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Reach People Direct

  1. 1. Direct Marketing forCommunication, Marketing and Advertisements ReachPeopleDirect Office No. 609, 6th Floor, HawareʼsVashi Infotech Park, Plot No. 16, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400 705.
  2. 2. Why go with us?✓ Expertise and professionalism in Direct Marketing Services✓ Full client confidentiality is always maintained✓ Vast opt-in database for email, SMS and direct mailers✓ Investment in the right personnel and the right technology✓ Critical strategic partnerships✓ Socially responsible✓ One-stop shop for all your direct marketing requirements
  3. 3. What is Direct Marketing?Direct Marketing is :✤ the translation of one-on-one selling into broad reach media✤ an effective, low-risk method to market to new and existing clients✤ a proven medium to build awareness about any business/brand✤ a simple mode to get actionable & trackable customer responses✤ more affordable than advertising through mass media
  4. 4. A Simple ComparisonGeneral Advertising Direct Marketing❖ Mass ❖ Targeted❖ Competitive Attention Vs. ❖ Selective Attention❖ Breadth ❖ Depth❖ Remember ❖ Respond❖ Impression ❖ Decision❖ Pay for Everyone ❖ Pay for Targets
  5. 5. A Glance at Our Services★ Email Marketing ★ Direct Mail★ Digital Marketing - SEO(Basic / Advanced) ★ Data Management - SMO★ Mobile Marketing ★ Response Management - SMS Campaigns - Voice Broadcasting - Interactive Mobility ★ Campaign Analytics★ Facebook Apps - Basic ★ Campaign Management - Intermediate - Advanced ★ Mobile Apps
  6. 6. Email Marketing➡ Availability of a wide range of rich multi-media content➡ Very cost effective➡ Ability to create and manage campaign targeting millions with ease➡ Potential to fully customize and personalize messages➡ Advanced campaign tracking ability and complete MIS report➡ Automatic bounced and unsubscribe email list➡ Multiple language support➡ Unlimited email messaging - no volume limit - to boost campaign delivery
  7. 7. Digital Marketing➡ Heavily dependent on framing the right SEO and SMO strategy➡ SEO (Search Engine Marketing) – Top ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others – Keyword forensics – Process oriented approach➡ SMO (Social Media Optimisation) – Lively presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others – Article writing & syndication – Blog publishing – Social bookmarking
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing - SMS Campaigns➡ Turnkey connectivity solutions to connect to multiple SMSCs (Short Message Service Centre)➡ Connected to over 450 mobile networks worldwide for push SMS connectivity➡ Real-time delivery reports➡ High throughput (up to 30 SMS/sec)➡ Multiple language support➡ Ability to personalise SMS message
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing - Voice Broadcasting➡ A pre-recorded voice message delivered to mobile phones, land lines, and answering machines➡ Pre-recorded voice message could be: - a radio advert - a corporate voice message from a senior executive - an informational message from a company to its customers - a reminder and/or verification➡ Ability to gather real-time reports including the duration for which each message was listened to by each individual called
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing - Interactive Mobility➡ SMS Engage - a GSM modem based system coupled with a GSM SIM card from a service provider of your choice➡ Usage of long code i.e. mobile number saves time and money as opposed tousing short code➡ Can be used in advertising activities on TV, radio, outdoor billboards oreven in the newspapers for generating high-quality leads➡ Cost effective while at the same time providing customer interaction➡ International reach to any CDMA/GSM network (depending on service provider)➡ Full administration of SMS Engage using a desktop or laptop
  11. 11. Direct Mail➡ Creative design of direct mailers for maximum readership➡ Service includes label printing, labeling, and sending of the letters➡ Affiliation with a leading courier company➡ Reliable national & international database of both individuals &companies➡ Ability to personally target business as well as individual recipients➡ Well categorized database by demography, geography, industry type, location and other parameters➡ Regular updating of our mailing lists
  12. 12. Comprehensive Data Management➡ Data Analysis for planning & decision making➡ Data management across media - email, SMS, Direct Mail, faxing, etc.➡ Response handling and customer profiling➡ Regular updates & Data hygiene➡ Data Verification, Sorting & Re-Arrangement➡ Data Input & Output➡ Data Storage & Reporting➡ Data Merge & Purge De-Duplication
  13. 13. Response Management➡ Receiving and capturing data via:- Micro-site (for collecting leads generated online, or through email marketing)- SMS Engage ( for collecting leads generated from mobile phones)- Live agent (for collecting preliminary information, and aligning it with other marketing activities)
  14. 14. Campaign AnalyticsMeasuring the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns on:➡ Total campaign cost➡ Response rate➡ Average order value➡ Selling costs➡ Cost per lead generated
  15. 15. Campaign ManagementPlanning a successful direct marketing campaign:➡ Determining campaign objectives➡ Devising the most effective communication medium➡ Forecasting, costing and budgeting➡ Turning strategy into action➡ Campaign development➡ Campaign implementation➡ Post campaign analysis
  16. 16. Effective Direct Marketing Key: DatabaseThe right database is key for effective Direct Marketing!For Email marketing campaigns: For SMS marketing campaigns:➡ Database of ➡ Database of - 2 million across Mumbai - 3 million across Mumbai - 30 million pan India - 10 million pan India - 1.5 million GCC region - 4 million GCC region - 120 million worldwide➡ Categorized by ➡ Categorized by: - HNI’s & Ultra HNI’s - income - Age Group between 15 to 40 - city - Income - Pincode - Top Management - Age Group between 15 to 40
  17. 17. SMS Mobile Database Count GCC Email Id Database Count for GCCCountry Counts In figures Countries QuantityUnited Arab Emirates 2573827 2.57 million United Arab Emirates 370,000Saudi Arabia 6228474 6.22 million Saudi Arabia 145,000Kuwait 1472381 1.47 millionOman 403024 0.40 million Kuwait 75,000Qatar 570329 0.57 million Other GCC 90,000Bahrain 550265 0.55 millionJordan 648229 0.64 millionLebanon 600149 0.60 millionTurkey 1751001 1.75 millionEgypt 2538644 2.5 millionSyria 262287 0.26 millionSudan 141879 0.14 millionYemen 25400 0.025 millionIraq 180093 0.18 million