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Business Intelligence Banking

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A very useful insight into Business Intelligence

A very useful insight into Business Intelligence

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  • 1. Business Intelligence - BI
    What? Why? How?
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 2. What is BI?
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 3. Why BI?
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 4. Why BI?
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 5. Why BI?
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 6. BI for Banking Institutions
    Identify Objectives
    Increase Customer Base
    Increase Operational Efficiency
    Increase Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Behaviour Analysis
    Adherence to guidelines
    Staff Performance Analysis
    Increase Profitability
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 7. BI for Banking Institutions
    Objectives – Increase Customer Base
    Analysis by
    Geographical Area
    By Category
    By Revenue
    By Profitability
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 8. BI for Banking Institutions
    Objective - Increase Operational Efficiency
    Productivity Analysis
    No of transactions – Target Vs Actual
    Inter-departmental delay analysis
    Time Spent Vs Profitability Analysis
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 9. BI for Banking Inistitutions
    Objective – Increase Customer Satisfaction
    Suggest alternate investment plans based on past allocation and performance
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 10. BI for Banking Institutions
    Objective - Adherence to Guidelines
    Locating Deviations
    Tracking money trails
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 11. BI for Banking Institutions
    • Example – Loan Performance Analysis by
    • 12. geographical area
    • 13. demographic segments
    • 14. industry type, company turnover, profitability, age of company
    • 15. amount of loan, period of loan, interest rate
    • 16. occupation, duration of occupation, designation
    • 17. salary range
    • 18. educational qualifications, marital status
    • 19. loan product features
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 20. How?Create Data warehouse -> DATAMART
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 21. Why not just OLTP?
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 22. How?
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 23. How ?
    Define KPIs, dimensions, measures
    Metrics, charts, trends
    Data visualizations
    OLAP – Online Analytical Processing
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 24. Tychons’ Methodology
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 25. Tychons’ Deliverables
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 26. Tychons’ Success Story
    Implemented BI – Sales for Larson-Juhl, the largest photo frame manufacturer
    Designed the Data-model – to handle 50 million sales records, 7 years data
    Designed and Developed ETL process
    Designed and Developed Various Sales Reports and OLAP tool.
    Used Webfocus BI Tool on their DB2 (AS/400) JD-Edwards Database.
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 27. Tychons’ Success Story
    • How did Larson-Juhl get benefited?
    • 28. Able to see historical product activity reports on the fly. Earlier they were depending on printed copies and saved xls for referring back to past
    • 29. Able to identify the product performance, do trend analysis, salesman performance analysis, gross margin analysis region wise, product wise, customer wise, time period wise
    • 30. Identify best and worst performers (product/customer/salesman/regions/locations)
    • 31. Access to latest sales information instantaneously instead of waiting for month-end reports
    • 32. Reclassify product groupings to perform “What if? Analysis”
    • 33. Empower sales force and management with DATA. Business Analysts can create their own easy adhoc drag and drop reports
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 34. Your Gain
    Tychon Solutions, Chennai
  • 35. Tychon Solutions, Chennai