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  1. 1. Analysis of the Front Cover<br />What type of photograph is on the front cover?<br />The type of photograph that is shown in the cover of the Kerrang magazine is a picture of two members from the band Linkin Park.<br /> It is a close up, medium shot or long shot?<br /> I believe the photograph on the front cover of the magazine is a medium shot of both members.<br />Discuss the composition of the image.<br />The set up of the picture is i think that both of the members of the band are looking directly at the audience (readers) this is straight so that is then eye catching to the reader’s eye. <br />How does the image attract the audience?<br />The image attracts the audience as it shows both the members of the band smiling due to their new album being released. This attracts the readers/fans as they would like to read more about their upcoming album. It is significant because it draws attention to the magazine, it attract the reads to read the magazine. <br /> <br />Why is the image on the front cover important?<br />The image on the front cover is important because I think this photo attract reader and fans who is interested in the band Linkin park , it grab the mood of those two members with an attention of their facial expression is significant. <br />How do we know what is inside the magazine?<br />Usually from the first look of the front cover you will know what features is shown in the magazine<br /> How is information arranged on the front cover?<br /> The Information is arranged throughout the main image of the two band members. usually it is under the picture because i think it is easier to see the features before looking at the picture.<br /> Why has this information been arranged like this?<br /> I think the information has been arranged like this, Because it is the next step that the readers will look after they saw the picture and from this will catch their attention after the main topic that is the release of Linkin Parks album. <br />* What colours have been used on the front cover?<br />The colours that have been used on the front cover are like usually black, white and red. <br /> Why have these colours been used?<br />These colours are used to contrast the title Kerrang also these colours are significant and they have been used to bring the person some attention the colour Black is most linked to rock and heavy metal<br /> Are there any iconic signs, what are they?<br />I think yes it is, because they are an icon to the music industry<br /> How do these signs appeal to the identified audience?<br /> What colour is the masthead?<br />It is in black and white<br />Is this significant?<br />It is significant, because it shows what type of magazine it is and from the colours black and white it is linked to rock and heavy metal. <br />What type of font is used?<br />Is is a big and bold font which they being used for the magazine <br />Why do you think this font has been chosen?<br />As you know bold font stands out to attract more attention than any other font. And also its is clear to read and easy for reader to read the font. This done to catch you eye.<br /> Is there a website for the magazine referred to?<br />Yes. they have their own website where you also can shop online.you can get information about kerrang,about bands ,tours,news.etc.<br /> Why do you think this is?<br />So that readers can purchase the magazine online .because in the kerrang website is always updated to let the readers know recent news .<br />How much is the magazine?<br />The price of the Kerrang magazine is £2.20.<br />* Where are we told how much it is?<br />it is on the bottom right hand corner, so that readers can easily see where the price is when they are buying the magazine.<br /> What representational issues can you identify (e.g. gender, stereotype, positive/negative, mediation<br />I think kerrang is a magazine mainly readed by guys pretty than girls. because the use of colours black and white are mainly layed out for guys.kerrang is mainly aimed at those with a interest in the genre rock and heavy metal as you can see.<br /> Do institutional factors affect the look of the magazine?<br /> It doesn’t affect the magazine as readers are interested in what is going to be in the kerrang magazine. Kerrang is designed like that to attract the reader’s eye from the way it is layed out as <br />* How is language targeting the audience?<br />The Language is linked to the genre of music like rock and heavy metal. <br /> The language of the magazine is wild to make the readers more comfortable with what they are reading.  <br />* Who is producing this magazine<br />The magazine is produced by many people, photographers and editors. In the Kerrang magazine, Dave Willis edited the cover photo and Paul Harries edited the photo on the contents page. <br />Contents Page<br />* Give a connotative analysis of the layout of the contents page<br />The magazine consists of colours like black white and red. These colours connect with heavy metal as well as the member ,and member from Paramore both of them are performing at a concerts. <br />* How many fonts have been used and why?<br />The main Kerrang font has been used to highlight the title there is another font its has been used in Arial, and it is not clearly to read it. Which is my opinion.<br />* Analyse the representational issues in the images<br />The images on the contents page show members from bands playing live. This represents that the issue contains information on them certain bands and a bit about their live performances.<br />* How is language targeting the audience?<br />The language is targeting the audience in a way that makes the reader feel comfortable. When they are reading the kerrang magazine.<br />* Discuss the use of colour using denotation and connotationis they used colours on the content page <br />As a said black and white are mainly liked to rock In this content page they used the colour black white and red which stand out and blend with the picture. Also red can be shows as danger or passion .<br />* How does this attract the audience?<br />This will attract them when they are interested in these specific colours. As I said these colours are liked to heavy rock and metal .so i think they should like it how the magazine is presented. <br />