Lack of basic Nessecities


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Lack of basic Nessecities

  1. 1. Lack of Basic Necessities Kalaipriyan.S.M TECH53860
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Lack of basic necessities, that is termed as ‘Poverty’. It can be further explained that the condition where which the people are not even getting the basic needs required for the survival. Poverty also encompasses low levels of health and education, poor access to clean water and sanitation, inadequate physical security, lack of nutrition, and insufficient capacity and opportunity to better one’s life. Major Causes for poverty are, 1) High Population 2) Illiteracy 3) Unemployment 4) low productivity in agriculture
  3. 3. EFFECTS Lagging in Economic Development High starvation death rate  Social Immorality  Corruption  Wide spread of disease   Some of the major effects are listed above. If this persists, it will be challenging to overcome poverty in India. Apart from these, poverty causes some other problems like women and child abuse.
  4. 4. Poverty Cycle Poverty Poverty No JOB or No JOB or Low income Low income Illiteracy Illiteracy Struggling Struggling for JOB for JOB
  5. 5. The percentage of the population living below the poverty line in India decreased to 22% in 2011-12 from 37% in 2004-05.
  6. 6. Top states achieved maximum decrease between 2004-05 & 2011-12 State Percentage Decrease Tripura 26.5 Odisha 24.6 States where poverty level increased between 2004-05 & 2011-12 State Percentage Increase Nagaland 9.9 Mizoram 5.1
  7. 7. Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure (MPCE)
  8. 8. National poverty line: Year Rural Urban 2004-2005 446.7 578.8 2009-2010 672.8 859.6 2011-2012 816.0 1000.0 People even without Toilet facility:  49.8 % defecates in open  3.2 % use public toilets Child death because of malnutrition:  One child in every 15 seconds  Mostly with 24 hours after birth, because of poor mother malnutrition
  9. 9. Control Measures: Poverty is exactly a trap, it nearly impossible to come out of it by struggling as a single warrior on the battle field. The Key concepts to increase the standards of people are, Employment Generation: Creating employment opportunities considerably reduce poverty in level. and classified wages will Educating the People: Using reservations based on their locality and income instead of caste based reservation. Good education will keep the next generation away from poverty. Obviously, poverty level will reduce in future.
  10. 10. Complete use of Resources: Increase in output per hectare in agriculture will reduce the poverty level because at present mostly farmers suffer in poverty.
  11. 11. Micro financing: Providing finance to start up small business and there by increasing the life standard of people. Self sustaining market: Any country want to stay away from poverty the country should be almost self-sustained. It should not depend on other countries for its development. Taxation module: Different taxing module has to be used to charge rich and poor. It will help in eradicating the poverty in nation. Nutrition: Supply of nutrition by the government to the needy and providing medical support.
  12. 12. Person (X) Person (X) in poverty in poverty Government helps in earning Person (Y) Person (Y) Child of (X) Child of (X) Government helps in education Good SocioGood Socioeconomic condition economic condition X is out of poverty Pays tax to government Developed Developed Nation Nation Becomes Entrepreneur and helps in development of nation High standard Life High standard Life style style
  13. 13. Waiting for prosperous Nation THANK YOU