Greenko 2012 prelims Q & A


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Greenko 2012 Prelims Questions and Answers.

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Greenko 2012 prelims Q & A

  1. 1. Welcome to the Prelims!
  2. 2. Rules :1. 35 questions in the prelims2. 11-20 are starred questions(*) and will be used to resolve ties3. In case teams are tied after that then the tie would be resolved by sudden death from Qs 1 onwards4. Top 8 teams in the finals5. Please switch off your cell phones6. Please write all answers in CAPITAL LETTERS7. Fill out all the details in the answer sheets8. Quizmasters’ decision is final
  3. 3. 1In India, it is primarily an artificial embankment,dyke or dam. In certain Chinese ports which haveor have had commercial links with England, it isthe name given to the water-front. Incidentallyone of these is in Hyderabad as well.What is the name given to such embankmentswhich comes from the Hindi word for “dam” ?
  4. 4. The Answer is ….
  5. 5. Bund ( or Tank bund)
  6. 6. 2While most of the buildings in Fatehpur Sikri aremade of red sandstone, one is entirely made ofwhite marble. Whom does the buildingcommemorate ?(Pic next slide)
  7. 7. The Answer is ….
  8. 8. Salim Chisti
  9. 9. 3In 1985, Rick Macintosh, the GM of MicrosoftCanada was summoned to the Canadian Departmentof Agriculture since they had quarantined the firstunits of Microsoft’s version of a product. Notknowing better, the Dept of Agriculture officialsthought that the product posed a health risk toCanada. Which Microsoft product was this?
  10. 10. The Answer is ….
  11. 11. Microsoft Mouse(they thought that Microsoft has importing live Mice instead of the first version of the Microsoft Mouse )
  12. 12. 4While working alongside Shekhar Kapur on BanditQueen, he first heard stories about this person.Fascinated with the person, he finally made thismovie about a renegade which was released tocritical as well as commercial success in 2012.Which movie ?
  13. 13. The Answer is ….
  14. 14. 5This position (pic next slide) is one of the toughestones in gymnastics. It is popularly known by twoterms. One is from Christian iconography (8 letterword), the other shares its name with a Prussianand German military decoration. Name either.
  15. 15. The Answer is ….
  16. 16. The Crucifix or the Iron Cross
  17. 17. 6What term meaning ‘residents from earliest of times’ or‘original inhabitants’ is given to close to 8% of the Indiannational population, thus making them the largest tribalpopulation in the world?
  18. 18. The Answer is ….
  19. 19. Adivasi
  20. 20. 7Which 4 wheeled vehicle will be delivered by thisspacecraft tomorrow?
  21. 21. The Answer is ….
  22. 22. Curiosity ( the latest Mars rover)
  23. 23. 8The first of these was the Bombay SinhagadExpress in 1978. The second was the Flying Rani in1979. This innovation was a necessity toaccommodate the increasing number of passengerson these trains. An AC variant of this running fromAhmedabad to Mumbai will begin sometime soon.What innovation am I talking about?
  24. 24. The Answer is ….
  25. 25. Double decker train
  26. 26. 9This visitor centre opened to mark the 75thanniversary of which iconic US landmark?(pic next slide)
  27. 27. The Answer is ….
  28. 28. Golden Gate Bridge
  29. 29. 10What type of cake gets its name because itcontains equal measures of flour, egg, butter andsugar?
  30. 30. The Answer is ….
  31. 31. Poundcake
  32. 32. 11*This word has its origins from the days of sailshipswhen a carved wooden decoration would be placed atthe prow of a ship (pic next slide) which served as amarker of the ship’s identity. Though they appearedimpressive or even menacing, they did not serve anypractical purpose on the ship. Today they havedisappeared from ships, but the word lingers on.What word?
  33. 33. Clue:
  34. 34. The Answer is ….
  35. 35. Figurehead
  36. 36. 12*In the Indian Army, the ranks of Colonel andbelow are called “field ranks”, signifying that theofficer is active in the battlefield as part of hisduties. What is the corresponding name forofficers of rank Brigadier and above?(Hint: They take their name from something thatthey are entitled to display.)
  37. 37. The Answer is ….
  38. 38. Flag Ranks
  39. 39. 13* Heads of state have an influential bureaucrat who helps them prepare for international summits. These bureaucrats do not have final decision making authority but their job is to clear the way for the leader at a major summit. What are such people called? The name is the same as that given to someone who performs a similar role in a completely different field.
  40. 40. The Answer is ….
  41. 41. Sherpas
  42. 42. 14*What does this art installation at Delhi Airportdepict?
  43. 43. The Answer is ….
  44. 44. Suryanamaskar
  45. 45. 15*Which is the longest track and field event at the2012 London Olympics?
  46. 46. The Answer is ….
  47. 47. 50 Kilometer Walk
  48. 48. 16*Vaasantikaswapnam is the 1892 Sanskrit translationof which play by William Shakespeare?
  49. 49. The Answer is ….
  50. 50. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  51. 51. 17*A reference to which historical event, thatoccurred in 1415, has been blanked out in thenext visual?
  52. 52. The Answer is ….
  53. 53. Battle of Agincourt
  54. 54. 18*This ( pic next slide) is actress Ojas Suniti Vijayperforming her play titled “Le Mashale” whichwas performed in many Indian cities includingHyderabad to great acclaim. Whose life is thisplay all about?
  55. 55. The Answer is ….
  56. 56. Irom Sharmila
  57. 57. 19*The salts of this element are radio opaque andshow on a radio graph. Patients are made toswallow these salts before radiographs are takento diagnose ailments of the digestive tract. Andthe radiographs look as follows. Which element?
  58. 58. The Answer is ….
  59. 59. Barium ( used in the Barium Meal Test)
  60. 60. 20*Permanent Account Number or PAN is a sequenceof 10 digits consisting of alphabets and numberswhich is unique to every tax payer. What does the5th character of the PAN number represent for anindividual tax assessee ?
  61. 61. The Answer is ….
  62. 62. The first letter of your surname/last name
  63. 63. 21Photographer Dina Goldstein’s visualization ofwhose married life?(pictures on next slide)
  64. 64. The Answer is ….
  65. 65. Married life of Barbie and Ken
  66. 66. 22What medically rare condition connects the twoclips?
  67. 67. The Answer is ….
  68. 68. Bombay blood group
  69. 69. 23What English word for a geographical featurecomes from the Greek word for “neck”?
  70. 70. The Answer is ….
  71. 71. Isthmus
  72. 72. 24It literally means “insatiable in giving”. Accordingto Tibetan sources it was part of a list of 5 whichincluded Vikramshila, Somapura, Odantapura andJaggadala. Amartya Sen is spearheading an effortto revive this.What are we talking about?
  73. 73. The Answer is ….
  74. 74. Nalanda University
  75. 75. 25Something that you associate with a computer,derives its name from the item circled in red(next slide). What?
  76. 76. The Answer is ….
  77. 77. Enter/Return key(The handle on the keyboard was called a carriage return toforce the paper to go to the next line. The name of the“return” or “enter” key is derived from this handle in the oldtypewriters)
  78. 78. 26The TV show Dharampatni was broadcast on Imagine TV.The show’s protagonist was Mohan who is sent abroad at ayoung age and returns after completing his studies. Whenhe returns, he is completely changed, especially in theaspects of in his behaviour and ideologies. Under pressurefrom his family, he marries Kastur, who has opposingideologies. She is a dutiful wife who loves him dearly andalways puts him first. Over time, love blossoms betweenthem.On whose married life is this TV show based?
  79. 79. The Answer is ….
  80. 80. MK Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi
  81. 81. 27Which corporate entity was this “streaker”protesting against? He appeared in an EnglishPremier League match in 2011 -12 season.(pic next slide)
  82. 82. The Answer is ….
  83. 83. 28Allegedly, the term “Superstar” was coined byjournalist Devyani Chaubal of “Star and Style”,for the first time for which actor?
  84. 84. The Answer is ….
  85. 85. Rajesh Khanna
  86. 86. 29During the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012,Sir Richard Hadlee, during his talk on innovation,cited the example of the 1992 Cricket World Cupand how New Zealand introduced two remarkableinnovations to the game of cricket. If using MarkGreatbatch as a pinch hitter was one, which wasthe other?
  87. 87. The Answer is ….
  88. 88. Opening the bowling with a spinner(Dipak Patel)
  89. 89. 30An app was recently doing the rounds on Facebookwhich asked users to assign a distinct name to everyfriend and share on Facebook, since every friendholds a unique place in our life. Users could choosefrom a pre-populated list of tags like diva, bindaas,etc. or coin their own unique friend types. Thesetags got published on the Facebook page.Which brand was this app promoting?
  90. 90. The Answer is ….
  91. 91. Airtel,as part of its “Har Friend Zaroori HotaHai” campaign
  92. 92. 31His original pen name meant "lion" and was drawnfrom his given name. After he came across a badpoem by someone with the same pen name, he issaid to have changed it to a word meaning"dominant". Incidentally, his original pen name isthe same as the name of a leader in the MiddleEast who is currently in a lot of trouble.Whom are we talking about?
  93. 93. The Answer is ….
  94. 94. Mirza Ghalib who earlier went by thepen name “Asad”
  95. 95. 32Which stone gets its name from the same Latinroot word as this fruit due to their similarappearance?(pic next slide)
  96. 96. The Answer is ….
  97. 97. Garnet (from granatum which meansdark red)
  98. 98. 33What rather ironic name is given to this fishbecause of its hunting methodology as seen in thisvideo?
  99. 99. The Answer is ….
  100. 100. Angler Fish
  101. 101. 34The logo of the 1996 Miss World competition heldin Bangalore was based on a 1500 year oldpainting called the Flying Apsara which is shownin the next slide. Where would you find thispainting?
  102. 102. The Answer is ….
  103. 103. Ajanta Caves
  104. 104. 35Christopher Walken reading whose “work”?
  105. 105. The Answer is ….