PROEXPOSURE end of year images


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PROEXPOSURE: end of year images

Season’s greetings to all our clients and friends of PROEXPOSURE.

To mark the end of a remarkable year we would like to show you our highlights of 2012 and thank you for your continued support.

We wish you all the best for 2013.


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PROEXPOSURE end of year images

  1. 1. PROEXPOSURE: end of year imagesFlowersBy AlemAdigrat, Ethiopia
  2. 2. PROEXPOSURE: end of year imagesSeason‟s greetings to all our clients and friends ofPROEXPOSURE.To mark the end of a remarkable year we would like to show youour highlights of 2012 and thank you for your continued support.We wish you all the best for 2013.PROEXPOSURE
  3. 3. Grace captures life in Kigali foryoung people in her behind thescenes look at a wedding.Grace continues to make anincome for herself as a weddingphotographer.See the PROEXPOSUREphotographer‟s photo blogs At the hairdresser By Grace Kigali, Rwanda
  4. 4. To mark International dayof the girl we told the heartrendering story of 19 yearold Alem. A strong, proudand ambitious youngwoman who refused toaccept the status quo.Read Mark Chamberlain‟s„There is a mountain on theedge of Biera‟.
  5. 5. “My customers come for portraitpictures and with their family andfriends in my studio.Also people ask me to takepictures outside their homes andworkplaces. I charge more forthis type of work.”Last year Frewoini got a newcamera to replace heroriginal camera that had finallydied. So after a break without acamera she is able to workagain.Give your old camera a brandnew life and make a difference-be a part of it! Portrait of two women By Frewoini Adigrat, Ethiopia
  6. 6. MesekelBy AtakltiMekelle, Ethiopia
  7. 7. See all our PROEXPOSURE portfoliosSince training as a photographerin 2005 Ashenafi has carried outcommissioned work for manyinternational developmentagencies as well as being anofficial photographer for the GreatEthiopian Run.See Ashenafi‟s portfolio
  8. 8. “It is important to havephotographs of your friends andfamily- it is a way of keepingpeople in your heart.I don‟t have photos of my familywho died in the genocide so Ihave no way of rememberingthem.”See Moses‟s slideshow „We arefamily‟ We are family By Moses Kigali, Rwanda
  9. 9. “I realised how useful my training was when I visited Progressio programmes in Zimbabwe and took much better, more engaging photographs than I had before. I‟ve also got more confidence to work with photography professionals to get the images we need.” Daniel Hale, Progressio, UKFollowing on from our digital story-telling training with Progressio Peru, weran photography training with their staff based in London. The Progressiophotographers were soon travelling to East Timor and Zimbabwe to collectdigital stories.
  10. 10. Local families in traditional dressBy YeneneshAddis, Ethiopia
  11. 11. ‘The Silenced: Fighting for Press Freedom in Mexico’PROEXPOSURE is proud to host the website of CAFOD‟sphotography exhibition in collaboration with The Guardian andthe Committee to Protect Journalists on World Press FreedomDay to commemorate reporters in Mexico who have lost theirlives in the pursuit of truth.„The Silenced‟ is a growing group of journalists and mediaprofessionals who have been killed for reporting the reality of thecountry‟s drugs cartels and their power networks, or have beencaught in the cross-fire of drug violence.
  12. 12. PROEXPOSURE Associate Kate Stanworth runs a photo training workshop with local NGO staff covering the elections in Somaliland.Women gathering ahead of voting dayBy Kate StanworthSomaliland
  13. 13. Looking ahead to theAfrica cup of nationsfootball tournament nextmonth see Gisele‟sslideshow „Match of theday‟ following a local teamin Kigali.Match dayBy GiseleKigali, Rwanda
  14. 14. Find out more about PROEXPOSUREcontact our friendly teamon ++44 (0)20 7275 8472,Join us on facebook,on twitter @PROExposureor email