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Pro-Motion Technology Group
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Pro-Motion Technology Group


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An overview of Pro-Motion Technology Group, including some innovating trends we are seeing and using, as well as statistics that support our efforts in creating terrific digital signage experiences …

An overview of Pro-Motion Technology Group, including some innovating trends we are seeing and using, as well as statistics that support our efforts in creating terrific digital signage experiences that produce results.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • The Challenge: Using only a static-print style ad already produced for another application, attempt to influence sales volume in a series of different practices in different geographic and economic areas. Ancillary goals: a) increase the client’s general awareness of the product b) educate the client on the product’s features and benefits c) increase pull-through marketing d) increase practice and manufacturer profits e) increase brand awareness in the staff. 17 to 22 minutes depending upon the specific practice, scheduling and service needed. Each client was therefore exposed approximately 1.2 times prior to their appointment. Quick Facts Industry: Veterinary Medicine Location: National – 16 practices in 12 states Challenge: Heighten client awareness of a NSAID product to create pull through marketing demand. Test Period: 1.5 months, March and April 2008 Results: 136 % mean increase over historic sales volume Highest Increase 1543% Lowest Increase 6% Number showing no positive increase in sales 3 Cost per focused impression – 17.4 cents 81.2% showed an increase in sales volume in 2008 vs. 2007. Exceptional sales increases were noted in a single practice resulting in a two month average increase of 920% over the previous year, same period. The group as a whole produced an average increased sales volume of 138%, with only three practices showing no positive increase in sales volume.
  • Content was created based on strategy of understanding effective engagement. Telling a story of the lifestyle benefits, not just product promotion. (In both spots, no single product is highlighted, and in the 2 nd spot, the product is on-screen for a grand total of 12 seconds) Data gathered by me. Compared running time (calendar) with internal POS data. WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Shows that strategy and attention to the audience can yield positive results. :30 ads simply don’t work in the store.
  • 2009 Aribtron Study of waiting room digital signage: Study test period: Select days over five months Over 4,000 respondents Over 200 waiting rooms (U.S.) Avg wait time: 17 mins Good thing to offer in the waiting area: 92% Credible source of health information: 88% Enhances patient doctor relationship: 69% 60% of visitors go shopping immediately after their trip to the medical center
  • Transcript

    • 1. Leave it to us …““29755 Beck Road Wixom, MI 48393 | 800.765.5020 |
    • 2. Where We Are
    • 3. The Trusted Authority in Digital IntegrationAs the industry’s leading integrated communications partner, webelieve long term success comes from strong relationships with ourclients.Our approach is tailored to each client’s unique project. By engagingwith clients early, and partnering through the entire process, we ensurethat the desired outcome is achieved. Every time.With 27 award-winning years of experience, we provide a completerange of strategy, products, and service for every client, everywherethere’s the potential for digital engagement.Pro-Motion is very proud to be a certified Women’s Owned Business(WBE)Total Digital Solutions
    • 4. Pro-Motion offers strategic consulting servicesunmatched by the competition. A dedicatedmanagement team will be your communicationchain to provide constant updates.Many of our clients use our resourcesextensively and consider their dedicated teamto be an extension of their own department.It starts with you . . . then leave it to us.Client Relationships
    • 5. The Company We Keep
    • 6. Strategy Media HardwareDeployment &Field ServicesProgramMaintenance> Strategic Development> Outline CustomerExperience> Content Strategy> Hardware Guidelines> Network vs Non-Network> Placement> Deployment Timeline> Fixturing> Maintenance Plan> Analytics> Custom Audio Solutions> Custom Video Solutions> Digital Signage Systems> Interactive Systems> Shelf Edge Technology> Digital Menu Boards> Custom Hardware Design> Procurement> Sourcing> Customer Service> Warranty Services> Analytics &> Measurements> System Management> Remote Diagnostics> Update Management> Design & Engineering> Solution Development> Project Management> Custom HardwareProgramming> Custom Software> Programming> Kitting Services> Logistics Planning> Distribution> Installation> Electrical, A/V, IT> Site System Training> On Site Technical Service> Software PlatformSelection> Content Development> Application Development> Content Testing &Modification> Content Deployment> Content Management> Platform Training> Interactive MediaA Comprehensive Solution
    • 7. Your content is the heart and soul of your campaign. We work closely with ourclients to gather the right information to deliver a stellar campaign–from platformdesign to branding and graphic development.We can manage your network from end to end. Whether a completely managedsolution, or a blend of services such as hosted servers, and customer facingtemplates for easy content updates are required, Pro-motion can craft the rightsolution.Content Strategy and ImplementationContent Channel Location Time Impact
    • 8. Maintaining reliable and updated content is critical.Pro-Motion can provide Content Management Systems to manage your displaycontent remotely from any internet connected location around the globe.We manage network operation centers in-house. Our systems allowaffordable ways to control the content displayed on each of your connected units,integrating with existing media campaigns, making your business operateseamlessly and securely.Content Management
    • 9. Our software team can provide both tailor-made and off-the-shelf solutions to fit yourrequirements.We supply all the main industry software products and can host your software in-house, monitored by our own experienced technical team.Engaging content is vital to the success of a digital campaign, as is thecorrect selection of technology to operate and manage your displays.Software
    • 10. Visual DisplaysDigital DisplaysLCD Large Format DisplayLCD Desktop MonitorLED DisplaysLarge Format LED DisplaysPlasma DisplaysLCD/DLP ProjectorsOpen Frame DisplaysDigital MerchandisingIntegrated LCD TelevisionsIntegrated LCD Compact Flash MonitorsIntegrated LCD Touch Screen MonitorsIntegrated LCD All-In OneAccessoriesExternal Button PanelsExternal Push ButtonsRFID ReadersBar Code ReadersMotion SensorsIR Wireless Touch SensitiveButtonsAudioPro Audio ComponentsPro Ceiling SpeakersPro Wall SpeakersPro SubwoofersEnvironmental SpeakersPro Digital Powered AmplifiersPro Digital Mixer/ AmplifiersPro System ProcessorsPro HD Digital A/V SwitchersPro HD Digital Distribution AmplifiersHome Theater In-A-BoxPortable AudioProfessional 2-Way RadiosMicrophonesContent Delivery DevicesHD Digital Media PlayersIntegrated LCD Compact Flash MonitorsIntegrated LCD Touch Screen MonitorsIntegrated LCD CPU Touch Screen MonitorsIntegrated All-In-One MonitorsMP3 PayersBluRay PlayersHD DVD PlayersThin Client SBCMulti-Signage AppliancesBlank MediaCompact Flash Memory CardsSD SDHC Memory CardsUSB DrivesAccessoriesFlat Panel Display MountsEnvironmental EnclosuresFlat Panel Display StandsFlat Panel Display CartsProjector MountsProjection ScreensRack CabinetsRack AccessoriesCable ManagementPower DistributionSatellite ReceiversHardware
    • 11. Our Partners
    • 12. From our 74,000 sq ft warehouse and distribution center, Pro-Motion’slogistics specialists plan, execute and track shipments.We guarantee on time delivery at the best price every time.Our dedicated warehouse holds significant stock of inventory to supportour clients requirements and our commitment to providing exceptionalafter-sales service. In addition, we also provide kitting services, custompackaging and dispatch to individual locations with full tracking reports.Distribution, Logistics, and Warehouse
    • 13. More and more of our customer’s solutions require a network connectivity solution,and they are looking to Pro-Motion to provide that connection. We can now offer avariety of wireless or hard-wired connectivity options depending on the needs of ourcustomers up to and including Guest WiFi deployments.Network Connectivity
    • 14. Pro-Motion has a North American network of 450 techniciansthat are certified and insured. Each technician has gone through rigorous testing tocorroborate their skill level and qualifications.Our experienced installers work with global clients to providelarge-scale rollouts under tight deadlines, for national and international campaigns.Field Services
    • 15. Installing your displays is only the first step in the journey of yourcampaign.Pro-Motion offers a selection of dedicated in-house support servicesto ensure your displays are performing 24/7, including a direct call-center hotline for immediate technical support. We candispatch same-day products and our field services team can provide support visits fornational and international coverage.Call Center Support & On-Site Service
    • 16. Digital
    • 17. We help clients push the boundaries of end user experience bymerging the physical and digital world. Our approach focusesaround the retail experience and delivering an extraordinary,engaging and memorable brand message.Solution Development
    • 18. This thin clear capacitive foil isapplied to the back of the glassor acrylic, and can be used withprojection films, some rigidscreens, or LCD monitors tocreate touchscreens.Touch / Window Surface
    • 19. An iPad is used to control a lightingcontroller that changes the lightingcolor temperature for differingconditions so the customer can seewhat their makeup will look like underdifferent light i.e. office lighting,daylight or dim lighting.The Beautiful Skin Studio
    • 20. Current deployment keys language specific content based on originsof flight departures in Minneapolis. Take note that the flight origin isthe trigger in this case, however the trigger could possibly beanything, as RSS/HTML5 is now quite prevalent among thesesystems.Adaptive Signage
    • 21. Be at the forefront of touch-free computing and help unlock what’spossible when people use gesture and voice to interact naturallywith technology.Gestural Interaction
    • 22. The Leap is a small USB peripheral that creates a 3D interactionspace of eight cubic feet to precisely interact with and controlsoftware on your computer. It’s like being able to reach into thecomputer and pull out information as easily as reaching into a cookiejar.•200 times more accurate than anything else on the market.•About the size of a flash drive.•Distinguish individual fingers and track movements to 1/100thof amillimeter.Gestural Interaction – The Leap
    • 23. With improved, thinner bezels, matrix walls are becoming incrediblypopular ways to present large format messages in cost effectivesolutions.Matrix Video Walls
    • 24. Transparent LCD panels that transform glass into transparentinteractive digital displays to provide a unique eye-grabbing opportunityto engage and interact with customers where the real products can beseen and touched with the added benefit of signage content on thepanel.Transparent Displays
    • 25. 22” Square LEDDigital DisplayVideo As Design InterestTwo-sided videowall for 3Dexperience
    • 26. Budweiser GAME PLAY is designed to deliver a morepersonalized connection to the in-bar sports viewingexperience. Each user can choose his/her favorite teamand play games that connect to the live broadcast.Through gamification and a points system, it creates aheightened on-premise energy and social experience.ersonalized Customer Experience
    • 27. For Jamba Juice, we created antouch screen application that notonly shows the client specials, atwitter crawl, and promotions, butalso included a “Photo Booth.”Customers just press the Cameralens on the touch screen. Threephotos are taken instantly. The nextscreen displays those photos, andthey are automatically uploaded toFacebook.The Facebook page can also beviewed with a touch of a button. AQR code is also displayed socustomers can scan the code andquickly view their photos on theirsmart phone or tabletEngaging Social Media
    • 28. Shelf Edge Mobile Integration
    • 29. Unique shapes for digital media designed to complement theaesthetic environmental design. A great solution for those thinkingoutside the 16:9 box.LED Shapes
    • 30. Project immersive audio that cuts through background noise, evenat low volumes. The perfect way to create truly immersiveenvironments and frame consumers’ perceptions of events,products and services.Focused Audio
    • 31. XDS-1062 10” PoEInteractive SensorsPower over Ethernet or PoE technology describes a system to passelectrical power safely, along with data, on Ethernet cabling.Power over Ethernet
    • 32. Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures, monitors,manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobileoperators, service providers and enterprises. MDM functionalitytypically includes over-the-air distribution of applications, data andconfiguration settings for all types of connected devices(Smartphone, Tablets, PC’s)Mobile Device Management
    • 33. Interactive digital display which is specifically built for retail. The RetailTablet’s is a robust yet slim line unit hardware and software havebeen designed for commercial and retail use.7” / 10.2” / 15.6” / 18.5” / 21.5”Retail Tablets
    • 34. Shelf Edge Solutions
    • 35. Custom UI Development
    • 36. Real-Time data management Content updates ReportingCentralized content management/distributionMeasurement of promotion performance more easilymeasured onlineNetwork Connectivity / CMS
    • 37. By utilizing the real-time time audience analysis from AIM the CMStemplate engine is able to make key adjustments to your signage onthe fly. Playlists can be modified to better accommodate gender orage ranges, or a template "theme" could be adjusted to help attractviewers when viewership is low.acial Recognition/Audience Metrics
    • 38. • Capabilities– Face and body detection, Face recognition– Age, gender detection– Hand, body gestures– Gaze tracking– Accessories detection – wearing glasses, hat etc– Emotion detection – smiling– Object detection – particular products, logos• See your customer– Notice their age, gender. Is it asingle person or a group?– Are they smiling? Wearingglasses? Hat?– What products are they lookingat, comparing?• Interact with them– Change content of digitaldisplay based on visualinteraction– Passive or active interaction• Passive – based on customerattributes, implicit actions• Active – based on explicitactions by customerFacial Recognition
    • 39. Statistics & Numbers
    • 40. Customers are up to 10 times more likely to observe dynamic media thanstatic media.Customers are 5 times more likely to remember the message if delivered viadynamic rather than static signage.Customers perception of product quality shows a 10-15% increase if themessage is delivered via dynamic rather than static signage.Source: Sony/IBM Joint Research Project (2000)Did You Know?
    • 41. Sales LiftTime of day, day of week, promoted item, season,campaign, content, location of screen, audio, life cycle ofproduct, age of message, location of product in store,customer navigation habits, research methodology,customer mindset, customer cost/benefit analysis,shopper marketing insights, brand, price....among others.Contributing Factors15%Sales Lift
    • 42. 77%of people say that music and video entertainment is an importantfactor in creating an ideal atmosphere in a shop90%of people would select a shop that had audio and video over one thatdid not72% say a shop playing audio and video is more inviting67% See a shop playing relevant music and video as trendy60%of customers agree they would spend more time in a shop if they areentertained56% Are more likely to try on clothes if music is playing81% say it helps increase staff morale61% believe that media increases employee productivityThe Power of Place-Based Audio
    • 43. Location, Location, Location
    • 44. 23% sales lift for new product launches.25% sales lift on seasonal products.7% lift on “rollbacks.”64% sales lift for products on end-caps.Source: Smart Network ResultsOctober 10, 2009Sales Uplift
    • 45. Industry: Veterinary (WaitingRoom)Location(s): 16 (in 12 States)Test time: Six WeeksProduct: MedicationDwell Time: 17 to 22 minutesSales: 138% IncreaseCase Study
    • 46. Industry: RetailLocation(s): 1,000 (U.S.)Test time: Six WeeksProduct: Consumer ElectronicsDwell Time: 8 to 14 minutesSales: 149% IncreaseCase StudyCase Study
    • 47. • Almost 80% of the Best Buy TV viewers agreethat the HDTV programming is good thing tooffer customers.• Best Buy TV delivers 59% increase in brandrecall.• 50% of Best Buy TV viewers are influenced bythe ads they see.2008 Nielsen In-Store StudyCase Study
    • 48. • 92%: Good thing to offer in the waiting room.• 88%: Credible source of health-related information.• 69%: Enhances patient-doctor relationships.• 60%: Go shopping in the same day.2009 Arbitron Medical Waiting Room StudyMedical Waiting Room StudyCase Study
    • 49. Thank You