Corporate presentation 3_s management certifications


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Corporate Presentation of 3S Management Certifications and Training Pvt. Ltd.

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Corporate presentation 3_s management certifications

  1. 1. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize Stabilize3S Management Certificationsand Trainings Private Limited
  2. 2. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeAbout Us• 3S Management Certifications is established to provide valuableSolutions to the Corporate Management in terms of managementsystem certifications, Training in various fields of the businessoperations.• Third Party Conformity assessment for various Management Systemcertifications with the focus of value addition to the client system• The auditors in 3S Management Certifications are competent andexpert in different scope & industry• 3S Management Certifications is a legal entity registered withRegistrar of Companies, Govt. of India, and to be accredited byABCB (E) UK to provide the Assessment and Certification services inIndia and other countries.
  3. 3. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeQuality Policy“3S Management Certifications and Trainings PrivateLimited endeavors to provide Management SystemRegistration and Certification services with HighProfessional, Confidential and Impartial, standards withBusiness ethics and objectivity of CertificationActivities.We also strive to provide Professional trainings to buildthe Competitive and trained resources to serve theindustry.”
  4. 4. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeServices• Management System Certification Service– ISO 9001 – Quality Management System– ISO 14001 – Environment Management System– ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System– ISO 20000 – IT Service Management• Trainings– ISO 9001 Lead Auditor– ISO 9001 Internal Auditor– ISO 27001 Internal Auditor– ISO 20000 Internal Auditor– GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmacy Industries)– Six Sigma– Other– Please visit us on for complete listof training provided by us.
  5. 5. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeWhy 3S Management Certifications• 3S Management Certification Services is Managed by Professionals havingdeep understanding of Quality and other Management System for theassessment and add value to the Client’s system.• A friendly and open approach without any bureaucracy has led tounprecedented growth and client’s satisfaction.• 3s Management Certification Services ensures through Documentedprocesses for certification activities.– Auditors have empathy with this approach are employed, they are trained on our ownquality management system and our values for customer satisfaction.– Auditors are carefully allocated for the audit by their previous professional experienceaccording to client’s industrial sector. This results in a practical, meaningful and valueadded audit, carried out in with mutual understanding.• 3S Certification Service deeply believes that its audits should for addingvalue to the client’s organization’s Quality Management System, and notan bureaucratic exercise to ‘please’ the auditor.
  6. 6. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeApplication of ManagementStandards (ISO Standards)• To any organization, large or small• Any Product or Service,• Any Sector of Activity• whether it is a business enterprise, a publicadministration, or a government department.• no matter what the organizations scope ofactivity
  7. 7. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeApplication of StandardsAgriculture & FishingAgriculture and related activitiesFishingFarming of animalsForestryFood ProductsFood ProductionProcessing and preserving of FoodManufacture of BeveragesManufacture of WinesManufacture of Tobacco ProductsManufacture of TextileTextile WeavingFinishing of TextilesManufacture of Knitted FabricsDressing and dyeing of FurPreparation and spinning of other Textile FibresLeather & Leather ProductsManufacture of Leather ClothsTanning and dressing of LeatherManufacture of FootwearManufacture of Luggage, Handbagsand the likeWood & Wood ProductsManufacturing of WoodenContainersManufacture of Wood and WoodProductsManufacture of Builders’ andCarpentry etcPulp, Paper and PaperProductManufacture of Pulp, Paper &Paperboard, Article of Paper &Paperboard, Corrugated Paper(Board) and of container of Paper(Board) etc.
  8. 8. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizePublishingPublishingPrinting and services related to printingPublishing of NewspapersPublishing of BooksPrinting and ReproductionPrintingPrinting of NewspaperReproduction of Sound, Video, Computer media etc.Book Binding and FinishingManufacture of Coke and Refined PetroleumProductsManufacture of Coke Oven ProductsManufacture of Refined Petroleum ProductsProduction of Motor FuelManufacture of Oil based Lubricating Oils orGreases etc.Chemicals and FibresManufacture of Basic ChemicalsManufacture of Industrial Gases , FibresManufacture of Plastic in primary formManufacture of Paints etc.PharmaceuticalsManufacturing of Basic Pharma ProductsManufacture of Soap and DetergentsManufacture of ExplosivesManufacture of Essential oil, Glue etc.Rubber & Plastic ProductsManufacture of Rubber ProductsManufacture of Plastic ProductsManufacture of Builders’ wares of plasticManufacture of Rubber Tyres and tubesManufacture of Plastic Packing GoodsApplication of Standards
  9. 9. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeNon-Metallic mineral productsManufacture of GlassManufacture of Glass FibreManufacture of Ceramic Sanitary TilesManufacture of LimeManufacture of MortarsConcrete, Cement, PlasterManufacturing of Concrete productsManufacture of MortarsManufacture of CementManufacture of Lime, PlasterProduction of Abrasive productsBasic Metals and Fabricated Metal Prod.Manufacture of Basic metalsManufacture of TubesCasting of SteelWire DrawingAluminium ProductionMachinery and EquipmentManufacture of Machinery for the Production & use ofMechanical PowerManufacture of Machine ToolsManufacture of Weapons and AmmunitionManufacture of Domestic AppliancesManufacture of EnginesElectrical & Optical EquipmentManufacture of ComputersManufacture of Insulated Wires & CablesManufacture of Electrical EquipmentManufacture of Medical, Precision and OpticalEquipmentTransport EquipmentManufacture of Motor VehiclesManufacture of bodies (coachwork) for Motor VehiclesManufacture of Motorcycles and BicycleManufacture of parts & accessory for Motor Vehicles &their EnginesApplication of Standards
  10. 10. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeManufacturingManufacture of FurnitureManufacture of MattressesManufacture of Games and ToysManufacture of Brooms & BrushesManufacture of JewelleryRecyclingRecycling of Metal Waste and ScrapRecycling of Non – Metal Waste & ScrapReclaiming of Chemicals from Chemical WasteCrushing, Cleaning and Sorting other waste to obtainSecondary Raw MaterialElectricity SupplyProduction of ElectricityTransmission of ElectricityDistribution and Trade of ElectricityGas SupplyProduction of gas for the purpose of Gas supply byCarbonisation of FuelDistribution and trade of Gaseous Fuel through mainsActivities of Gas BrokersWater SupplyCollection, Purification and Distribution of WaterProduction, Collection and Distribution of Stream andHot Water for Heating, Power and other purposeConstructionGeneral ConstructionSite PreparationTest Drilling and BoringConstruction of Motorways, Road, Airfields and SportFacilitiesApplication of Standards
  11. 11. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeWholesale & Retail trade, Repair of Vehicles andHousehold GoodsWholesale Trade and Commission TradeSale of Motor VehiclesRetail saleNon-specialized trade of Food, BeveragesHotels & RestaurantsHotelsRestaurantsBarsCanteens & CateringCamping SitesTransport, Storage & CommunicationLand TransportTransport via RailwaysSea & Coastal Water TransportAir TransportSupporting & Auxiliary Transport ActivitiesFinancial Intermediation, Real Estate,RentingCentral BankingMonetary intermediationFinancial LeasingInsuranceInformation TechnologyHardware Consultancy & SupplySoftware Consultancy & SupplyData ProcessingMaintenance and repair of Office,Accounting and Computing MachineryEngineering ServicesResearch and Experimental developmenton Natural Sciences and EngineeringArchitectural and Engineering Activitiesand related Technical ConsultancyTown and City Planning and LandscapeArchitectureApplication of Standards
  12. 12. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeOther ServicesLegal activitiesBusiness and Management ConsultancyTechnical Testing & AnalysisAdvertisingAccounting, Book keeping and AuditingPublic Administration and DefenceGeneral Public Services ActivitiesSupporting Services Activates for the Governmentas a wholeDefence activitiesFire Service ActivitiesJustice and Judicial ActivitiesEducationPrimary EducationHigher EducationTechnical and Vocational EducationAdult & other EducationDriving School ActivitiesHealth and Social WorkHospitalsMedical Practice ActivitiesVeterinary ActivitiesSocial Work ActivitiesOther Health ServicesOther Community, Social and PersonalService ActivitiesActivities of Membership OrganisationRecreational, Cultural and Sporting ActivitiesMotion pictures and Video ActivitiesOther Entertainment ActivitiesApplication of Standards
  13. 13. 3S Management Certifications and Trainings (P) LimitedStandardize Synchronize StabilizeContact us• Please contact for Further information andCertification Requirements:3S Management Certifications andTrainings (P) Ltd.1546, Sector – 29FaridabadM: 9711202664email: