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YES, 8.2.2012, Pori, Anna
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YES, 8.2.2012, Pori, Anna


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YES, 8.2.2012, Pori, Anna

YES, 8.2.2012, Pori, Anna

Published in: Education, Business
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  • Hi Everyone, My name is Anna Bergdahl and I work at the County Administrative Board of Östergötland. We are a regional authority and the states
  • Note! The definition includes both the development of personal qualities as well as business competencies. Still the personal qualities often becomes forgotten and we tend to talk about how to start and run a business. We need a change of mindset where the definition of EE becomes broader.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Best Practice ConferenceAnna BergdahlCounty Administrative Board of ÖstergötlandPori 8 February 2012 modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón Haga clic para27/05/10
    • 2. Haga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón Partnership: 8 partners SE, FI, FR, ES, EE, IE, PL, SK
    • 3. Decision makers Ranked highest as entrepreneurial ability Entrepreneurial know how – Estonia Responsibility – Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Spain Problem Solving – Ireland Haga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón Team Working - Sweden27/05/10
    • 4. Teachers and PrincipalsHaga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón
    • 5. Who do you think should provide entrepreneurship education in schools? Decisionmakers - Combination of teachers, business developers and entrepreneurs Except for Poland where 60% think it should be teachers only and 40% a combination Teachers and principals agree Haga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón - Combination of teachers and entrepreneurs is needed27/05/10
    • 6. Bottlenecks Main issues according to decision makers Lack of finance – Estonia, Finland, Slovakia Lack of qualified staff – Poland Lack of teaching instruments – Ireland Lack of guidelines and regulations – Spain Lack of time - Sweden And what do teachers and principals think? Lack of time – Finland, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Haga clic para modificar Sweden subtítulo del patrón el estilo de Lack of finance – Slovakia, Ireland Lack of qualified staff - Estonia27/05/10
    • 7. Entrepreneurship education is important! 95% of teachers and principals 99% of decision makersHaga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón
    • 8. Thank you! Haga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón27/05/10