Define your business model via a lean canvas to identify your highest risk (Thomas Hartwell) ProductCamp Boston 2014

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Why would I want to attend? …

Why would I want to attend?

Because being able to effectively communicate your business model to anyone that asks is important to you.

What will we be doing?

In this interactive session, you'll create your own product's Business Model on a Lean Canvas, an adaptation by Ash Maurya of Alex Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas. You'll learn the pertinent parts of that canvas to uncover the parts of your product's plan that are currently untested.

What will I come away with?

An ability to create a business model for any product on 1 page in the future in less than 1 hour.
1 hypothesis that is a high priority risk you should test to ensure the success of your product.

Can you challenge me?

If you can't fill in this 1 page canvas effectively in 1 hour or less, you don't know what the risks are to succeed with your product. Find out where you stand.

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  • 1. Define Your Product’s Business Model and Identify Your Biggest Risk to Test Tom Hartwell @tommyhartwell thartwell
  • 2. What will I learn? 1. What is a Lean Canvas and Why should I care? 2. How do I create a business model using a Lean Canvas? 3. What is the biggest risk I should test in my business model on Monday?
  • 3. What is the Lean Canvas?
  • 4. What is the problem?1 Wong DL, Baker CM Pain in children: comparison of assessment scales, Pediatr. Nurs. 1988 14(1):9017
  • 5. Who are my customers?2
  • 6. What is my unique value proposition? 3
  • 7. What is the solution?4
  • 8. Which channels will customers find me? 5
  • 9. How much revenue?6
  • 10. What does it cost?7
  • 11. What should I measure?8 Dave McClure Example Conversion Metrics, 9/16/2008
  • 12. What is my unfair advantage? 9
  • 13. What are the highest risks?