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PERSONALIZED URLS, are you using them?

PERSONALIZED URLS, are you using them?

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  • According to a recent study by the global executive recruiting firm Spencer Stuart, the average tenure for CMOs is only 23 months.
    Increase Brand Awareness
    Improve Response Rates
    Improve Customer Loyalty
    Improve Tracking
    Budget Constraints
  • You think about it rarely are marketing budgets increased.
    You have the traditional radio, television, newspaper, magazine all competing for the same marketing budgets but now you have all these new marketing mediums competing as well such as, Social Marketing as our Print Junkie for instance, Viral Marketing-or word or mouth, Mobile Marketing-which is text messaging which retailers will be taking to the next level that you will say pass by a Starbucks and they know you like a Café Mocha and you will receive a coupon for $1 off as you walk by. There is is Search Engine Optimization and Personalized URL’s or in otherwords a personalized microsite specifically targeted to you.
    So the marketing opportunity facing distributors is difficult at best. We have to be part of that developing mix. We need to start controlling the process. We do not want to be the subcontractors in this mix. We should be playing a much greater role in helping companies determine what their most optimal media mixes will be.
    We experienced a recent situation in Georgia with a severe gas situation due to the hurricanes and the pipe lines being shut down. How attractive does e-Commerce become in that situation to retail marketers?
  • Issues as you consider your strategy-
    We are bombarded with zillions of messages a day
    Competition is increasing and various mediums fight for our attention
    We as consumers are starting to see a push back on marketing messages
    Average person sees-
    2904 messages a day
    52 pay attention to
    4 you remember
  • First be sure that you update and validate your mailing list.
    Think about how your PURL will look like. All capital letters, all lowercase, Check for missing fields in your data file. Some names may have combined fields, some may have prefixes or suffixes, others names may make the PURLs too long and then you defeating the entire purpose of the PURL to make it easy for people to log on.
  • Consumer paranoia around how companies use their personal information continues to rise. Companies must take responsibility for how their employees use customer data not only to comply with current legislation but also to prepare for future legislation that will undoubtedly result from continued consumer pressure. To manage this, firms must centralize governance of the customer communication strategy.
    The historical gap between marketing and IT is well documented. Marketing grew up as a creative discipline typically working with external agencies to define the brand and launch new products. The need for applications beyond the desktop was limited , as was the capital budget of the marketing organization. But as marketing’s role shifts to ownership of the cross-channel implementation of customer-focused strategies, technology is critical to success. Marketing and IT must define a shared vision and strategic direction that:
    Enable the company to go to market in different ways. The increasing prevalence of addressable channels, both outbound and inbound, present marketers with more direct , even interactive, opportunities for communicating with customers. Direct communications-particularly interactive ones-require messages that are finely tuned to each customer. If marketers abuse these channels with irrelevant, disruptive and intrusive messages, consumers will do whatever it takes to avoid those messages. Technology can help marketers navigate through these channels.
    Make sense out of the growing mountains of customer data. To understand customer needs and approach customers with the right message in the right place, at the right time, marketing must make heavy use of customer data and analytic techniques. To do this, marketing requires access to a vast number of data sources-both internal and external-which inevitably creates data quality issues and data integration challenges. Even experienced database marketers complain about their ability to access data of sufficient breadth, depth and recency.
    Coordinate the customer experience. As marketing interacts with customers through more channels-outbound and inbound-the awareness that each channel has of the messages presented and of the customer's reaction to those messages grows in importance. Technology can help.
    The data infrastructure supports three critical functions:
    Understanding customer needs and preferences
    Informing customer contact priorities and real-time interactions
    Providing insight into key trends that drive product and business strategy.
    Analytics will be more tightly integrated into the marketing process.
    Real-time access to data sources will become increasingly critical.
  • Depending on the product or service you’re selling, you may or may not want to make the mailer or email and the landing page identical.
    Consider that they have two different functions. The function of the mailer and email is to attract the attention of the prospect or customer and drive them to the web
    Once you have them at the web the function of the site is to gather information, make a sale, drive them to donate etc. You may have to reveal that they are going to get much more information oce they get to the website.
  • Like any other direct response tool knowing your list an dkowig your demographics just allows you to do more.
    In this case of Nursery water our lists were broken out by the age of the children in the household-
    0-6 months
    6-12 moths
    12-18 months
    18-24 months
    24-36 months
    Our graphics and offers and text reflected differently based on the age of the children.
  • So what do we mean by “relevance”? It means that you can use your data to speak to each recipient about something that has specific meaning to them.
    For example, if we know that John is in charge of rental car decision making [via his title] at a pharmaceutical company [using SIC codes], rather than just saying “John, at Avis we try harder” to everyone, you can speak directly to John about what Avis saves the pharmaceutical industry and what they can save his company.
    [Ask the audience] What type of products to you folks offer? [Get some examples and brainstorm how you might use relevance to drive traffic into their stores:
    A postcard that shows the last product they bought and offers a discount on a related product.
    A thank you for the purchase of a particular service, and a discount on the next visit
    A refer a friend discount offer or thank you.]
  • Talk track:
    We can help you capture that 33% by adding personalized URLs and VIP landing pages to your direct mail marketing.
    Via digital technology, the entire direct mail piece can be personal and relevant to each recipient.
    A Personalized URL brings each recipient who chooses to respond online to their very own web page, which continues the personal and relevant nature of the communication.
    One thing I’d like to point out is that we are not suggesting that you remove all other response chanels from your direct mail. Remember, only 33% of your respondents prefer the web as their response vehicle.
    So keep those toll free numbers and BRC’s in place. Over time, if you find that more and more people in your particular audience are responding online, then you may be able to retire some of those other mechanizms, but I don’t recommending that until the results warrant it.
  • Personalized URLs allow the transition of online response into actionable leads through the use of VIP Landing Pages. These special types of web pages capture online responses. So we can take a visit and transition it into an actionable lead that sales or business development can follow-up on quickly. Leads from VIP Landing Pages are immediately sent to sales for follow-up. Since campaigns are immediately real time viewable, insight can be applied to current and subsequent campaigns.
    Delivers hot leads immediately:
    Cell phone
    Provides clients with real-time insight
  • Transcript

    • 1. Pay offs with PURL Campaigns
    • 2. • Integrated • Personalized-Relevant Messaging • Targeted • Measuring • Testing • Real-time • Segment • Profile • ROI Buzz Words
    • 3. • Quantify and measure the value of marketing programs and investments • Improve efficiency and effectiveness • Grow customer knowledge and interactions • Improve the ROI of expenditures Top Priority for CMO’s
    • 4. • Tools to measure and track responses • E-mail campaign management • Lead generation programs • Customer intelligence and analytics • Sales and Marketing integration tools • Loyalty and rewards Top Areas for Spending for CMO’s
    • 5. CommercialCommercial Direct MailDirect Mail PersonalizedPersonalized URLsURLs DatabaseDatabase ManagementManagement EmailEmail MarketingMarketing Social Marketing Viral Marketing SEO Marketing Blogs e-Commerce Transpromotional Podcasts Webinars Website Development Web banners Mobile Marketing Multi-Channels
    • 6. An integrated marketing campaign utilizing direct mail, email and Personalized URL’s (PURL). Allows marketers to: •Collect more customer data for use in the next stage •Track responses with Personalized URL’s •Learn which media is most likely to get a response from each contact for more successful and cost-effective follow-ups. This solution includes a real-time detailed analysis Integrated Marketing Approach
    • 7. Direct Mail/ Email • Personalize • Relevant • Versioned The Web • Dynamic • Trackable • Adaptive The Opportunity
    • 8. DATABASE Sales & Marketing DATABASE Sales & Marketing Personalized Survey Page Campaign leads to Personalized URL Profile Page Profile Page Alert E-mail to Sales Thank You E-mail Postcard and/or E-mail Campaign5 4 3 2 1 Integrated Marketing System 6
    • 9. 10 Tips to Successful PURLs 1. Start with squeaky clean lists 2. Know Your Campaign Objective From the Start 3. Design mailers or emails to push prospects online 4. Use Web 2.0 wisely 5. Tailor offers to your Demographic 6. Integrate Trigger Marketing 7. Track and Learn from Customer Behavior 8. Test PURL campaigns Head to Head 9. Adding Security Measures 10. Adjust Metrics to Accommodate PURLs
    • 10. 10 Tips to Successful PURLs 1. Start with squeaky clean lists
    • 11. • Data drives strategy • Data drives creative • Data drives offers • Data drives graphics • Data drives media Direct Mail Industry response rates 2%=98% failure rate Database Integration
    • 12. Fact: • 40% of any direct mail campaign’s success lies in selecting the right list • 40% of the success depends on the offer • 20% depends on the creative 40/40/20 Rule
    • 13. AttractGenerate & Print Personalized URL’s on each direct mail piece Key Ingredients to Success
    • 14. 10 Tips to Successful PURLs 3. Design mailers or emails to push prospects online
    • 15. Capture visits to the landing page Interact
    • 16. Personalized URL Variable Messaging Personalized URLs
    • 17. • Capture on-line response to direct mail • Lift response rates as much as 3-5X through relevant messaging • Generate qualified, engaged leads • Allow for real-time results and analytics Personalized URLs
    • 18. Personalized Direct Mail Personalized Message
    • 19. 10 Tips to Successful PURLs 5. Tailor offers to your Demographic
    • 20. Personalization vs. Relevance Personalization is good – “John, at Avis we try harder for XYZ corporation.” Relevance is much better John is in charge of preferred rental car decision making for a pharmaceutical company: – “John, pharmaceutical companies like XYZ spend an average of $1.3 million per year on rental car expenses. In less than 3 minutes, when you visit your personal website you’ll learn the 5 ways Avis’ new program for pharmaceutical companies can cut XYZ rental car expenses by 20% annually.”
    • 21. Personalized text PURL’s Variable Graphics and Headline Personalized Direct Mail
    • 22. Variable Text & Graphics Personalized Direct Mail
    • 23. Email
    • 24. • Engage respondent with relevant content, including a Personalized URL . • Continue personal conversation on-line • Generate qualified leads via targeted messaging & survey questions Personalized URLs and Landing Pages
    • 25. 10 Tips to Successful PURLs 6. Integrate Trigger Marketing
    • 26. Database rules and triggers Database rules with triggers for graphics and text
    • 27. Variable Imaging Versioned Text Personalized Landing Pages
    • 28. Survey Page Capture Lead Info Survey Page
    • 29. Update Campaign Database Profile Page
    • 30. Rules-based Messaging Thank You Page
    • 31. • Automatically triggered follow-up email to respondent • Email content determined by web activity • Continue personal conversation after they leave the landing pages Automated Follow-up to Respondents
    • 32. • React to leads immediately • Distributed via email or PDA/cell phone • No need for cold-calling Robin Marchetti just responded to your Automated Lead Distribution
    • 33. • All visits and online activity are tracked • Reports to help “fine tune” your marketing – Activity summary – Lead reports – Survey results Reporting and Analytics
    • 34. 10 Tips to Successful PURLs 8. Track and Learn from Customer Behavior
    • 35. Dashboard Landing Page Activity Details Select campaigns
    • 36. Dashboard Detailed Lead Info
    • 37. Dashboard Export Detailed Activity Info
    • 38. Case Study Objectives of Campaign •Obtain New Loan Customers •Establish a direct marketing baseline for future campaigns. •Compare variable data marketing to traditional static methods Encourage New Loan Campaign
    • 39. Alerus Financial •List segmented into 3 groups- 25-35, 36-45 & 46-55 •Personalized Messaging & Images designed appeal to each audience. •Tracked PURLs and toll-free #, submitted contact forms and click-throughs
    • 40. Significant Results Static Variable # of pieces mailed 7500 7500 Response Rate Less than 1% 3.67% New Loans 29.73% 59.46%
    • 41. • Campaigns that utilize relevant graphics and text commonly see a 3-5X lift in response rates – PODi, The Digital Printing Initiative • 1 in 3 direct mail recipients prefer to respond online – The DMA The Power of Personalized URLs
    • 42. Focus on Three Key Elements 1. Clearly identify and understand the target audience 2. Plan a comprehensive end-to-end experience 3. Focus on tangible business results 4. Test-Test-Test