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G7 Marketing plan and Commercialization
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G7 Marketing plan and Commercialization


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Without animation the presentation does not look good, for better view download it!!!

Without animation the presentation does not look good, for better view download it!!!

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  • Trade-off: price vs performance
  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketing plan andCommercialization SaphvidTMin early detection of Pre- eclampsia Ms. H. Gwani Ms. S. Jain Ms. V. Varkey Mr. A. Awosusi Mr. D. Igwe Mr. P. Waghmare
    • 2. G7 Diagnostics Headquarters: United Kingdom Area of expertise: Early detection of Pre- eclampsia Latest product: SaphvidTM Foundations: • Strong R&D base in early detection of Pre-eclampsia • Filed patent Scope of improvements: • Diversification • Global expansion26 December 2012
    • 3. PURPOSE OF TODAY’SMEETING… To outline the company’s marketing plans intended notonly to ensure sales but also to create an incredible positiveperspective of our product on the minds of both our directcustomers (obstetricians and midwives) and the end-users(pregnant women) of the technology…26 December 2012
    • 4. G7 DiagnosticsMission: To provide innovative point of care diagnostic products for early detection of pre-eclampsia in pregnant womenVision: To become a global, leading and reliable provider of ‘pre-eclampsia detection’ diagnostic devices26 December 2012
    • 5. Product: SaphvidTM Strip: SaphvidTM Intended Use: Early detection of Pre-eclampsia Device Used: Triage Meter Need of the hour: • No effective diagnostic method available26 December 2012
    • 6. Saphvid TM 25 packsStrip wrapped in foil tokeep out moisture Instruction manual
    • 7. Agenda: Marketing PlanAnalysis: • Market • Macro Environment • Micro Environment • Consumer AnalysisFeatures of SaphvidTMG7 Marketing StrategyOverview: Marketing planPositioning, Strategies & tacticsMarket expansionExecution & timeline budgetConclusion26 December 2012
    • 8. Market analysis:World Health Report (2005): • Eclampsia causes 12% maternal deaths per year.National Statistics (UK,2009): • Incidence of eclampsia is found to be 4.9/10000 births per year • Out of 400/ 730,000 cases of eclampsia per birth26 December 2012
    • 9. Market analysis: Source: December 2012
    • 10. Analysis: Macro- Environment • Regulatory laws and legislation for the device Political • Government involvement in the health car • Cost of the product and increasing incidence rate of Pre-eclampsia Economic • Lower taxation rate for the R&D companies from 2013 • Increasing birth rate Social • Awareness amongst public • E-commerce Technology • Improvement in automated technology (process improvement)Environmental • Policies for environmental friendly process Legal • Patent related work
    • 11. Analysis: Micro EnvironmentThreat of new Competitive rivalry Threat of substitutecompetitors • Increasing research on products/ services• Tax incentives for R&D (Grant Preeclampsia • Trade-off Thornton, 2010) • Superior technology • Alternate POC test for• Patents and proprietary (Saphvid ) knowledge Pre-eclampsia Buyer power Supplier power • Proven results, superior • Supplier concentration technology • Patent held by supplier • Critical need for an effective diagnosis 26 December 2012
    • 12. Competitors: COMPANY PRODUCT(s)Roche Diagnostics Point of Care Products POC for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism (DVT/PE). Point-of-care blood gas systemsInverness Medical Innovations Pregnancy/Ovulation Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Infectious Disease Respiratory Disease Gastrointestinal Disease Coagulation/CardiacAbbot Laboratories i-STAT® System diagnostic and data management products for rapid blood analysisSummit Doppler Systems Ultrasound Doppler systems used to detect fetal heartbeat (Preeclampsia)Alere™ Triage Test strip for preeclampsia detection.26 December 2012
    • 13. Analysis: Customer Expectations: •PrecisionTarget customer: •Accuracy •Ease of • General Practitioner operation • Gynecologist • Obstetrician • Mid wifeEnd User/ Consumer: • Pregnant women Expectations: •Time taken •Safe and effective
    • 14. G7 MarketingStrategy26 December 2012
    • 15. Overview: Marketing plan 4. Execution timeline 1. Research & 2. Objective and 3. Strategies & & Budgetrecommendations target audience tactics (Commercialization) -Value proposition -Public & professional -Positioning & Key relations messages -Clinical meetings & publications -Reimbursement, pricing & distribution -Sales promotion, advertising & Internet C. AssembleA. Research target B. Define clinical clinical advisory D. Validation study audience utility board
    • 16. Objective and target audienceValue proposition (USP) Reliability and accuracy Amount of sample: 200µL Ease of operation: guided by instruction manual Time taken- quick results: 15 minutes Point of care26 December 2012
    • 17. Objective and target audience (positioning) Product PriceClass of device: Annex II BPhysician specialty: Gynecologist, Manufacturing Cost: GBP 20ObstetricianClinical Utility: early detection of pre- Selling price: GBP 40eclampsiaReimbursement Place PromotionManufacturer – G7 Diagnostic Clinical meetings, WomenStore – NHS- Hospital Central Health Magazines, Clinical Store – Doctors/Midwives – Journals, Medical Patients (Pregnant Women) Representatives
    • 18. Strategies & tacticsPress release (clinical trials of product) Publication in Journals Public & professional relations (contacting doctors, explaining the product technology) Clinical meetings, symposiums Sales promotion and advertising
    • 19. Press Release
    • 20. Market expansionUK Market: • Press Release • Facts about pre-eclampsia • Prevent premature birth • Novel technology NHS, NICE • MR meting the doctors: USP • Conference/ workshops Obstetricians • Medical Journals • Interviewing the specialists • Campaign to create Consumer awareness about Pre- eclampsia • Articles in Magazines
    • 21. Influence of ElementsClinical trials Press release NHS NICE Other doctors Doctors (specialist) Clinical journals Magazine Pregnant ladies articles G7 Medical representatives Campaign Mid wives awareness Clinical conferencesNHS: National Health Service, NICE: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
    • 22. Market expansion International MarketingInternational Strategic Sales &Distributors Alliances Marketing• Identify • Contract • Agreement • Sales• Regulations Strength of in specific for 20 % of sales distributors country • Contacts
    • 23. Future Global distribution of SaphvidTM Specific Diagnostics (P) Ltd (ISO 9001:2000). • A-173, II nd Floor, Shyam Villa, Shubash Nagar, Jaipur 302016 Rajasthan ( INDIA) • Synapse Biotech Ltd • Enugu, Enugu state, Nigeria, West Africa • Runbio Biotech Co.,Ltd. • Rongsheng Technological Zone,Univ.Rd.Shantou,Guangdong,China Zip Code: 515063
    • 24. Marketing Gantt Chart: Commercialization ACTIVITY DURATION Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12 Press release 20 Clinical Journal 25 Medical Representatives 30 Clinical Conferences 5 Magazine Articles 25 Camapaigns Awarness 25 NHS Approval 30 Indentify international Distributor30 Regulations Approval 10 Distributor Agreement 30 (after approval from international regulatory bodies) Distributor Contract 30 (after approval from international regulatory bodies)
    • 25. MARKETING COSTS Activity Budget GBP Press release 300 Clinical journals 200 Clinical conference 9300 Press conference 6000 Campaigns 17000 Magazine article 200 Salary 120,000 Total 153,000
    • 26. Conclusion:•Analysis of the environment has led G7 Diagnostics to: • Identify target customers • Build a robust marketing plan based on competent strengths • Market expansion • Associated marketing cost26 December 2012
    • 27. THANK YOU!