comparision of dominos and pizza hut services


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comparision of dominos and pizza hut services

  1. 1. Anamika Agarwal Priyanka Das Saanchi Sarawgi
  3. 3. History  Founded in 1960 by Tom Monaghan  Second largest Pizza chain in US  9000 corporate and franchised stores across 60 nations. And 306 stores in INDIA.  Domino’s outlet in India opened in 1996  Jubilant Food Works Limited, a Jubilant Bhartia Group company holds the Master Franchise rights for India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh  Revenue  70 % from home deliveries  30 % from OTC sales
  4. 4. Entered India in 1996 through a franchise agreement with Vam Bhartia Corp. First outlet was opened in Delhi. Domino's had the largest network in the fast food segment in India- with 101 outlets across 40 cities.
  5. 5. Vision and Mission Vision : exceptional people on a mission, to be the best pizza delivery company in the world Branding :Yeh hai rishton ka time Logo: the three dots represents the stores that were opened in 1969 Home delivery : Starting in 1973, Domino's Pizza had a guarantee that customers would receive their pizzas within 30 minutes of placing an order "30 minute or Free" guarantee for orders placed in its stores
  6. 6. Indian Aspect (Home delivery) Mode of payment: cash on delivery Radius: 2 km from the centre Delivery time: 11 am to 11 pm. During special occasions the time gets extended. Single Happiness Hotline number: 68886888 Guwahati contact number: 0361-2461333 For online order : If any wrong order is made by the customer, the money is reverted back to the respective account after using credit card. The home delivery service is not applicable on special occasions i.e. when operating condition is difficult.
  7. 7. Maximum liability is Rs 300 if the delivery doesn’t reaches the customer within 30 minutes.  Delivery guarantee is applicable at the first barrier point. The driver is not penalized for late delivery Dominos reserves the right to withdraw the service guarantee without information.
  8. 8. History Pizza hut is an American National chain and international franchise that offers pizza along with salad,pasta,chicken wings, garlic bread etc. • Pizza hut was founded in 1958 by brother Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas. • Cooperatively known as Pizza Hut,Inc. it is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands,Inc. • • Till 2007 its slogan was “Gather, round the good stuff” which was changed to “Now You’re Eating !” in 2008-2009 From 2009-2013 its logo has been “Your favourite,your Pizza Hut.”
  9. 9. . Pizza Hut 1st Outlet in
  10. 10. Vision and Mission Vision :To improve the well being of our customers, community and people connected to our enterprise. “RUN GREAT RESTURANTS” Logo : Its first logo was its former mascot, Pete, holding the words Pizza and Hut. The logo which is there today was introduced in 1999 Home delivery : Never eat cold pizza again—that’s the promise behind Pizza Hut's HOT on the Dot campaign which started in August, 2011. Pizza Hut’s Hate Late policy also guarantees you don’t have to wait more than 30 minutes for your order—or it’s free.
  11. 11. Indian Aspects( Home delivery) Mode of payment: Cash on delivery  Radius: 3km from the centre Delivery time: 11 am in the morning to 10:30 pm. Contact number: 0361-2467000, 2450073 Online delivery system only in Chennai. Delivery is given even during festivals but during natural calamities ,the delivery service is withdrawn temporarily because of the difficulties faced. Hot promise is not applicable on New Year’s Eve, public holidays and religious festivals  Maximum Pizza Hut Delivery liability is Rs 500. Pizza Hut reserves right to withdraw the home delivery service promise without prior information
  12. 12. Pizza Hut aims at Quick and Fast Delivery of Food
  13. 13. Bollywood Actors KUNAL KAPOOR and LARA DUTTA are the Brand Ambassador for Pizza Hut
  14. 14. Marketing mix in Dominos and Pizza Hut Product: Various options are available They try to come up with new varieties of pizza These decisions are taken by the parent company For quality and hygiene in pizza hut audit is done by parent company in every 3 months and in dominos monthly inspection is done by parent company.  Various chemicals and insect killing machines are installed in both these restaurants.  The manager in both dominos and pizza hut are well trained and they themselves check the quality of food 3 times a day.    
  15. 15. Product Offerings at DOMINOS Pizzas Pastas Breadsticks Cheese Dips Beverages (tie-up with Coca Cola) Chocó Lava Cake Chicken Wings
  16. 16. PRICE The reputation of both the restaurants commands high prices because of the quality of food provided but they take care of all income level people In pizza hut here is a Rs 99 plan with a 3 course menu and also some other side dishes by adding certain amount to Rs. 99. In dominos too, price ranges from low to high for different varieties of pizza which is calculated to be the correct value of food that is served and satisfies the kind of clients that is willing to pay for it initiatives such as Fun Meal and Pizza Mania have been extremely popular with consumers looking for an affordable and value for money meal option.
  17. 17. PROMOTION Indian toppings and vegetarian pizza. Provides special mid and week offers and coupons (leads to increase in word of mouth referral) Leaflets with special coupons come along with newspaper Special offers during festive season decided by the parent company New menus during festivals Loyal customers are called upon texted to inform about various offers
  18. 18. Place 3 dominos in Guwahati and 1 pizza hut. Not many people can enjoy the home delivery service of pizza hut Dominos is reachable to many people.
  19. 19. Guwahati outlet- Pizza Hut
  20. 20. People Consists of the staffs , waiters, cleaners, etc In dominos, there is a training squad for the staffs People are recruited by the manager The east region HR office is in Kolkata and a small one in zoo road In pizza hut, high quality training given by Yum Manager between time 8-11 advices the staff himself
  21. 21. Process In dominos & pizza hut every single person knows the job of each other Belief : equal opportunity and employment in both Customer needs are identified by the parent company
  22. 22. Production Process of DOMINO’S Dough Table • Pizza Base prepared • Cheese blend applied Make line • Seasoning • Topping • 470 Fahrenheit Oven • Capacity of 5 pizzas at a time
  23. 23. Physical evidences Includes the ambiance and decor of the restaurant Good music is played all the time In dominos, we eat straight out of the pizza box. Instead of proper menu, a leaflet is provided. Dominos is casual but Pizza hut is formal Both have good infrastructure
  24. 24. For suggestion & complaints Dominos id : always complaining customers are handled with a SMILE Pizza hut id: Questionnaire is given along with the bill always complaining customers are handled politely and in a diplomatic manner
  25. 25. Mobile app To make ordering easy with all four of these revolutionary apps: Android,Ipad,iPhone,Windows®Phone both Pizza Hut have come up with mobile app services by which we can order for delivery in a few minutes. Pizza Hut is the first to introduce it.
  26. 26. Distinguishing features In Dominos, order is taken at the counter and the payment is to be made then and there but in Pizza hut , a single waiter is allotted for a single table who takes our order. in pizza hut, along with the bill comes a sweet little note saying "thanks“ but in pizza hut, a questionnaire is provided along with the bill Pizza hut can be booked for special occasions like birthdays, kitty parties(minimum people = 20) In pizza hut, while leaving there is a BELL, the pizza hut tradition which when ringed indicates customer satisfaction For older people and children waiting outside the pizza hut, special seats are reserved.
  27. 27. Thank You…