Help!!! I'm a New Product Manager - How Can I Survive and Thrive? Steve Wells at ProductCamp Boston, April 2011


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ProductCamp Boston, April 2011
'Tips to help new product managers hit the ground running regardless of their situation:
- Existing company, newly promoted product manager, existing products
- New company, experienced product manager, assuming control in the middle of a product development effort
- New company, experienced proeuct manager, hired to start a new product line

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Help!!! I'm a New Product Manager - How Can I Survive and Thrive? Steve Wells at ProductCamp Boston, April 2011

  1. 1. Help! I’m A Product Manager Steve Wells, AIPMM
  2. 2. Help!!! I’m a New Product Manager• You are a former project mgr, dev eng, architect, QA, or SE – Hands – who are you? Where coming from? MBAs?• You are a seasoned PM in a new company/group – What do you do now? – What are your activities? – What are your deliverables? – Who are your stakeholders? (what is a stakeholder ???)
  3. 3. What You Need to Survive• Orientation – Just parachuted onto new terrain - need to get oriented – What is your situation? New recruit, acquisition, transfer? – How familiar are you w/ the terrain – Who can help you get oriented• Tools – What is your frame of reference? – How can you organize your info? – What scaffolding/framework tools exist to help you?• Identification of Stakeholders – Internal – exec, core team – External – customers, partners
  4. 4. Now What? • Need way to define info req’d to manage products • What about: – Who, What, Where, When, Why, How, How Much* • Or a more modern version? – Organization = How, When – Business = How Much – Customer = Who – Product = What – Market = Why, Where* Circa 1902 Rudyard Kiplings "the Elephant Child"I Keep six honest serving-men: (They taught me all I knew). Their names are What and Where and When and How and Why and Who.
  5. 5. WHAT knowledge is needed to manage products?• Organization – Who are you? Where fit in Org? What are Org goals/strategy – What are your goals? – What are roles, activities, deliverables? – What is expected of a product manager?• Business – What is the sustainable business model for the product?• Customer – Who are all your customers? – Who are the stakeholders who will influence the product?• Product – What are your products? – How can you make them unique?• Market – Where do all the customers gather? – Who markets your products? – Who defines your market opportunities?
  6. 6. WHEN is this knowledge required? • Need a simple way to define WHAT is required WHEN • Can use simple, home grown, customized spreadsheet• Alternatively could use AIPMM Product Management Framework (PMF) – Simple, Comprehensive – Indisputable – Standard/Universal: All Industries, All companies – Expandable
  7. 7. AIPMM Product Management Framework X-Axis: Product Management Life Cycle (PMLC)Y-Axis: Project/Product ProgramMgmtKnowledge ProductAreas5 Major Knowledge Areas (KA) 4 unique to Prod. Mgmt: Business, Customer, Product, Market 1 overlap w/ Proj / Prog Mgmt: Organization (cross-functional matrix projects & programs)
  8. 8. PMF Spreadsheet Tool Product Management Life Cycle (PMLC)Product Management Knowledge Areas • Simple structure – not rocket science – easy to copy • You can do it yourself or use an AIPMM tool
  9. 9. Interested in Helping Grow Our Profession?• We’re looking for volunteers/creative initiatives• Adopt /promote PMF, ProdBOK to your colleagues• Join AIPMM - – Networking opportunities, Training, Ambassador Program, On-line forums, PM data base• Join AIPMM Ambassador Group – Evangelize – Provide thought leadership – Help drive initiatives to grow our profession• Consider Product Management certifications – CPM, CPMM, Agile CPM