UAL's Strategy for Learning & Teaching and Digital Technologies


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Slides for Professor Shân Wareing, Dean of Learning & Teaching Development presentation at CSM 20 September 2012

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  • It’s my presentation, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to include sportsmen in lycra. PauseLance Armstrong published an autobiography, ‘it’s not about the bike’, and I think it’s interesting to compare this idea with learning technologies. Not one of Wiggo, Sir Chris, or Lance would win anything riding on my bike, and they do all use bikes to win. So while it’s not about the bike, the bike is still important. And I think that’s the same with technology. ‘It’s not about the technology’ but which technology you use, and making the technology better will always matter.
  • UAL's Strategy for Learning & Teaching and Digital Technologies

    1. 1. UAL’s Strategy for Learning & Teachingand Digital Technologies Professor Shân Wareing Dean of Learning & Teaching Development CSM 20 September 2012
    2. 2. Medium Term StrategyPriority 1Building on our practice-led traditions, to offerhigh quality teaching and an innovativecurriculum that responds to cultural,economic and technological change andenhances graduate employability.
    3. 3. We will achieve this by...... ensuring that staff and students are wellprepared and supported in using digitalresources and e-learning
    4. 4. UAL Learning and Teaching Strategy 2011-2015Strategic Goal 4To support the delivery of the curriculum, wewill extend uses of elearning as a foundationfor blended learning, distance learning, andstudent support, through enhancement ofresources and skills
    5. 5. • Effective infrastructure – balance between robust, smooth functioning integrated systems with agility and independence, flexibility and experimentation• Support and development – Accredited provision, online tutorials, workshops, DIAL projects, one to one support, bespoke group support• Grants to support leading edge initiatives – £600,000+ from JISC and the HEA since 2010• National and international collaborations – E.g. Aalto (Helsinki), Penn State (USA), Coventry University (UK)• Recognition and reward – Teaching awards, curriculum development grants, academic credit and qualifications
    6. 6. Life after Blackboard• Blackboard is soon going to • The aim is that Moodle will be replaced by Moodle. be fully implemented and available to all UAL staff and students by September 2013.
    7. 7. Check out...Process Arts Assessment Tool elearning – Practice Provision s-2011-12/Online guides to using s.html
    8. 8. Effective digital academic practice• Does the provision start from the students needs and viewpoint?• Does it streamline or improve an existing function or activity?• Does it add something valuable which would be unattainable without the use of technology?• Is the educational function foregrounded in the minds of the users/ students & tutors? *‘It’s not about the technology’*
    9. 9. • All our practice that involves digital is provisional, an experiment• And so is all our teaching & research• Digital is a disruptive, transgressive activity which makes explicit the status of tutors and managers as learners
    10. 10. THANK YOU