • 2. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! APPROACH The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is a very powerful tool to unlock the full potential of any organization or team. It helps people engage with each other, break down barriers, and develop innovative solutions to complex issues. The methodology is based on a robust set of theories, predominantly from the domains strategy, organizational behavior, systems thinking and, most importantly, PLAY, learning and development. As a facilitated process it is truly participant-centered and works across all cultures. Team Dynamics Boston offers custom-designed workshops based on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.
  • 3. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! In a world of constant change PLAY has an enormous potential to escape old world thinking and see things through new conceptual lenses. 
  • 4. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! •  Facilitation Methodology. •  Solve complex and multifaceted problems without clear answers. •  Grasp the big picture, see connections and explore various options and potential solutions. •  Real Time Strategy. •  Rapid Team Building. MAGIC
  • 5. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! •  Pose the Question. •  Construction. •  Sharing. •  Reflection. CORE PROCESS
  • 6. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! •  Trust your hands. •  Just start building even if you have no idea what to build. •  Don’t “have a meeting with yourself” – too much thinking gets in the way. •  Using both hands activates your whole brain and helps you access more knowledge. ETIQUETTE
  • 7. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! •  Lean-forward-meetings versus sit-back-meetings. •  Break the 80-20 Rule for Meetings. •  Involve EVERYBODY. BENEFITS
  • 8. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! •  Product Design and Product Innovation. •  Service Design optimization. •  Strategy and Scenario development and testing. •  Organizational, leadership and team development. •  Change management. •  Operational efficiency. APPLICATIONS
  • 9. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! Product Camp Sessions: Play to Win the Product Development Race. SERIOUSLY. Make Your Team Smarter. Collective Intelligence
  • 10. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! Play to Win the Product Development Race. SERIOUSLY. Health and Wealth insurance company has hired the software development firm, Amazing New Apps, to create a smartphone app that will help professionals live a healthier life style. The app is supposed to offer an appealing, easy to use user interface and utilize gamification principles. Team 1.  Amazing New App Designer. 2.  Amazing New App Engineer. 3.  Amazing New App Marketing Specialist. 4.  Employee in a targeted Company (young professional). 5.  Health and Wealth Executive. Challenge To create a common understanding of the problem: 1.  Build a Tower. 2.  Build a model of how you see healthy life style. 3.  Build as a team a shared model of healthy life style. Big Idea 1.  Bring all stakeholders to the table at the same time. 2.  Get realtime feedback from all stakeholders. The Healthy Life Style App Case Study
  • 11. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! Make Your Team Smarter. “Having a bunch of smart people in a group doesn’t necessarily make the group smart.” “The groups in which everybody was speaking in more equal amounts tended to be collectively more intelligent than the groups in which one person was dominating the conversation … Another significant predictor of higher group intelligence was a higher individual average score on a social-sensitivity test known as ‘reading the mind in the eyes’— a measure of the ability to intuit another person’s feelings from an image of his or her upper face.” Not everyone can read faces. Many people ignore or don’t trust their intuition. How can we make hidden information (emotional intelligence, social intelligence, cultural intelligence) visible? Taking equal turns and making intuitive (hidden) information concrete makes teams smarter. Lego Serious Play does both! Challenges 1.  Build a Tower. 2.  Build a barrier to effective collaboration. 3.  Build one of your hidden strengths. Collective Intelligence Learnings 1.  Look behind the scenes of a team and learn to see what is hidden. 2.  Take team communication and effectiveness to a new level. Anita Whooley Principal Investigator, Collective Intelligence Study Thomas W. Malone Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence Read more:
  • 12. © Team Dynamics Boston 2014! Lego® Serious Play® Methodology GIVE YOUR BRAIN A HAND Brought to you by: Team Dynamics Boston Break down barriers. Build up innovation. Leadership Consultants. Certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitators.