Yu Gi Oh Duel


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This is a movie about Yu Gi Oh duel tournament instead of a presentation. Of course, I am not treated facebook as buisness area. But because this is the only way I can share my powerpoint to my friend. So I post here. Sorry if I place in wrong place...

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Yu Gi Oh Duel

  1. 1. I will now introduce the duelist who participant in this duel tournament!!! Starting from the left is Noah, Mai, Bakura, Dartz, Yugi, CJS, Aki Izayoi, and Jonouchi.
  2. 2. The first duel will start after 20 minutes. For this time, the duelist can go resting until 20 minutes later
  3. 3. Let me see first… Harpie Lady, Harpie Queen and…? 19 minutes before the duel… Where is Harpie Feather Duster??? I am sure I bring it on!Perhaps it’s been stolen???
  4. 4. Look like I am going duel someone from future at the beginning!What cards she got? I better go ask CJS for details 17 minutes before the duel…
  5. 5. 15 minutes before the duel What deck should I use against Mai? Hmm. Maybe this…
  6. 6. Wait, Mai, its me come first Hey, CJS, I got something need your help! Hey, CJS, I got something need your help! Wait, Jonouchi, its me come first
  7. 7. Stop! what thing you wants help? I need information My card is stolen
  8. 8. My turn, draw Summon Rocket Warrior turn ends Why are you so annoying? Duel!
  9. 9. My turn, draw Summon Harpie Lady set a card turn ends
  10. 10. Summon Baby Dragon(But I (a set card, huh?) Time didn’t got My turn, Wizard in draw hand…)
  11. 11. Now, Rocket Because of Cyber Warrior attack Shield effect, Harpie What hyber mode? your Harpie Lady power up by 500 So funny set card Lady! Hyber ATK! open! Cyber Mode! Shield Now, your monster will..What? Not dissapear?
  12. 12. That’s the meaning of Hyber Mode, Stop, you two is Rocket Warrior is not wasting my time! destroyable during my own turn!
  13. 13. I decided to help Mai first since lady first!!! Jerk…
  14. 14. So what card Harpie you want to Feather find? Duster 6 minutes before the duel… Oh, that card.. Take this
  15. 15. Thanks, but how you find it? I take it for some investigation! hehehe Nope, I just borrow for a while What? So that’s without your mean you stole permission, anyway hope to it? have a good duel with
  16. 16. So is this deck I gonna use… Going on!!!
  17. 17. Now, tournament 1st batle, BEGIN!!!
  18. 18. My turn, draw I go frst, draw Summon Harpie Lady SB in gemini elf attack position turn ends
  19. 19. Go, Gemini Elf attack! Gemini Dual Slash Jerk…
  20. 20. set a card, turn ends My turn, draw You didn’t use this Summon Harpie card before… Queen That don’t matter, I set a card turn ends
  21. 21. If this is Mai, at both monster with same Mirror Wall! her set attack point, card probably is…
  22. 22. I am not as stupid as Set card you think! open, continuos I wants to attack anyway, trap Mirror Wall Gemini Dual Slash Is coming!
  23. 23. Activate Shrink from my But in that hand and half your case, our monster monster ATK ATK point will become the same
  24. 24. In Main Phase My turn, draw 2, Summon Magician’s Valkyria and turn ends
  25. 25. Because of Mirror Wall But since this is effect, youthis card effect, all LP to Because of must pay 2000 anime rules, Mirror maintain it rules from this duel is from real Wall dosen’t need life, not anime! any cost! So that… activate continuos magic card: Forbidden anime Alright then, I don’t rule want to pay the cost and destroy mirror wall
  26. 26. what the… Then summon lightning Activate Then activate Berserk vortex. Discard 1 monster reborn and Gorilla card from hand and bring back Gemini Elf from hand destroy all your face up monster
  27. 27. Direct attack with both monster! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaargh!!!
  28. 28. Activate That’s your ends, draw!!!Activate Destroy your set card My Mirror marshmallon Things is Mystical Space Typhoon My a set a set card, turn, effect and your going danger and Force!!! draw LP on me… will go down monster, turn1000 by ends Wahahahahaha…Berserk Gorllia Attack
  29. 29. Activate Monster Then, activate control effect, Because of brain mystical Now, I turn take outgorrila take My have only 1 Reborn and berserk control of your space typhoon andhand card, pay 800 anime rule then, forbiddenis… destroy draw that with no cost since in anime it didn’t Magician Valkyria need to lp
  30. 30. Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry. Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight. Envelop the desert with your glow and cast your rage upon my foe.
  31. 31. Oh, this creature again…I…I… surrender Huh, surrender? This god power is strong so you surrender to avoid being attack, right? hahaha
  32. 32. The winner is declared, the winner is CJS!!! Yahoo!!!
  33. 33. Phew… I manage ton dodge this turn…On the next turn… Rose tentacles attack Rocket Warrior You do not have any next turn!!!
  34. 34. Rose tentacle CAN attack again if you have plant type monster on your field at the start of battle phase. Rose tentacles, direct attack! Because when you have a plant type monster on Argh, so I take 1 direct your side of the field… attack, I still got 300 lp left…
  35. 35. When rose tentacles destroy plant monster, opponent will decrease lp by 300 When rose tentacles destroy plant monster, opponent will decrease lp by 300 What? I know with the effect of Ivy Shackle, Rocket warrior become plant and she can direct attack again, but 2500-2200 , I still got 300 left, how could this happen ? No!!!
  36. 36. User: Mai Kujaku (Mai Valentine) Effect: 1.Treated as Harpie Lady
  37. 37. User: CJS (One of signature card) ATK strength is strong for a four star monster, CJS mainly use it to attack in the start of the Duel. We can see CJS use it to attack often. High attack power let this card survive long as a tribute to God
  38. 38. User: Jonouchi (One of signature card) Effect (Anime) 1.Undestroyable by battle during own turn 2.Battle damage with this card during own turn is 0 3.Reduce opponent monster ATK by 1500 points upon hit
  39. 39. User : Mai Kujaku (Mai Valentine) (Main signature card) With equip magic card, this monster with ATK only 1300 is unacceptable by opponent, especially Mai use Ultimate combo let Harpie Lady become 3 Harpie Lady with 3000 ATK !
  40. 40. User: Mai Kujaku (Mai Valentine) Effect 1.Equipped monster ATK rose by 500 Acquirement 1.Can only be equip to Harpie Lady One part of Mai Harpie Lday Combo. Increase attack by a little, but worked well when harpie lady equip with other card
  41. 41. User: Jonouchi Although this monster is cute, it’s too weak to fight alone. That’s why Jonouchi will fuse it with Time Wizard, then Summon Thousand Year Dragon with attack point twice with this card! Amazing!!!
  42. 42. Credit All Yu-Gi-Oh people is not created by me (except CJS) and the image that I use is also not mine one, they are from website that I search in google, so I pobrably can’t list them all. I am ProGuy!!!
  43. 43. Copyright Do not steal mything!!! I mean, if you want, do your own! If you dare, let The Winged of Ra and Law judge you!